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  1. Hi Guys, I am trying to implement a website that uses processwire as the content management system. I am trying to create a page where stars can be added to a christmas tree, each star is a repeater field and is associated to a modal pop up which displays a message. There may be more stars than what we can physically put on the tree so I have implemented the search function to allow users to search for a name or message in order to find their star. At the minute the search function is showing the results from the repeater fields, I have 2 stars at the minute however only one shows in the search results. 1 star has test in all the fields and the other has mel in each of the fields. I have no idea why only one result will show, any help would be greatly appreciated. The link to the page is as follows: http://www.friendsofthecancercentre.com/wish-upon-a-star/ <?php $out = ''; if($q = $sanitizer->selectorValue($input->get->q)) { // Send our sanitized query 'q' variable to the whitelist where it will be // picked up and echoed in the search box by the head.inc file. $input->whitelist('q', $q); // Search the title, body and sidebar fields for our query text. // Limit the results to 50 pages. // Exclude results that use the 'admin' template. $matches = $pages->find("star.message|star.who|star.from*=$q,"); $count = count($matches); if($count) { $out .= "<h2>Found $count fields matching your query:</h2>" . "<ul class='nav'>"; foreach($matches as $m) { $out .= " <li><p><a href='{$m->url}'>{$m->title}</a><br />{$m->summary}</p></li>"; } $out .= "</ul>"; } else { $out .= "<h2>Sorry, no results were found.</h2>"; } } else { $out .= "<h2>Please enter a search term in the search box (upper right corner)</h2>"; }
  2. Hi Guys, I have recently joined bloglovin and have implemented the RSS enhanced module onto my blog, encolsures for images are working ok but I was wondering if I can implement these to be wrapped in an image tag to allow blog lovin to be able to carry imagery through. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mel
  3. Hi Martijn, I need one image for each. Im not sure how to implement it. Sorry for my stupidity. Thanks for your reply, Mel
  4. Hi Guys, I have successfully implemented the RSS feed module, however I need to feed some images through can anyone help with this? At the minute I have: <?php // retrieve the RSS module $rss = $modules->get("MarkupRSS"); // configure the feed. see the actual module file for more optional config options. $rss->title = "Latest updates"; $rss->description = "The most recent pages updated on my site"; // find the pages you want to appear in the feed. // this can be any group of pages returned by $pages->find() or $page->children(), etc. $items = $pages->find("limit=10, sort=-modified"); foreach($items as $item) { $item->title = $item->title; } $rss->render($items); ?> The image field is called blog_images and I know I need to include it within the foreach but im a bit stuck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mel $item->blog_image = $item->blog_image;
  5. Hi Guys, Is there any solution to paginating repeater fields as of yet? Thanks, Mel
  6. Hi Kongondo, Its definitely a head scratcher, I have PW running on various sites on the same host. I will get in touch with them anyhow to see if they can shed some light. Thanks for the quick response, Mel
  7. Hi Guys, I know this issue has been covered alot of times and I have read through all the previous threads however none of the solutions seem to work for me. I have migrated processwire from a local server to a subdomain multiple times and have never faced this issue. Basically on moving all the files and uncommenting the #Rewrite option in the .htaccess file I am still getting a 500 internal error message. I can't even see the homepage Does anyone have any ideas? The link to the site is: http://friendsocc.3sixtynearlythere.co.uk/ Thanks, Mel
  8. Hi guys, I have literally just installed a new site with processwire. On creating a repeater field I am getting the error: Invalid value sent to Page::setTemplate and as a result can't add any fields to the repeater. I have installed it as normal through modules and have never faced this issue before. Can anyone help please? Thank you, Mel
  9. Hi, I have and deleted all sessions still no luck Thanks, Mel
  10. Hi Guys, I have processwire installed on a site which was working fine up until very recently. I am getting the error Unrecognized HTTP host: My config file is as follows; $config->httpHosts = array( 'localhost', // our primary hostname 'corrymeela-cms.3sixtynearlythere.co.uk', // staging server 'www.corrymeela.org' // Live server ); I have updated the htaccess file to the most recent. I cannot update any content at the minute I am getting this error: Cannot be published until errors are corrected Can anyone help please? Warmest wishes, Mel
  11. Hi, The issue only seems to be apparent on the home template, the settings are cache for guests. Would this be causing the issue? Thanks for your help, Mel
  12. Hi Guys, I have used Processwire a handful of times and never had this issue. Basically no forms throughout the site will submit unless you are logged into the CMS. For example if i am logged in on another tab I can submit a contact form however when logging out contact forms do not submit. Even when updating code via the ftp client I cannot see the changes take effect on the front end if I am not logged into the CMS. Can anyone help please? Thanks, Mel
  13. Sorry for the confusion this is perfect, Many thanks for your help!
  14. Hi Guys, I am trying to create an IF statement that will show text only if the parent exists. I have made a start to but when the page does have the third parent as such it still shows the else statement. Can anyone help please? $parents = $resort->parents; echo $parents[2]->title; if ($resort->has_parent[3]) { echo ", "; echo $parents[3]->title; } else { echo "test"; } Thanks in advance, Mel
  15. Hi Guys, My colleague has built processwire within an ftp folder when moving this to a subdomain all the css, images, url paths etc links are incorrect and going to the folder /projects/Processwire. This problem is only on the homepage. All internal pages are working ok. Does anyone have any ideas what is happening? The link is as follows; http://ultimatej.3sixtynearlythere.co.uk/ http://ultimatej.3sixtynearlythere.co.uk/about Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mel
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