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Just an FYI for everyone who may upgrade to the latest PW dev version today.

If you make use of AOS's excellent "Add button to check/uncheck all checkboxes" feature, it will break the top level menu dropdowns in the PW admin (and maybe other JS).

The fix is to replace:




in: /site/modules/AdminOnSteroids/scripts/aos.min.js


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I using the Processwire 3.0.231 and PHP 8.3 and I am seeing some PHP Deprecated warnings on the Tracy Debugger related to the AdminOnSteroids module.

This is also happening on the PHP 8.2.

These are the are the PHP Deprecated:
- The lines might be a little bit off because some of the warnings only showed after fixing the first ones.

#1: PHP Deprecated: str_replace(): Passing null to parameter #3 ($subject) of type array|string is deprecated in .../site/modules/AdminOnSteroids/AdminOnSteroids.module:1572

#2: PHP Deprecated: Function utf8_encode() is deprecated in .../site/modules/AdminOnSteroids/AdminOnSteroids.module:1779

#3: PHP Deprecated: Function utf8_decode() is deprecated in .../site/modules/AdminOnSteroids/AdminOnSteroids.module:1797

And these are the fixes that I have patched/fixed on the AdminOnSteroids.module:

For the #1:
- Original code: $inputfieldClass = str_replace('Inputfield', '', $f->inputfieldClass);
- FIX: $inputfieldClass = ((property_exists($f, 'inputfieldClass'))? str_replace('Inputfield', '', $f->inputfieldClass) : '');

For the #2:
- Original code: $pageLabelField = utf8_encode($pageLabelField);
- FIX: $pageLabelField = mb_convert_encoding($pageLabelField, "UTF-8", mb_detect_encoding($pageLabelField));

For the #3:
- Original code: $page->template->pageLabelField = utf8_decode($pageLabelField);
- FIX: $page->template->pageLabelField = mb_convert_encoding($pageLabelField, "UTF-8", mb_detect_encoding($pageLabelField));


It is possible for you to update the module so it will be fixed on the future installations?

Thank you for your time

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