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    What I forgot to tell: Snipcart recently became even more interesting in terms of cost! Snipcart removed the Pro Pack bundle (70 USD/month) from their pricing. All Pro features will be available on Standard plan: Abandoned carts recovery Real-time shipping estimates Inventory management Custom email templates TaxCloud & TaxJar integrations
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    UPDATE 2019-10-18 Some time has passed since the last update. But don't worry I've been working on it! A good back of time devoured the development of our new documentation platform. The new docs website can be found here: https://docs.bitego.com (of course it runs under ProcessWire) Most contents of existing projects are already imported. And I just started with the documentation for SnipWire. Of course development on SnipWire itself has been continued as well: the stability of the REST queries and their processing has been significantly improved the filter (search) functions for the list views (orders, customers, products) have been implemented. native ProcessWire pagination for list views has been implemented more snipcart fields have been added to the product definition several bugs have been fixed Next steps: finishing detail-views for Customers, Products and Orders development of a parallel process that continuously fetches data from Snipcart and makes it available as a local cache. (this should significantly minimize the waiting time for REST queries) implementation of Abandoned Carts Handling implementation of Refunds Handling Thats it for now! I also hope some of you will find the time and testing the current status. I would be very grateful for your feedback.
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    As you can read in the previous posts there are some issues with the module right now. There haven't been any updates so far in the official repository. So you might have to dig through errors and fix them. Right now I wouldn't recommend this module in any project unless you want to take care of all possible issues. What's the main feature you are looking for? There are several other modules out there so maybe we can find a solution for your needs.
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    @Klenkes @eelkenet @Jens Martsch - dotnetic Thanks, I was able to duplicate and fix the issues mentioned above. Please let me know if you observe any other issues.
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    I never submitted the newest iteration of my own business site which already is 3 years online, promoting my webdesign/UI/UX/Frontend stuff. "Just" a Onepager, content managed by PW, usage of D3 for the circles and a completely handwritten gallery at the top. But as always, way more hours went into this as expected 😉 https://siebennull.com
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    After making more App stuff (UI/UX/SPA) lately I finally made a website again 😉 It is the Website of the German Association of Osteopaths. Information about the Association, Osteopathy, workshops, search for Osteopaths (Members) as well as a Membership description plus application form. Mentionable: 100% 100% 100% 100% Lighthouse score with only 121 KB transferred data/8 requests for the start page. Processwire-wise usage of ListerPro (for managing Members and workshops), Form Builder for application of members. Croppable Image for the images. Managing pages with flexible teaser blocks, built with ASM select and core functionality. Pretty fun project especially because client delivered his part on time and we ramped up the thing in 4 weeks (me working part time). https://vwod.de
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    Your live server must have readfile() disabled - you can check with var_dump(ini_get('disable_functions')); The fact that Tracy is using the 2.5 version of the core also suggests that the live server is using an old version of PHP so I am wondering about how good the host is.
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    Thanks you two 🙂 Is not online anymore. But I have a backup, it was in German:
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    Marc Hinse aka @MadeMyDay really made my day: Many years ago when I (as an amateur, up to now) was just trying to get familiar with Joomla, he saved me through his (now legendary) rant against it, and soon he became "the" promoter of the (then promising) CMS Modx (Evo) in Germany. And just when I started to get uncomfortable with the "awsomeness" of MODX (Revo), he again saved me by his essay Why I chose ProcessWire over MODX wherein he hit the head of the nail with each of his arguments. And I liked his individual (graphic) design of his own website which was outstanding a bit from the "fashionable" way to do it. And it's the same now with the relaunch of his site: In a time when again most of the "modern" sites are looking quite similar to each other (as did most of the sites in former times), his design has a pinch of originality and stands out in it's freshness, comparing to the boring equality of so many other sites today. Kudos to Marc, and thank you! ottogal
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    try to increase the memory limit via .htaccess file php_value memory_limit 256M and check it by looking to the phpinfo() before you try to increase and afterwards, if it does take effect.
