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  1. Another good tutorial: http://webdesign.tutsplus.com/sessions/foundation-for-beginners/
  2. Hi first, Sorry for my Bad englisch and 2. How you make the tabs on the Film Site? Thanks, andreas
  3. Thanks, I find this, but in recent version of the blog profile, when you chance default language to german, you haven't tinymce, a bug? However thanks for helping. Regards, Andreas
  4. Hello Ryan, I can not find this function (as in the screenshot) in blogsite profile. Is it already available or only Planned? Thank andreas
  5. I would be interested Thanks, andreas
  6. Hello Matthew, Simple but beautiful page! it would be really nice and helpful to offer this or a similar profile to download. I think this will help beginners quickly and the popularity of this magnificent system is increasing rapidly. THANK YOU
  7. asosking

    Karena Savannah Cramer

  8. hi, is this page hacked? this what I see when I clicked on http://wonder-tonic.com/geocitiesizer/content.php?theme=2&music=8&url=http://processwire.com/
  9. hi Luis, thanks, but my problem is:how can I make a pw template like this,should I make this with repeater fields, I don't understand how, but I will learn this.
  10. @diogo Sorry my mistake, 3 tabs and the last have this contact form.thanks
  11. Hi kongondo, thanks for your answer, but this isn't what I will. I give a example: 4 jquery tabs: Tab1 name +Tab1 content Tab2 name +Tab2 content And now: Tab3 contact us (as name) +and as content for this tab:contact-form I hope it is now clear enough and SORRY for my English. Thanks anyway
  12. Hi, how can I do something like this: 4 tabs and in one of this always a contact form.thanks
  13. Hi Joss,Is there a site profile, where you can watch your solution (http://pwdemo3.stonywebsites.co.uk/)?. Thanks
  14. @Macrura73, Can you give us a little code please, thanks
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