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    Hi everyone, Introducing my first module https://github.com/christophengelmayer/StaticWire It's a simple way to convert your ProcessWire site to static HTML files via CLI or the admin interface. Useful in CI/CD scripts or to use ProcessWire as a simple static site generator.
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    thank you @rick it works! here the code: // event ID $eventID = $input->get('eventID','int'); $event = $pages->get($eventID); // config $testEmail = $event->event_mail_test_adress; $fromEmail = $event->event_mail_from; $fromName = $event->event_mail_from_name; $emailSubject = $event->event_mail_subject; $filenameDate = strftime('%d-%m-%Y', $event->date_start); // filename $filename = "{$event->name}_{$filenameDate}"; // create ics file $file = fopen('ics/'.$filename.'.ics', 'w') or die('File can not be saved!'); // fetch start date $event_start_ts = $event->getUnformatted("date_start"); // build the .ics data $ical_data = "\r\n"; $ical_data .= 'BEGIN:VCALENDAR'; … … … $ical_data .= "\r\n"; $ical_data .= 'END:VCALENDAR'; fwrite($file, $ical_data); fclose($file); // HTML BODY ob_start(); include('./_inc/emailbody.inc'); $emailBody = ob_get_clean(); // send email $m = new WireMail(); $m->to($testEmail); $m->from($fromEmail, $fromName); $m->subject($emailSubject); $m->bodyHTML($emailBody); $m->attachment('ics/'.$filename.'.ics'); $m->send();
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    ProcessWire 3.0.149 on the dev branch includes various improvements and a few minor fixes. Here are the most significant differences relative to 3.0.148 master: There have been several improvements to the $notices API variable as well as a significant refactoring of the code. Several new flags are now supported and can be specified by name rather than just by bit mask. While these updates won’t matter much for front-end site work, they are going to be helpful for the admin as well as potentially in other modules that work in the admin. Some of the updates are still a work in progress, so more will likely be added in the near future. (Commit) The Comments Fieldtype and related classes have received upgrades as well. (Commit) Several new API methods have been added for handling the parent/child relationships involved in threaded comments. The ProcessCommentsManager has also received major upgrades and it puts these new API functions to use by now allowing you to change which page a comment lives on (move a comment from one page to another), as well as change which comment another one replies to. Lots of refactoring was done in this module as well. (Commit) A minor but useful detail in AdminThemeUikit: if you click in the search box (top right corner) and don’t immediately start typing, it now suggests that you try typing “help” for options. Since this is an English word, the “help” term can also be translated in the AdminThemeUikit files (_search-form.php file). PW’s admin search engine can do quite a bit more than I think people realize at first, so I thought this was one way to help more people see what the options are with it, at least in AdminThemeUikit. (Commit) There were several other minor updates as well, but the above are the ones that I thought were the most interesting. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!
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    Hi @Noel Boss, Thank you so much for the plugin! I'm still trying to figure out how to make it do precisely what I need it to do, so I just have a quick question about formatting. Basically I'm trying to get this kind of json output: [ { "title": "Paul Rand", "year": [ "1993" ], "authors": [ "Abrams, Janet" ], "categories": [ "Criticism", "Design", "Design Histories" ] } ] But I'm getting this instead: { paul-rand: { title: "Paul Rand", year: [ "1993" ], authors: [ "Abrams, Janet" ], categories: [ "Criticism", "Design", "Design Histories" ] } } This is the query I'm currently using: header("Content-type: application/json"); $modules->get('PageQueryBoss')->debug = true; $query = [ 'title', 'year.title#year', 'authors.title#authors', 'categories.title#categories' ]; echo $pages->find('template=book, sort=authors.title')->pageQueryJson($query); Is there some setting I'm missing, or is the problem with how I'm structuring the query?
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