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Hello @tpr

now I think it is the time to say thank you to you in the name of all "Admin on Steroids" users, because you make our life much easier. "Admin on Steroids" has grown incredible since the beginning. I was a little bit sceptic if I should use this module in the beginning, but now I am totally convinced. So thank you for your enthusiasm, your time and your patience with all our wishes! :)

Best regards

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1 hour ago, tpr said:

v0993 is up, incorporating bernhard's suggestions, including the github readme link and jumplinks to each submodule's configuration fields in the submodule "panels":

Thanks for the update.

In Firefox the jumplinks show the green highlight but aren't triggering a scroll. In IE11 there is no highlight or scroll.

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Hey @tpr - along the same lines as what @Juergen just said, I must admit I haven't really had time to play with this in a while, but taking a look again now, and I have to say I am very impressed - it is looking really fantastic these days!

One quick question - I am only seeing the filter box for the module page - I don't see it for BCE, or other locations where I would expect it. Is there something I need to specifically turn on.  I found the Miscellaneous tweaks option which turned it on!

Just an FYI - I still prefer the default theme over the Reno theme - I have a list of issues with the Reno theme that have held me back from using it. This is something I compiled a while ago, so please forgive me if some are no longer correct. I thought there might be some inspiration here for you, but if it's just me that is bugged by these, please ignore :) Many of these should probably be fixes to the core, so ignore those also.

  • There are currently no icons for module submenus.
  • I think it would be preferable if the submenu pane started at the vertical position of the menu that it is triggered from so long as all items fit within the remaining screen height below the main menu item. It is currently quite annoying for modules which only have a couple/few items to have to move to the top of the page to select a submenu item.
  • Not sure if it's intentional or not, but if you close the submenu/lightning pane and then hover over the lightning icon for the same main menu item again, the pane won't load - you now have to click to make it open.
  • Inconsistently in breadcrumbs between current default theme and Reno - see my note here: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/11550-feature-request-ability-click-current-page-in-the-breadcrumbs/?p=111470
  • Is there a reason that the search box ends up in the middle of the page, even though it is triggered by clicking on a button on the right? If you want to close it you now have to move your mouse from far right to the middle - might not seem like a big thing, but it just seems a little cumbersome to me.
  • The lightning icon for the "Support Forums" and other items doesn't make sense to me - I don't think it should be the same icon as is used in the main menu. What about a chain/link icon as they are all links to info/resources. Maybe even an "info" icon?
  • I'd also love to see an easy way to replace the PW logo image at the top left for a company logo. I don't want to diminish the advertising benefit to PW, but also think that some customers need to see something more personal. On this note, I'd also love to see easy skinning - like Blad's module
  • When you have debug mode on there is a FOUC with the debug mode tools content before it gets collapsed - quite annoying IMO.
  • The lightning submenus don't expand to the width of the widest entry, so for some modules the name is truncated.
  • The lightning submenu panel for site modules doesn't let me scroll all the way to the bottom so I can't get to all the modules.
  • The down expand arrow on the main menu items should perhaps start as right facing and become down facing once the item has been expanded.
  • I think the menu would benefit from a more obvious divide between main items (or highlighting of the main items). When you have multiple main items expanded it can be difficult to quickly see each of the main (top level) items. 
  • I am really not sure I see the point to the side menu as it currently is. For most site editors, the only thing they see in that side menu is "Pages". It looks weird and like a huge waste of space. I know you can collapse the side menu, but I think we can do better. I mention a bit about my thoughts here: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/4398-two-column-admin-theme-concept/?p=112450 - In particular I would like to see the Setup, Modules, Access items in a top menu and have the page tree in the left side menu. Maybe page editing could be ajax loaded from the tree, but I think to keep things simple it would be fine to simply render the page list tree in that side menu and have the edit links load the edit link for the page, and open the page tree to the page being edited.

  • If you have the Children tab selected when saving a page, once the page reloads, the ajax call to populate the children tab is not triggered. Clicking on another tab and then back to Children loads everything - update - I think this actually affects the default theme as well these days - anyone else?