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    UPDATE 2019-08-08 The module has made hug steps forward and we are nearing a first beta release version. So for those of you who are interested, I wanted to let you know what happened in the meantime 🙂 The dashboard interface was refined. Currency selector for switching dashboard currency (based on your currency fields) Added dashboard sections for managing Orders, Customers and Products Added a WireTabs interface to easily switch between the different dashboard sections. Orders, Customers and Product-details are opened and edited in ProcessWire Panels Added further properties to SnipCart product anchors like: categories, product dimensions, weight, and so on. Added field selector to SnipWire settings for choosing the desired field (FieldtypePage) to be used for categories handling. Refinded caching behavior. *) *) the proper caching of SnipCart data fetched through their REST API is giving me headaches. I'm still not sure what to cache and how long. For example, think of retrieving the list of purchase orders and creating a pagination. Every single page has to be cached. What if new orders are added when flipping backwards? Then the page numbers could get out of hand. (this only as an example). As SnipCart has relativ slow API response times (about 1.8-2.5 seconds for a request), I'm even thinking about developing a separate background job runner which continuously fetches data from SnipCart and caches it locally. Our SnipWire module could then only use locally stored data only. What needs to be done: As SnipCart has a totally broken presentation of multi currency values in it's dashboard (for example: they simply sum up order values in different currencies!) I need to calculate performance values manually. And this will be a huge job as the data comes from different REST API calls... Orders, Customers and Products detail editors (order status update, setting the order tracking number, add metadata information, creating notifications on the specified orders, ...) Order refunds handling through the SnipWire dashboard Integration of external shipping providers Integration of external taxes providers Subscription handling through the SnipWire dashboard Discount creation and handling through the SnipWire dashboard Documentation, documentation, documentation! and much more ... Here are some fresh screens:
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    There are two parts to this. Connection to a database and SQL features/parity in results. Connection to the db is abstracted through PDO and most things in processwire use the PDO powered database connection. In old code you might still find things calling to the old mysqli powered processwire class. The part about sql features and their parity in implementation/results is another topic, which requires a good amount of knowledge of both databases. Actually PWs query engine isn't really using many fancy sql features, most stuff is just many joins + conditions, but I don't know sqlite well enough to evaluate if everything will be working there as well.
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    UPDATE 2019-06-15 The taxes repeater field in module config editor was updated: changed to a grid view for more flexibility added field validation prepared the taxes-repeater field code to become a standalone flexible Inputfield module for general use (Array/JSON repeater input field which stores its values in a single text field) The taxes handling is completed! SnipWire now acts as a full flexible taxes-provider for Snipcart (we use Webhooks for this). No configuration needed in Snipcart dashboard. SnipCart orders are now fully working (except shipping handling). The sample shop templates got an update: customer login/logout customer dashboard link/button to view orders history and subscriptions editing of customer profile Other updates and fixes: The SnipWire Dashboard was updated (Charts, Orders, Customers, ...) --> see screenshot below. The Dashboard fetches its data from Snipcart via CURL multi - the response time for a fresh load is now under 2 seconds The Webhooks handler now supports all Snipcart events via hookable methods. Snipwire now supports all major Admin themes (Uikit, Reno and Default) All module classes/files are more structured (e.g. separate helper and service classes) Under the hood many bugs are fixed and code is updated to prevent unexpected errors. Added a crispy SVG logo for all SnipCart back-end pages 🙂 Screen-recording of updated taxes-repeater: Screenshot of SnipWire Dashboard:
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    ANOTHER UPDATE SnipWires Taxes (VAT) configurator is ready! I added a new custom Fieldtype FieldtypeSnipWireTaxSelector based on an idea of @BitPoet - thanks for that! Also I created a full featured repeater for module config editor including drag&drop handling. Have a look at the animated GIF below. The taxes you configure here will be available as select option list in product page editor. The first tax in the configured list will be used a s the default tax in the custom field.
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    UPDATE OK, after I've faced that for and against again, I've decided to make the module freely available. If you are interested, you can test the current state of development. I already put the module on GitHub. Please note that the software is not yet intended for use in a production system. (Alpha version). For example, the configuration and handling of the VAT rates are still missing. Also the dashboard is still incomplete. And many other things needs to be improved and implemented... 🙂 If you like, you can also submit feature requests and suggestions for improvement. I also accept pull requests. https://github.com/gadgetto/SnipWire
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