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  1. You could start using the blog Profile. So pages and articles are included automatically. Member area is just like creating users and show different content on one template. So shouldn't be hard to code for you as Processwire comes with a full user management part. For e-commerce you could use apeisa's new "padloper" module (ca 75€)
  2. Recaptcha module looks nice. You should add it to the modules directory Just a quick tip: please use wire('input')->post->g-recaptcha-response instead of $_POST (if possible).
  3. It's just a plain text file. So create a txt file for example and just rename it to *.md. Then insert your markdown code. And if your using the github app it shouldn't be hard to commit something (like you have done with the original commit). But maybe you should really start with the tuts posted above if you aren't sure what commit, and push/pull and merge means (in context of git)
  4. Nico Knoll

    other CMSs

    @sephiroth: Create three files: page.php, page_logout.php, page_login.php And write something like the following in the page.php: <?php if($user->loggedin()) include 'page_login.php'; else include 'page_logout.php'; ?> What's the problem here?
  5. Thank you for the kind words. Could you add the issue on github?
  6. I'm currently on vacations in Bangkok. But I got your issue on github on my todo list. I'll be back to Berlin at April, 12th.
  7. Really like the bottom bar on mobile
  8. Looks nice. When i'm back in Germany i'm going to do some additions (or would like to make some )
  9. if($page->numChildren) $session->redirect($pages->get(1015)->children->first); why not this way? Or: if($page->numChildren) $session->redirect($page->children->first);
  10. I cut them off ^^. It's the last part anyway Edit: to much work. Have to learn for an exam tomorrow so they'll stay
  11. Could you try to duplicate (there is a core module called "ProcessPageClone" or something similar so it's just one click) the /stories/ page and see if the duplicated version shows the same behaviour?
  12. Hey, in a recent discussion we talked about one body field vs. PageTableExtended (or similar content splitting). Because of this I created a little Proof-of-concept including a CKEditor plugin and ProcessHannaCodeModal.module. As I don't have a lot of spare time in the moment (because I'm going on vacations for five weeks on monday So I have spare time but no computer to continue working on this ) I thought I share the current progress with you. Feel free to use those files to continue working on it or something similar. Here's a little screencast (I'm using the "lightwire" CKEditor skin in it): And here are the files: HannaModal.zip
  13. @LostKobrakai: You can change that in your settings. I've activated that I'm automatically subscribe to every topic I comment. And if I don't want to I have to simply unfollow the topic
  14. Could you take a look in your /site/assets/logs/errors.txt and post it here? What fields are you using "stories" site? Is it a special template or the same as every other page? Have you tried delete the /stories/ site and recreate it? Or delete the template and recreate it? Which additional modules are you using (especially: do you use any third party fieldtypes?)
  15. It would be nice to at least have something like "PageTableInline" than - otherwise I will have to open a modal for every page section which can be really annoying if you have a lot of them
  16. Hey, I would like the repeater to fully support view dependency. At the moment it works sometimes. Sometimes the new values won't get saved after hitting the save button or the field will be shown the whole time. It would be enough if the "=" comparator would be supported completely. I know this hacky solution where you have to uncomment the following code in config.php (even if I don't know exactly how it works): /** * Settings specific to InputfieldWrapper class * * Setting useDependencies to false may enable to use depencencies in some places where * they aren't currently supported, like files/images and repeaters. Note that setting it * to false only disables it server-side. The javascript dependencies work either way. * * Uncomment and paste into /site/config.php if you want to use this * * $config->InputfieldWrapper = array( * 'useDependencies' => true, * 'requiredLabel' => 'Missing required value', * ); * */ But even with this set to false it sometimes stops working... It would really important for my current content creation model: I use "content section" repeater where you can choose the type at the top (normally "text" and "image(s)"). So the body field only needs to be visible if "text" is selected and same for the images field. At the moment I don't know a solution to handle this smarter (maybe PageTableExtended but haven't tried it that far). So ... yeah that's my wish Thanks, Nico
  17. @Mont: Just buy the profields. It's a win-win
  18. Have you tried commenting out the whole $config->httpHosts block as you don't necessarily need it. Is it working again afterwards? Btw.: Your site 3sixtynearlythere.co.uk looks like if there is something broken
  19. In Germany you only have to be 16 to buy beer
  20. Well, I recently added a Donation button to my SEO module: I think that is a decent solution as you only see it if you scroll to the bottom of the module's setting page. (And I added a "Buy me a beer" link to my signature at the forum as you see below).
  21. Is it possible to have CKEditor plugins in the "site -> modules" folder? Cause I'm working on a plugin for ckeditor which is combined with a ProcessPage modal (like pw_image) and don't want the user to have to move the plugin to the wire folder after install...
  22. I pushed it on GitHub in an alpha state: https://github.com/NicoKnoll/LightWire-Skin Feel free to try it and send me PullRequests or ideas.
  23. Could you send me a screenshot of yours? Yeah I'm going to release it and hope that it may become default in 2.6 or 3.0. Because I think the current default skin is really ugly (not PW's fault).
  24. Working on a cleaner and nicer CKEditor Skin using fontawesome:
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