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Maybe an unusual scenario, but if you have the mini scrollbar for main content option checked and you're using the Lister view in BCE, two finger scroll/mouse wheel won't work because the miniscrollbar is added to the iframe containing the Lister view.

The new "delete" page list action button doesn't work in Lister.

Another weird one - any reason the config settings for the module are in two columns in the default theme, but not in Reno?

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Thanks guys - this is really motivating that the module is useful to you! I want to say thanks to my parents, my workplace allowing me to work on AOS in my freetime (even though its not that evident to them :)), the coffee machines I get in touch during the day and all of you here kicking this module forwards :)

As the module grew the combination of features got so complicated that I can't test everything. My theme of choice is the Reno theme so Default theme fans are somewhat put in the shade but I try to support that too where it doesn't involve unnecessary complications.

@Robin S

Thanks, I was lazy to test in other browsers than Chrome thoroughly. Now the jumplinks and the outline it should work in FF, IE11 too.


Most of your bug reports are fixed in v0994, except the mini scrollbar one you mentioned (I'll skip this for a while, no idea how to solve).

The two-column layout was present in Reno too but only on screen width greater than 1900px. Now I removed the columns entirely, partly because it was causing issues in Chrome and partly because the new config jumplinks makes it easier to find them, even the page is much taller this way. I think it's better this way, textareas are easier to edit and there's no jump when a fieldgroup goes to the next column when its height is changing.

The Reno theme issues are interesting. There is a few of them that you can improve with AOS like the empty sidebar (NavItems) or change the logo (using custom Js/CSS), others would require deeper modifications that AOS can't solve I think. And some of them are cosmetic which AOS could fix, I'll check them if they start to frustrate me as well :)

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I couldn't help myself to release a new version that contains a cool feature: preview some changes real-time on AOS module config page.

Only checkboxes are involved, so checking items like Sticky header or Autohide sidebar will be previewed instantly. Items that require Js won't work but even with this limitation it's quite useful. Users can see the effect instantly and I can also see if something's not right :)


Note that the module needs to be saved to apply changes.

This was quite easy to add because many features are controlled by classes added to the html tag, and these classnames are part of the ID of the checkboxes.

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1 hour ago, adrian said:

Any chance of tweaking Lister results to show page action buttons on hover, rather than needing to click? This would be great as it would be consistent with the main page list view. Thanks!

While we are at it, any chance of making the link to the template optional in this case? It takes up too much space and not really needed in this context (at least I do not need it ;)  :


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Thanks @tpr - can you modify this line:


to be:

if(in_array('hideTemplateEditAction', self::$configData['ListerTweaks_options']) && ($this->page->process == 'ProcessPageLister' || $this->page->process == 'ProcessPageListerPro')) {

I added the ProcessPageListerPro process so that it also works for ListerPro. Not sure if there are other sections in the module that might also need this.

Another suggestion for you - what about making the Reno submenu (the one triggered from the lightning links) automatically close once the mouse has moved away - I find it quite annoying to always have to click the close button. Might need a bit of a delay before closing so it's not annoying, but I am sure you'll be thinking of that.

Thanks again!

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55 minutes ago, tpr said:

Edit: please check if the hover action buttons are working in ListerPro if you happen to have it.

Thanks for adding the Lister hover action buttons - something I've been wanting for a while. It's working for me in Lister Pro, but I do see some error notices too - not sure if this is what @adrian is referring to above.

PHP Notice: Undefined variable: listerType in ...\modules\AdminOnSteroids\AdminOnSteroids.module:759
PHP Notice: Undefined index:  in ...\modules\AdminOnSteroids\AdminOnSteroids.module:759
PHP Notice: Undefined variable: listerType in ...\modules\AdminOnSteroids\AdminOnSteroids.module:761

Would it be possible to activate the hover buttons for Lister Pro independently from the other Lister tweaks? The reason being that I'd rather set the columns for the Find and Users lister in Lister Pro and the AOS Lister columns feature interferes with this.
Edit: what I mean is could there be checkboxes to activate the AOS Lister columns feature rather than the columns feature being active by default when "ListerTweaks" is checked?

