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    New website design for HealthCARE Express. Used UIkit3 for the front end look. Jquery Store locator for the locations page. PW Modules used: Hanna code, google map marker, Inputfield Ace Extended, MarkInPageTree, Video embed for YouTube/Vimeo, and an in house asset minification module. Backend is pretty unique. Basically, I use the processwire templates for UIKit items instead of pages. ie. card.php, container.php, section.php. navbar.php, grid.php, slideshow.php. I also add some extra things like page.php, inner_page_heading.php, image.php, page_snippet.php, text.php. (Page snippet is if I want to run php.) Most of the root pages in the admin page tree use the page.php template. Their children are either detail pages or layout rows for that page. I also have a blog.php that uses the page.php file, just because that lets me force the children to be blog posts. The page and blog templates have fields like meta page title, meta page description, selected page layout, css, js, images, files. All markup is added through admin as well through things like the selected page layout. I have one page in my page tree for page layouts and I add children for the markup. ie. I can add a "Service" page layout to the backend, and add a "page heading" child, an intro "section" child, a service "grid" child, etc. You can check out screenshots. It basically gives me a page builder! The children of the grid page are forced to be cells, and have gui to select the columns and such. I have a css field and a js field attached to almost everything. On page save, if that page has one, it pulls them all and merges them all into one css file and saves it to the server with a timestamp as filename. That way all php, css, and js code is done through backend.
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    This week the focus has been on fixing various issues in the queue at our GitHub processwire-issues repository. So while there aren't any new/exciting features to write a blog post about, there are a lot of commits in ProcessWire 3.0.110 that fix various minor issues. If you are running on the dev branch, the upgrade is definitely worthwhile. You can review this week's commits in our commit log in the date range from August 6 to August 10. Also a big thanks to @netcarver who is now helping to administer the processwire-issues repository.
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    This autoload module adds two new methods to the $page object: $page->getRandomPageName() $page->setRandomPageName() You can define options for the random string via an array (see /core/Password.php for all options): $page->setRandomPageName([ 'minLength' => 5, 'maxLength' => 5, ]); You can also define the subset of pages where the new pagename should be unique: $page->setRandomPageName("has_parent={$page->parent}", [ 'minLength' => 3, 'maxLength' => 3, ]); https://gitlab.com/baumrock/RandomPageName (see readme for examples) Do you think this is useful? Any feedback or suggestions of a better approach are welcome.
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    Foolproof way of doing it without any help module On the old Host: Always download a complete backup of your website (zipped or tar.gz) Download the database Download the site folder (zipped or tar.gz) ===================================================================== On the New Host: Reinstall Processwire with, if you can, the same processwire version on the new host After reinstalling processwire, Delete the site folder and Empty the database Upload the site folder from the old host and unzip on the new host Import the database from the old host Empty cache and sessions Adapt the config.php where necessary to the new host (database credentials, salt and hosts) Thats it Need any assistance ? PM me.
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    Hello, here is example from one of my projects and don't know if that can help you. That example show AVG of 4.6, and below is copy/paste how I get that. I believe that only what you need is to set "use stars", and this call: $page->comments->renderStars(true, array('schema'=>'microdata','partials'=>true)); Or more details, where I use that: <?php if($page->comments->count):?> <div class="star-rating"> <div class="rating-counter"> <a href="#listing-reviews"> <?php echo $page->comments->renderStars(true, array('schema'=>'microdata','partials'=>true));?> </a> </div> </div> <?php endif;?> If that is interesting, here is and Comments configuration to use Font Awesome icons. CommentStars::setDefault('star', '<i class="fa fa-star"></i>'); //<= star item using fontawesome icon Regards.
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    @PCuser not sure if it's related but I've often had similar errors when copy/pasting sample code from the PW docs/forums. Maybe it picks up some 'invisible' extra code or spaces? Now I copy/paste to a plain text editor first before adding to my template - same as I'd do for MS Word - and it seems to fix the problem
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    Just to clarify my request to Adrian, it's not the icons that I'm finding ambiguous - there's nothing wrong with them IMO - it's what the colours are signalling in the current version of Tracy that I find a little confusing. This is what I'm trying to avoid - particularly the part between 24 and 43 seconds... Here's the current state of play... To me - with my now aging eyes - the colours of... 2, 5 & 7 seem to be signalling an error condition or something that needs my attention and that this icon could be another colour when the error is sorted out. 3, D & H are warning me of something and these icons could be another colour at other times. 4, 6, 8, 9, A, (all the green ones) have no error - but they could have warnings or errors at other times. All the grey ones are - well, I don't know - are they OK? Or Off? Or just buttons to press when I need them? 1 & F are signalling something else to me that's different to all the above. Whilst some of the above is correct, I don't think it's clear in the current incarnation. I also think that the decision to colour some icons green rather than grey when there are no warnings or errors, might, arguably, need revisiting. (For example - I think B (Mail interceptor) and C (Module switcher) would probably be better as Grey in the above if there is no interception or disabling going on.) Basically I'd like to have Tracy only use non-grey colour signalling to me if there is something that needs my attention or constant reminder. I think that would stop me feeling a little like Richmond from the IT Crowd. BTW - I'm not dishing Tracy or the work Adrian's put in. I think one of the top modules there are for PW and I'm very pleased that Adrian's produced it and for all the hard work he's put in on it. Hope that clarifies where I'm coming from, Steve
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    Doesn't say much, but #3 on a list of the 6 best alternatives to Drumlapress: https://www.geckoandfly.com/27533/wordpress-drupal-joomla-alternatives/
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    Hi everyone - @netcarver has mentioned to me that he's not a fan of some of the ambiguity of the icon colors in the debug bar - mostly the blue for the System Info icon and the PW pink color used by the PW Info and Captain Hook panels, and the purple used by the PHP Info panel. I have quickly mocked up a version where these are all grey: He wanted me to poll you guys to get some input on this change and also any other changes you might like to see. In general the idea with icon colors is: grey - no significance green - everything ok - no attention needed orange - warning or attention to a new entry/item of interest red - warning, fail, or something else that you should be aware of So please post your thoughts - what do you think can be done to make it look cleaner and also more meaningful/useful? Thanks!
