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  1. Have you changed some paths? Because the "backend" in the path shouldn't be there normally.. Which ProcessWire version are you using? If not dev try dev Further description: The problem is that the path doesn't exist in the htaccess file (because of "backend"). So processwire's htaccess doesn't process it. That's why your browser tries to open the actual directory which - of course - doesn't exists, too. (And maybe it's even blocked by htaccess too). So you're not allowed to access that path and get a 403. If you try to open that path manually in your browser you should get a 403, too
  2. And one more error could be that if there is a problem to connect to the database ProcessWire shouldn't only say "Error logged..." but "Unable to connect to database. Error logged..." or something like this.
  3. mail() is a native PHP function. So if it is not working take a look at your server configuration. wireMail() is the ProcessWire implementation of this function. Try to use this instead as it offers some more features: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/5693-new-module-type-wiremail/ Anyway I would suggest you to take a look on FormBuilder as it is made exactly for your use case https://processwire.com/talk/store/product/2-form-builder-single/
  4. Looks really nice. I really have to try this later on
  5. Had the same problem before... Everybody told be to use "pagetableextended" instead. Here's my original post/wish: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/9170-view-dependency-support-in-repeater-or-pagetableinline/ (you could add a post at the bottom of my post to support this wish )
  6. Thanks But I'm not sure what you mean exactly with this?
  7. Could you do a var_dump($user->userimage); and check if it's a single Image object?
  8. Hey, I finally finished the website of the agency I worked for. The agency is Berlin based and called "DOJO" (because it's founded by Dominic and Joachim). It looks like this: Here is a link: http://dojofuckingyeah.de It was a lot of work and I still have to do some bugfixes. But anyway it's online at least If you have questions, comments or found a bug: just let me know
  9. @dparul: Never heard of most of them... Are they custom made by you? Or could you post a link for all of them?
  10. Could you try setup a new ProcessWire installation in your root folder and tell us if it's working?
  11. Try this: https://processwire.com/docs/tutorials/troubleshooting-guide/
  12. @LostKobrakai: Fixed the \" bug. And 2.5.28 will be available tomorrow I guess so I'll leave it
  13. @Soma: Thanks for finding. I removed the $this->process line and made the "non-" a little big bolder
  14. Nico Knoll


    <?php echo $pages->get('/other-page-url/')->body; ?> But maybe you should start with the tutorial: https://processwire.com/docs/tutorials/hello-worlds/
  15. Well I think I solved it today using text-overflow property: http://jsfiddle.net/gryzzly/cbppL/
  16. Please add "Module" as first tag and select "Use first tag as prefix" if you're releasing a module.
  17. The easiest way (but probably not as fancy as the new module) is to use http://modules.processwire.com/modules/fieldtype-select/ . I use it for fields that simple, too
  18. @LostKobraKai: It's already implemented. But if you select "use external file" ConfigurableModule will not be added to your main module.
  19. @lostkobrakai: Corrected it. That line is only for processmodules
  20. Just found this: http://www.ubtutorials.com/tutorial/1124/how-install-processwire-ubuntu-vps
  21. Thanks I would like to see it in core, too. Just need some more people to try it and find bugs (there will be if you're using IE8 or something). And somehow inline mode looks wrong and I don't know how to fix it. So if ryan would like to implement it somehow (or some one else and then creating a pull request): feel free to do so
  22. I edited some module posts and added the module tag. I hope other module authors will see this and adapt it themselves now
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