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  1. Well, I really like your CSV-importer but I need a way to obtain (right word?) the page structure because I want to import a lot of parent pages AND their childs (like 1000). And if I would have to sort them manually it would be really annoying...
  2. Hi, I guess the import and export functions are some of the most important functions of a CMS. And if I'm talking about an import function I'm not just meaning the functionality to import other ProcessWire backups but also to import backups from other CMS' or blogging systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Typo3, etc. I know it is a big task and of course I'm not finished it yet. I just did some researches about the different backup formats until today. And thought about the best way to create a module for this. Or some modules. So here are the two ways which I would recommend: The one for all way: My first idea was to find a way to convert all backups to .csv-files so the .csv-importer, written by Ryan, could import all of the different backups and you could switch more easily to ProcessWire with all of your old data. (It don't have to be the .csv-format. Another good format could be a custom .xml-format, like WordPress, but than we/I would have to write a special .xml-import-module). The all for one way: The other way would be to write a custom module for each different backup-file format. That would be the WordPress way (yeah, maybe you recognized already that I worked a long time with WordPress). I myself would prefer the first way because i think it's more elegant and if every file is converted to a special Processwire backup format or maybe a standard backup format these also could be used for the backup file of your own Processwire page. But what do you think about this and how would YOU solve this problem?
  3. Hi, I would like to have a faster way to delete a page so I thought a good place to add an "delete" link would be in the quick option line which appears if you're clicking on a page. (See the screenshot below)
  4. @Soma: That's the CSV-Importer that I ment I only wrote a script that converts the Wordpress backup file (.xml) to a .csv-string which you can insert into Ryan's CSV-importer under the "advanced" point.
  5. @adam: I also wrote a function to convert articles and pages to .csv-files to import them with the ".csv-Importer". So I'm really excited about how you solved the import problem
  6. Well, I'm German so I would like to help with the German (de-DE) translation
  7. Wow, it sounds great at this point. Here are some of my ideas and questions for this: - I would like to have an official translation (maybe in a subpoint of "Download" on this site), which is updated with every new release. So there would be a central point for the core translations. - A great way to add languages after the installation is used by "TextPattern". There you can download new languages directly into the admin area and install it. Maybe it's worth a look - I guess it's possible to create URLs like "www.example.com/en/..." with a language tree, isn't it? Greets, Nico
  8. Beautiful site! But how did you move from Wordpress to Processwire? And do you only transfered articles and pages or users, too?
  9. Hey, maybe thats a little bit out of context, but I would like to have a option like the one in TextPattern to add languages for the admin panel. They are using one central server for their translations and you can download the language file you like directly in your system out of the admin panel. That's a really great solution for adding multiple languages to the backend of an CMS. Greets, Nico
  10. Hi, I would like to have a field (e.g. a "custom field" like wordpress) which I can use multiple times maybe without predefining it. And which I can get in an foreach loop in my template or so. Greets, Nico
  11. Ehm, how can I change the user template - it's not in the templates list in "setup"?
  12. I want to import some users. So I chose "user" as "Template to use for imported pages" and "Users" as "parent page". But if I'm uploading the .csv and have to choose the right fields I can't choose "title". The only option is "email". And if I submit without a title there will be an error saying "Unable to import page because it has no required 'title' field or it is blank." So how can I import users? Greets, Nico
  13. Hi, my current website is running on Typo3 (maybe you know it). And today I saw this great CMS and want to switch to Processwire. But is there a way to import Typo3 or Wordpress data into Processwire? Greets, Nico
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