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  1. I have made a mistake adding a large amount of pages with the API: 88142 pages... These pages are in a parent folder and I've moved this folder in the trash. But now, I can't empty the trash! I have an error message : This page may not be deleted And the pages are not deleted... So don't know how to delete theses pages. Have you any idea??? Thanks a lot!
  2. Hello, @Ivan But as said Robin, it seems that repeaters don't allow field dependancies to find values for a selected feature. @Jan Thanks for your advises for changing the admin edit page. I'm not used to do that but it seems very powerful! I will try this!
  3. Thanks Jan, do you think the best way to add some JQuery into the edit page is to use the Admin Custom Files module? Thinking about tables, it could be interesting to have an input field table that already creates rows in the admin according to existing pages of a given template or parent (in my example, the features_type template). The first column would be a label with the page title (same display as the Textareas pro field for the left colums).
  4. I will give up the idea of "customized values", we'll create new pages for a new feature value. And so, I can use a simple page select multiple field. I have tried the Ryan "Select Multiple Transfer" and it's all right! I've add {parent.title} : {title} for the field' label to display also the feature's type (like 'Age' in my exemple). May be to exactly match with my initial idea of feature table with optional custom value, it need to develop a module to add a new field type like "FeatureTable".
  5. Hello Robin, thanks for your answer. What make it difficult is to let my client easily add features without creating a new field for this. I think about a commun and simple solution to create and add features, just creating pages with specific templates: And a repeater for the product template with 3 fields (at 33% to make columns): - a page field for feature type, - a page field for feature predefined values - a textfield for customized value with conditional visibility. We don't have a table but we can add any features and values. The problem with this solution: at this state, all values will be displayed in the 2nd input field. Can we display in the second page field only values according to the first page field (types)? (like in some forms) An other simpler solution is to show only the 2nd page field to directly add features values. But il there is a lot of values, showing all possibilities in a select field without the feature type in a long list will not be clear. Any idea for a simple feature management solution?
  6. Thanks, I've seen your link, it appears it could be a useful way to follow! I will try with this and I'll let you know.
  7. Hello, I'm working on a product catalog (not an e-commerce website). For the product template, I'd like to fill a table of features (the rows) with 3 cols: - the name of the feature; - predefined values - a textfield for a custom value (if we don't want to create a new predefined value) See the attached file (an exemple from a Prestashop site, but I just want to manage a catalog and I like to work with PW!!! ) With a repeater or the profield "Table" I can't have this result. May be I have to create a specific field type for this use? Have you any idea?
  8. Extra! I've used a PHP snippet and it works well! Tranks a lot, I even not know this possibility... great I'm always amazed how PW can be customized to match any project!!! And if it can help someone else, the snippet in my case: // Toutes les villes $all=$pages->find("template=ville"); // Conseillers avec 1 ville principale $conseillers_linked=$pages->find("lien_ville_principale.count>0"); // Suppression des villes liées foreach ($conseillers_linked as $item) $all->remove($item->lien_ville_principale); // return villes non liées return $all;
  9. Hello, I use a page field to link members to cities. But a city must be associated just with 1 member, no more. And of course, in the admin, when I go to the member page, the page field "cities" lists all values even if they are already used. So the question is " In the admin, can we filter values of a page field with a rule (a custom function?) " ? In my case, if the value is already linked to a member. Thanks a lot for your help! Chris
  10. Thanks for your answers. Of course, the cache configuration on save is the default (clear cache page on save). I've compared with my others sites built with PW, it's the same configuration and it works fine as expected on these others sites. It's why I think it may be a bug in some cases. And when connected with admin role, no problems.
  11. So, no one has any trouble with cache not clearing when pages are saved?
  12. Hello, I worked with PW 2.6.15 dev and I've just updated to 2.6.22. My templates are configured with a cache enabled. When I update a page content, visitors don't see any change, I see my changes just if i'm logged. I understand that the cache is used only for guest, it's my choice in the configuration panel (guests only). It's not a problem of navigator cache, i have disabled it for my tests. But how to make the page cache cleared when I save my page? Thanks for your help.
  13. Thanks for your help. I understand that there are two different things: "shortcuts" and now the "add new bookmarks". The problem is the same in the "Pages > add new" that in the shortcuts button All available for the admin: Two missing for the client role: But taking a look closer, I see that the 2 missing templates for the client are those that can add a new item in multiple possibles parents, like a new city in any of already department created. For the admin, PW send a page to choose the unique parent among the possibles ones: On the contrary, for the client, PW seems to don't allow this. But, we can add items with multiple possibles parent using the page three, so the right for these templates are well allowed for this role. Do you think it is possible to have the same behavior (use shortcuts) when the client want to quickly add an item in any page of a given template?
  14. Hello mr-fan, - the rights for parent templates, too : all inherit the rights from the home template, rights enabled for the client (see, modify, create, add). And in the three pages, my client can add all templates types! - allowed child templates there: no problem for child/parents allowed, it's ok for all roles using the three page but theses templates not appears with the add shortcut menu. But again, it's ok for the admin role. - add new button activated for shure : yes, that's why for the admin role, it works fine. What is strange is that it seems a problem of rights only for the shortcut menu with the client role... My version; 2.6.19
  15. Hello, my problem: with the role created for my client, the "add new" button don't list all templates authorized for this role. With the admin role all template are listed: With the client role city (ville) and program (programme) are missing : Have you any idea? Thanks a lot!
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