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  1. Go to modules and click "refresh"
  2. @justb3a: Yeah, you probably had the latest version. I found the bug you mentioned in 0.8.1 and released 0.8.2 like 10min ago after your post
  3. Which version of the module are you using? In the most recent 0.8.1 this should be fixed already... Edit: found the error and fixed it in 0.8.2. But it was on line 767
  4. I deleted the post you wanted to delete and kongondo's question why you want to delete it.
  5. Maybe your hosting environment has less RAM than the module need? (Not sure if it throws a 500 then)
  6. @Neeks: Which version of the module you're using? In the latest version there is a check if it is "ProcessPageEdit". @Tyssen: Glad to here it's now working for you I may integrate that
  7. @tyssen: if you can't delete it go to fields and delete all of the (remaining) seo fields manually. Then go to the modules code and delete the whole ___delete() function. Then uninstall the module and delete the .module file. Then download the most recent version (0.8.1), install it and let me now if it works better afterwards
  8. @pjg: Hey, I implemented the counter you suggested. It's a little bit different from your version but it has the same settings
  9. I... don't see the sense of such a module?
  10. @soma: I can do stuff too, but you have to tell me first what's the difference between those pages and the documentation pages
  11. @soma: this looks pretty nice but I think the documentation should be part of the main site and the cheatsheet should link to the docs pages. Shouldn't it?
  12. @soma: You mean like http://cheatsheet.processwire.com/page/built-in-fields-reference/page-url/ ?
  13. @LostKobrakai: That bugs me to. But it has an "historical" reason: Some time ago API was an own point instead of Docs. Then Tuts and Dev Directory and the Blog, etc. came and we decided to make a link called "Docs" in the header. And API is same as before (otherwise the urls would have changed) and only got a link from the Docs sidebar instead of the header... But I think we're working on that
  14. Btw.: A good way to find help is (at least for more advanced users) to directly look into the core files: https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/ProcessWire/blob/master/wire/modules/Fieldtype/FieldtypePage.module And I guess you can just do something like: <?php // the page containing the page field $mainPage = $pages->get('1234'); $mainPage->pagefieldName = $pages->get('4321'); // assign another page $mainPage->save(); ?>
  15. Well I think you're right about this. In my opinion the wiki should be removed and it's helpful articles should become Tutorials in the Tutorial section (I think Joss is already working on this somehow?). I guess with 2.6 or 3.0 there will be a new complete documentation but at the moment Ryan is busy enough making ProcessWire more awesome every day Maybe there should be some kind of documentation team. Just an idea.
  16. @MuchDev: Could you turn your debug mode on (go to config.php and set $config->debug to true) and then post the whole error message?
  17. I guess it has to be this line as it's the only selector I see so far in your code: $items->filter("limit={$maxItems},start={$start}"
  18. Looks really nice! But what about the "guest" user? It's not on the screenshot but it's created by default and maybe interesting to see its rights in comparison
  19. I have to learn math for semester's finals at my university
  20. Take a look in the troubleshooting guide: https://processwire.com/docs/tutorials/troubleshooting-guide/page3
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