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  1. @Macrura: If you have an idea how to solve this let me know
  2. It could be a js thing too, as it seems that you're using a js script like "modernizr". Could you check your console for any errors? And could you post the originally rendered DOM (in chrome you have to do a right click and select "Show Source Coe" instead of copying it from console).
  3. Hey, after having Lightwire Skin more or less ready for some months now I finally created a little module to make the installation easier. I hope you like it. Please report issues directly on Github: https://github.com/NicoKnoll/LightWire-Skin A cleaner and nicer CKEditor Skin using fontawesome:
  4. Hey, I really love the functionality of Hanna Code. But it's 45mb (!!!) because of the ACE editor. So my idea is to change it to work like my Template-Editor module: Use ACE in case it is installed and otherwise implement only a tab functionality. That should work as well and save some space (and upload time!). Here's the part of codes that could just be copied into hanna code: https://github.com/NicoKnoll/ProcessTemplateEditor/blob/master/ProcessTemplateEditor.js#L1-L19 Thanks, Nico
  5. @Juergen: Yes, most of it. If you install the module there is a short explanation on the bottom of the config page.
  6. Hey, here is the most recent website I build: http://www.wimacamp.de/ What do you think?
  7. Is it already in today's update or next week's?
  8. @renobird: maybe you find time too look at this again: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/7625-reno-theme/?p=78885
  9. Just change the "guest" users language to the one you want to have by default.
  10. I would recommend you to turn off the SEO auto title function and do it yourself using the SEO parameters. Like this: <title><?php echo ($page->id == '1') ? $page->seo->title : $page->seo->title.' - '.$config->seo->sitename; ?></title>
  11. http://web.archive.org/web/20120819010829/http://lukasepple.de/blog/2012/08/grundlagen-processwire
  12. @gemini: Could you add some more specific points? It's hard to change the right thing if you just get to here "just make it better"..
  13. Really love this! I hope ryan and tom can make that happen (Or maybe you can just send a pull request )
  14. Nice design and interesting topics (and german). Big thumb up (Y)
  15. Btw.: I would like to see the wiki shut down to prevent confusion. The texts should be merged in the main site and tutorial section somehow.
  16. I think this option is optional. So you can just leave it empty and everything will work automatically. (Even if not recommended)
  17. Posted an issue: https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/ProcessWire/issues/1172
  18. At 1:49: me wearing a ProcessWire shirt https://it-gipfelblog.hpi-web.de/2015/05/17/alexandra-quiring-tegeder-ueber-schulische-bildung-im-bereich-it/
  19. Another German article about PW. This time by a huge hoster (300.000+ users): https://www.df.eu/blog/2015/05/11/processwire-ein-cms-mit-besonderer-flexibilitaet/
  20. Hey, if I'm using the Language Translation Tool strings automatically get deleted if they match the original string. This is really annoying because it shows those strings as "blank" in the overview but you can't fix them. Why not just let them be as you type them in? - Nico
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