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  1. @Beluga: Dunno. Sorry but I don't have time to dig into this a lot. I would verify that the event page as received by fullcalendar looks right. Also you haven't shown your actual call to show fullcalendar.
  2. @Beluga: aren't you just missing an echo ? echo executeAjax();
  3. Thanks for the comments so far apesia, I did test tplaner/When, but the code is completely uncommented, and it has an issue that you have to make sure the start date (when expanding) matches the first occurrence. I ultimately failed to make it expand correctly. I tested simshaun/recurr as well, but TBH I don't recall what the problem was :-/ In the end I ended up using Sabre because it actually did the job correctly, but I agree it's quite large for this limited purpose. However, it does open up the possibility to provide iCal import/export etc later on if someone was interested in that. About the RRULE field, yes it's way too technical. Right now I have given my client a small document with the patterns she needs, that she can copy-paste from. But it would be great with a GUI to hide it away from the user
  4. Hi I've been working on a site that needed a calendar. Specifically it needed a calendar with support for some rather iffy recurrence patterns. This is all still pretty rough but I have written two modules. Calendar : Implementes basic event recurrence expansion using four fields: calendar_start calendar_end calendar_rrule calendar_exdate these fields are created on install (but not removed!) and are added to the template: calendar-event which is created on install (but again not removed on uninstall!). the calendar-event template is intended to be expanded to represent the needed calendar event structure. The ProcessCalendarAdmin provides a calendar admin gui. the modules and a slightly more detailed readme can be found on github https://github.com/lindquist/processwire-calendar I'm not sure how much more time I can/will spend on this, so here it is in case anyone finds it useful
  5. Hi, it's essentially these few lines in my template $settings = $pages->get('/site-indstillinger/'); $menu_pages = $settings->main_menu_pages; foreach ($menu_pages as $p) { // echo page links }
  6. Just to make it 100% clear. This is my page field The page IDs are as follows: And the database is as expected: So far so good. Now I rearrange the pages, say I move "Kalender" to the top. Then save. In the admin, it looks like it didn't work, when the saved page is loaded again, the pages are ordered exactly as in the first image. With "Kalender" in the bottom, it does not help to reload the page. However, the database IS updated: But ... the frontend still receives the pages in the same order as in the admin. Effectively making me unable to sort. I'm not sure what to look at now, I've looked a bit at the FieldtypePage module, but it's a bit heavy for my PHP experience :-/
  7. The database looks to be updated correctly when I rearrange the pages and save, but it seems this order is not reflected when the field is loaded, both in admin, and in the frontend when I render the navigation.
  8. I've not seen any errors :-/ Locally, I'm running "Uniform server" UniServer XI 11.7.2, php 5.4.39, mysql 5.5.42 My host is running 5.5.40-MariaDB-cll-lve , PHP 5.4.35
  9. Sorry, I guess I was not clear. I have a field 'main_menu_pages', which is a Page fieldtype with the asmselect for input field type. I use this field in a "settings" page to specify the pages and order of entries in the main site navigation. the problem is that the order of the pages is not saved, but reverts when I save the "settings" page. now I've realised this, it works on my local "uniform server" where I develop. but it does not after I have uploaded to my testing host (for confirmation by the client before I replace her site). the selected pages are saved correctly, but the order is not. unfortunately I cannot log in to the hosting cpanel right now so I can't post versions etc from there. But I'm not sure how to go about debugging this. I can provide access if someone is interested in looking at it.
  10. Hi, I'm using a pagefield to hold a list of pages, and asmselect for input. The field holds the pages to show in the main navigation. however, the order of the pages is not saved, always reverting to the same order when I save. I can add and remove pages, it's the order that gets messed up :-/ any ideas? I'm using 2.5.24 and it's the same with PageListSelectMultiple .. best, tomas
  11. Thanks Wanze I think I might as well not make the module autoload, since it's only needed on a specific calendar page. So getModule will be fine
  12. Hmm. I installed this module, set it up like this: when I attempt to make a query I just get this every time: is this module working with 2.5.21 dev ? idea?
  13. I made a simple Module holding my logic, made my Process module dependent on it, and access it as wire('modules')->getModule('Calendar') it does the job
  14. Hi, I'm working on a calendar module for a site. I have a Process module that provides an admin page, which using fullcalendar, wraps up the creating of event pages a bit so it's doable for the client. Right now, I have the logic to provide a JSON feed of events in the Process module, and essentially the same logic in the templates to generate the event listing. I'm not interested in using fullcalender in the frontend for this site, so while the event are obviously the same, the Process module needs to generate a JSON event list, while the frontend template just needs to iterate the events and render them as it pleases. I'd like to generalize my code a bit, so that both the Process module and the frontend template can use the same code to generate the events, then just output them differently. That includes stuff like expanding recurrences - which right now is pretty much duplicated. I'm thinking it would be nice to have a $calendar variable in the templates, and I guess that would/could end up as a $this->wire('calendar') in the Process module, but I'm quite new to ProcessWire development (I've done a few sites where only clicking around in Admin and writing templates was necessary), so a few pointer on how to go about this and/or where to look would be greatly appreciated. I hope it makes sense Thanks in advance
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