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hi tpr,

wow - the filterbox is really cool!

just one minor problem is when using the finder it only finds pages from the currently open pagination. it's obvious to me that this is because of ajax pagination and the data not being in the dom, but i'm sure it's not obvious for clients with no knowledge about all that. i think there should be at least a visual tip. don't know how to solve that in a better way - this will also be a problem in my current project so i'm curious what you think about that :)

i would also suggest adding a link to the docs. i didn't even notice that the module is documented so great and wanted to ask you to add some more descriptive descriptions ;) i'm always installing the module just by typing in AdminOnSteroids so i never went to github for that. and i guess i'm not the only one doing so...

2016-10-28 10_52_24-AdminOnSteroids • ProcessWire.png

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Thanks! Of course I know about the ajax issue but that's not something the filterbox feature will solve :)

Docs link - I've thought about that but haven't figured out how to do exactly. What I have in mind to add links to docs sections to each submodule (top rectangles).

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Module updated to v094. The ctrl+arrow navigation was added to paginated filterboxes (AdminDataTables), and moduleFilter filterbox has also got a simiar feature to navigate between tabs having matches. There were also many small updates to the filterboxes in general, now I think they have everything that such a feature can have :)

There are also small anchored links to GitHub readme in the top Submodules section. I'm not entirely satisfied with this because even though the links are correct the images are loaded after the page jumps to the anchor and pushes the target section out of the screen. Anyway, it's a GitHub issue imo that I can't fix.

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v095 adds a new tweak "Do not distribute modules into tabs" to ModuleTweaks. This results in a flattened module list, without duplications, which makes easier to find a module, especially when using the filter box.

The "Add new module" block is in the bottom of the page. I'll probably add a jumplink to that location later for easier access.

This feature is JavaScript powered and slows down the Modules page loading a bit but imo one or two extra seconds is worth for the benefits.

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Hi @tpr

Trying to access "admin/page/lister/" when lister tweaks are switched on I get:

Undefined variable: listerType

on line 729

719:                    $defaultData = self::getDefaultData();
721:                    // 1007: Find
722:                    // 29: Users
723:                    if ($pageID == 1007) {
724:                        $listerType = 'ListerTweaks_find';
725:                    } elseif ($pageID == 29) {
726:                        $listerType = 'ListerTweaks_users';
727:                    }
729:                    $defaultFields = $defaultData[$listerType];
731:                    if (!empty(self::$configData[$listerType])) {
732:                        foreach (self::$configData[$listerType] as $ff) {
733:                            if ($ff == '[DEFAULTS]') {

PW 3.0.39

Steroids 0.9.8

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1 minor "issue"

2016-11-03 11_07_46-Modules • ProcessWire • hrdiamonds.dev.png

some modules are double listed. i guess that comes from the "new modules" tab, that shows recently installed modules. maybe you can exclude them in the list?


feature suggestion (thank you for the docs-links btw):

i think it should be possible to have an index on top of your github readme linking to each submodule via #mysubmodule. i suggest placing only ONE link to the docs beside the main headline (as shown in my screenshot in my previous post) and then the user could click on the relevant item and images would already be loaded and the github issue should not be an issue any more.

the current help-icon could be replaced by a link icon, linking to the section of the module config, where we can define the detailed options for this submodule. do you get me? i find myself a lot enabling/disabling submodules and then having a "hard time" to find the options for that submodule.

thank you for this great module :)

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Thanks, the duplicated modules were there because there was an extra "small" tag inside the module's name (in the "new modules" tab). I've fixed this in my working copy.

The TOC is a good idea for the documentation. I know that the top submodule toggles are somewhat detached from their configuration fields but I couldn't find an easy way to make it more clear. 

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Looks fancy, but this would add another layer of complexity to the header from development POV (Default vs Reno theme, notifications, etc).

Plus the header elements in the admin are not having one common wrapper so it would make things even more problematic. Or have you thought about the (dark) masthead only?

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15 minutes ago, tpr said:

Or have you thought about the (dark) masthead only?

Meant for all three (masthead, breadcrumbs, headline), but now that i think about it the headline is the most useful to me, having the button always on screen.

Also didn't think about the default theme.

I'll just stick to the non-sticky header.

Thanks for the module.

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v0993 is up, incorporating bernhard's suggestions, including the github readme link and jumplinks to each submodule's configuration fields in the submodule "panels":


The latest PW dev (3.0.40) has changes in some CSS classses (dropdown -> pw-dropdown) and AOS was adjusted for this. If you find that somewhere it's not working as it should, please report.

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