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  1. Hi there, found in the Roadmap that it is planned to replace the Regular site profile with a Uikit-based site profile. I am already working with Uikit - so I am looking forward to the replacement. Is this possible to get the Uikit-based profile even now? Kind regards, Christian
  2. No, it wasn't CKEditor - modified it in the module now and it seems to be ok.
  3. So it seems to be CKEditor which produces the problem - tried to set config.forceSimpleAmpersand in CKEditors config.js, but no success. Any idea?
  4. Hi, it's me again... Strangewise after having used the module for a long time I am having now a little problem with the generated URLs. The output encodes the URL Parameter to & - Maybe this was the same all the time, but now Google returns an error: https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/staticmap?sensor=false&center=loc:47.8528818,12.3630332&markers=loc:47.8528818,12.3630332&size=240x200 Does anybody have an idea how to fix this?
  5. Hey sorry, found the problem... The error occured just because there where some pages without added images - everything is fine now!
  6. Hi there, I need to show a cropped image from another page, which is selected with a page-field. I get the following error: here is the code I use: <?php foreach ($page->selected_page as $portfolio_item) { echo "<article class='one-fourth'\n>"; $image = $portfolio_item->foto->first()->getCrop('vorschau'); echo "<a href='{$portfolio_item->url}' alt=''>\n"; echo "<img src='{$image->url}' width='220' alt''>\n"; echo "</a>\n"; echo "<a href='{$portfolio_item->url}' class='project-meta'>\n"; echo "<h5 class='title'>{$portfolio_item->title}</h5>\n"; echo "<span class='categories'>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet</span>\n"; echo "</a>\n"; echo "</article>\n"; } ?> On the portfolio page itself there is no error when showing the cropped image - anybody an idea what can be wrong?
  7. As I found no solution without hacking the core I tried to do it with jQuery. This seemed to work, but then I recognized that the browser will have already tried to load the images from the relative path before the script will be called. So I am using a PHP solution now: $body_orig = $page->body; $body_absolutepath = str_replace("/site/assets/files/", "http://xyz.de/site/assets/files/", $body_orig); echo $body_abosultepath; This works fine - but if somebody knows a simpler and better solution, please let me know.
  8. In an actual project I had to install PW in a subdomain and display the content via JSON / Pages Web Service. So I have the problem that, when adding images to a CKEditor textarea, the image path has to be absolute. Is there a possibility to make CKEditor render the image path in that way?
  9. Thanks a lot - have updated and it works fine. At the moment without translation support for the buttons but very nice!
  10. Ah, so this feature exists just in the dev branch - not in the stable version, right?
  11. Is this module still available and working with the newest PW release? Couldn't find it in the modules list.
  12. I have another problem... I am trying to access the value of an options field through the Webservice - the returned JSON is this: "mf_termin_schwerpunkt":{"1":{"id":1,"sort":0,"title":"black","value":"" and, if multiple options are selected: "mf_termin_schwerpunkt":{"3":{"id":3,"sort":2,"title":"blue","value":""},"2":{"id":2,"sort":1,"title":"green","value":"" I want to show the result just if the selected option matches "black" and tried already: if($mf_termin->termin_schwerpunkt == 1) { ... } if($mf_termin->termin_schwerpunkt->id == 1) { ... } if($mf_termin->termin_schwerpunkt->title == "black") { ... } But none of them worked. The problem seems to be that an option field is again an array and I cannot manage to access the values: Would be great if someone could help me with this problem!
  13. Found a solution - FieldtypeConcat worked fine for this.
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