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Create preset fields that can be added intuitive in templates/sites


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I am looking for an image field that can be added and keep adding so that you can control the fields from back end and therefore have the same template but the output of field will be diffrent.

What i am trying to do is a portfolio for a photographer and i want to give him 2 to 3 presets on how he can upload his images. For example one preset  with fullscreen image or one with 2 beside each other. He needs to be able to add these as he wishes for each side. Is this possible or do any of you have a suggestion on how to give the photographer a nice intuitive way to do this?

I have seen this in wordpress but have no idea how to do this in process wire is this possible. 

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Check utilities from @Robin S there is a lot of gems:



And give a read on those articles:


https://processwire.dev/building-display-options-processwire/ (Example 2)

For the twig things, its easy to convert it to standard html markup.


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