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    Check out the blog post about user-admin-[role] permissions: https://processwire.com/blog/posts/new-user-admin-permissions-automatic-version-change-detection-and-more-2.6.10/#new-user-admin-permissions
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    Here are more details and some news about this module. What's new (14. August 2018.): - fix small bug - search by subfields - different layouts per-template basis Examples: 1) 1 single field for configuration and setup instead 7 PW native fields On "Home" administration page want to have global config options (stylesheet, development or production mode), and SEO settings fields. On category pages need to have options to change number of children in list, provide option to select different layouts, and SEO settings fields. Conclusion, need to have 7 fields: stylesheet (select), development (select or check), SEO fields (eg. title, description and robots), limit, layout. Create field "setup" with all needed subfields: But also want to have different field layout inside Home and category pages. For that we use "Compact view" inside template setup. Result, same field but with different inputs and layouts. On site are dozen of categories and want to find where are used grid and where list layout. Or, website is in still development mode and want to find NOINDEX categories, etc... 2) Multiple different textareas on "basic-page" and "basic-page-2" templates using 1 single field Task: - textarea1, textarea2 and textarea3 on basic-page template - textarea1, textarea4, textarea5 on basic-page-2 template - all that with 1 PW field Create field "content" with 5 textarea field types (textarea1...textarea5) Set Visibility condition like this: basic-page=textarea1, textarea2, textarea3 basic-page-2=textarea1, textarea4, textarea5 Inside Action tab add field to templates basic-page and basic-page-2. Later in page administration are only desired textarea inputs. Search: find all pages where textarea1 contain word "Toronto" $items = $pages->find('content.textarea1*=Toronto'); Or in admin backend using lister: In front side: $selector = 'content.textarea1*=Toronto'; $items = $pages->find($selector); if($items->count){ echo "<h2>Find items: {$items->count}</h2>"; echo "Selector:<pre>$selector</pre>"; foreach($items as $item){ echo $item->title .', template: '. $item->template->name; echo '<br />'; } } Note: this example is only for demostrations and I didn't test this in case of few thousands pages.
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    Just switch to Here https://developer.here.com/plans 250k transactions per month for free....
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    Not sure at what point this was added, but if you click the name of the image in admin, you can edit it in context. Save, and the filename will change. Personally I prefer sorting items in the order they appear in the admin. This way you can simply drag the images to the correct order, no need to tweak filenames
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    Thx @Mackski I've done a slightly different approach: You now have the option between three methods: save() show() download() The save() method will return the resulting file urls and paths on success: @flydev thx I've added it to the modules directory
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    Thanks - I see the problem - it's to do with the way ARB blocks pages when viewed in Lister and because the Users page in PW uses Lister, it is causing the problem. I should have a fix shortly.
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    @Hajosch Looks like something wrong with CSS. Make sure that you load CSS file from comments module and it actually gets loaded and not conflicting with other styles.
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    Dragane, odlicno, samo da je malo manje vruce ;) CompactView is html table view and idea for that type of layout was to use it in cases where are inputs closely related (eg. some contact details), and inside repeaters because don't take too much space (can open few repeater items, and at the same time, view fields in all of them). I missed to write in notes that PW Width value is not used inside CompactView layout. Sorry but it's possible that I skiped to write and some other notes, and feel free to ask me anything that is not clear or confusing. Fields what I used in almost 90% are: select, text, textarea, page and link. Radio and checkboxes very, very rarely (can't remeber), and in that case I prefer to use select. Please can you try to add to the end of module css file (module directory... site/modules/FieldtypeConfigForm/assets/css/admin.css) this few lines: .CompactView .InputfieldCheckboxesStacked, .CompactView .InputfieldRadiosStacked {list-style:none;padding-left:0;} .CompactView .InputfieldCheckboxesStacked input, .CompactView .InputfieldRadiosStacked input {margin-right:10px;} , and after it refresh browser page (CTRL+F5) and check if it will be better? Thanks and regards!
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    Hello for all, my opinion about integration of some popular "page builders" into PW is not a good option. All respect for developers, but "page builders" are like a "box" with "toys" inside of it. Problem is that every website is different and very soon you would noticed that you need to prepare some new element because you don't have it in a "box". Before few days I find some page builder with 170 predefined blocks, but noticed that there were not blocks what I needed for my last project (demo, slow host). Inside "box" with 170 content blocks were not any with "large text in the corner of the frame". I believe that right solution are tools for building "page builders" right on place, and that is why PW profields (Repeater Matrix Fields) are good option (or my custom what I had made before few years, part of it is here). I really like to hear new ideas to make things better but I am sure that integration of popular page builders are not a way to go. Regards.
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    It's not available from the flyout-menu. You have to go to setup > templates, and at the top you will see this:
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    Same reasons as CMS Critic probably... People don't like spending money on developers these days. You can just install a plugin... That's why the internet is full of Frankenstein websites.
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    thx @netcarver for your hints and your kind words btw thank you for taking care of the pw issues repository
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    Why not? Does version_compare() not work for you? Or extracting major and minor parts separately? Or if you only need to have consistency for modules under your control, why not define major/minor versions explicitly?
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