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    Yeah, @Robin S is mostly correct. The array approach seems like a good idea, but it will end up biting you in many cases. For ease of readability and building up complex selectors, I do build them with a regular php array and then simply implode the array with a comma to get the string selector. This is now my goto approach for any complex dynamic selectors.
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    PS, here's the thread @Robin S was referring to:
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    That sounds weird but... the good new are... it's probably not a server issue. Just a few questions to understand things better. Has your user superuser rights/privileges? What's your username? Admin? Check your access roles in Access > Users. Are all pages affected or only some pages? (you said some pages don't update) what can be changed? what can't be changed? what have pages with/without changes you can/can't save in common? templates? fields? What can/can't be changed? Do you get any error messages? What do they say? Do you see any changes in the backend? After saving a page: can you see and any new timestamps in Settings (tab) > Info?
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    I guess if Zapier is an option send a copy of the POST request to a Zapier endpoint (with FormBuilder even easier) and then plug in a Mautic step that adds it as a contact.
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    https://github.com/processwire/processwire/pulls There are still pull requests from 2016... Please @ryan could you take a look at the PR repository just like you did with the issues over the last weeks? There are many simple ones that really just need to be merged (like https://github.com/processwire/processwire/pull/143/commits/80aa0ac2e6383b32a4d0a932d5bec78a8fb5bf14 ). It's really frustrating if one tries to contribute and this contributions just seem to be ignored
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