Not an AOS problem as it happens when the action buttons show on click too, but the columns jump around as the hovered row changes:


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Just now, Macrura said:

strange issue, not sure what's going on, but if i have this module installed, i can't see the uninstalled modules, therefore i end up needing to disable the module to install new modules (?) :(

I think I saw the same thing - they appeared in the Modules > Install submenu though. Is that the same for you?

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A little more feedback. I like the Reno compact header, but you lose the ability to collapse the sidebar. I think in reality as a superuser I would never collapse the sidebar, but I think I would prefer most editors to not see the sidebar by default - it might be nice if they could show it if they want access to the Add New/Find/Recent menu items, but I think most don't ever use those, so I think that their initial view should be no sidebar. Would it be possible to make that configurable? I think if I had that (and the submenu auto-hide like I mentioned above) I would be sold on Reno as the default theme for everyone.

I know I have said it once already today, but I really am stoked by just how different AoS makes the experience and the look of the admin - thank you!

One more thing - I eluded to it earlier today, but any thoughts on implementing something like this: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/7653-module-adminthemecustomizer/ - I'd love an easy way to theme the admin to a client's color scheme!

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Sorry - i just noticed that unchecking the "Enable module" button is not turning off all features. As one example, the template edit button in the page list actions still appears.

I am also having a little trouble with the automatically hiding sidebar in Reno - if you have opened a submenu, when you move the mouse away from the menu, the main sidebar slides away, but the submenu is still shown. Also, when I check the "One-line sidebar menus" option there is space between the main and sub menu which results in a flicker when moving between the two. I actually don't know what this option is supposed to do?

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Thanks for the feedbacks. I added the ListerPro line and also applied some tweaks to the quicklinks, eg close on mouseleave and don't restrict its width to 230px.

I've added an exception to the ListerTweaks so in theory it shouldn't modify ListerPro columns but I can't check whether it works or not. If it's not, I will probably make the columns optional.

The jumping column widths on row hover is a design issue, I have no idea atm how to fix it. Probably the easiest one would be to use icons to save some space.

@Macrura I think I managed to fix it - some rows were removed that actually isn't needed anymore.


The sidebar can be toggled by the arrows (left-right) though I'm not convinced that this is a good thing (sometimes I accidentally toggle it). I prefer it always on, I'm kinda lost if I don't see it :) I'll think about it, though I don't know how to make sure they don't see it on their initial view (cookie?). Or you mean to eliminate the sidebar for non-superusers entirely?

Module disabled vs template edit action - thanks, corrected.

v0997 is up with all these above.

9 minutes ago, adrian said:

I am also having a little trouble with the automatically hiding sidebar in Reno - if you have opened a submenu, when you move the mouse away from the menu, the main sidebar slides away, but the submenu is still shown. Also, when I check the "One-line sidebar menus" option there is space between the main and sub menu which results in a flicker when moving between the two. I actually don't know what this option is supposed to do?

I think the first part of this is solved in the latest version.

The second part is trickier because the "one-line sidebar menus" can be of arbitrary width, but the quicklinks menu is positioned to fixed so it is not positioned after the sidebar. The "one-line sidebar menus" was an attempt to make it easier to find an item on the sidebar. Perhaps it's time to get rid of it :) 

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Thanks @tpr - that last round of fixes really helped with the side menu.

Something I just noticed. Does this layout with the compact header look as intended? It seems a bit weird to me - the tabs are no longer tabs. Same thing happens on the templates pages as well.

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 4.28.23 PM.png


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Thanks, its looking almost good, the tabs are also in a "compact" format if compactHeader is on. But it's in the wrong position, it's fixed in v0998. The new "real-time" tweak preview made it possible to quickly see the different combinations and find out what's wrong. Beforehands I had to save the module and check, then modify+re-check, it's much faster.

I'm thinking to remove the sticky sidebar option but use it implicitly if sticky header is on. If sticky header is on but sticky sidebar is not, there's an extra space on top of the sidebar (reserved for the header when the page is scrolled to the top, not to cover the sidebar items).

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