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Hey all,

I want to customize the mywebsite/processwire/profile page. It's almost all good but I want to get rid of the sections 'Admin Theme' and 'Language' so that the user can just set a new password. (see image)

Do I have to modify the admin template or how can I do that? Because when I go tree>Admin>Profile there are no fields to add or remove.

Or where can I find the php file?

I would appreciate your help.


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Hi Marcell,

What @adrian said and I also recommend configuring the template of the User where you can do even more. Just edit the Fields settings of User template and on the Input tab of the given field set the visibility to Hidden (not shown in the editor):


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Ahh yes! Thank you both.

The website will not have a 'real' registration. I will import about 400 users with 'username and email' using 'Create user batcher'. Any other user will be insertet from the backend by a person. The URL in the email sent from processwire to change the password is then 'mywebsite./processwire/profile'. I read here in the forum that this is not a good solution. It works so far but may I ask how I would have the URL just like without the 'processwire'?


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