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Marty Walker

jQuery shopping cart recommendation?

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Hi all,

I'm working on a small shop for a client. I have all the product info in ProcessWire (of course) - no problem there.

I'm looking for some recommendations on a simple cart setup. I've tried plum.shop but I'm not that jQuery-literate. When it comes calculating taxes and shipping based on country (really just Australia & Rest of World) I fall over. I'm not that interested in splitting the site between PW and say, shopifry, it's just not that big a store.

Has anyone done something like this before? Has anyone done anything this simple in PW where PayPal is the end destination? I'd love to keep it in the PW family if possible.



More detail:

  • Products added to a cart need GST added if the purchaser is based in Australia - if they're from overseas no tax is added
  • Shipping is calculated differently based on the purchasers location - AU or overseas - either a flat rate for each or a percentage

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Has anyone done something like this before? Has anyone done anything this simple in PW where PayPal is the end destination?

I'd love to keep it in the PW family if possible.

Here you go:

Webshop you're gonna like:


Webshop you're gonna love:


Easy to integrate with pw.

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and if you need something in between a big platform like Shopify and the smaller scripts, you could consider foxycart, which works really well with PW.

It's javascript based, and the forum and docs have a lot of resources for getting things setup a certain way; Only thing you'll have to look into is about the payment processor integration; it might require one of the more pricey PayPal accounts;

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I'm looking for a cart to work alongside PW too, foxycart looks good, not overly complex to get working I think. The only thing it doesn't seem to support a responsive cart layout which I would like, from what I have read you need to create 2 accounts to run 2 templates.

Pwired's Jcart looks interesting, but can you style the end paypal page to make it feel like you're still on the shop website?

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If you're looking for a cart to add to your website that supports jQuery but doesn't require you to maintain a database, etc., Tinycart.com is a good choice. You paste in a `<script>` tag and then add to cart links, and it does an on-page checkout.

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remove external link due to first post

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Hi @tcrocks, I edited your post to remove the link. It's our policy to not let first posters link to urls not related to ProcessWire. @Alex is asking this question here in the forum because he's looking for an answer from someone that already used these tools alongside with ProcessWire, and I suspect you haven't. We'll gladly put your link back there if you prove me wrong.

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Maybe u can take a look at snipcart. 

Edit: lol i just realised its post from 2013 :) . Anyways if someone looking for simular, snipcart is still relevant :)


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Yes, Snipcart could be a good choice. You can easily integrate it with ProcessWire and set up all the relevant product info inside PW. Plus, it supports invoicing, tax and currency setup per country, voucher codes, different shipping and payment solutions and a responsive checkout modal. However, customization of the checkout modal can be a little tricky, if you need to add or remove fields.

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 jquery shopping carts are vulnerable on the client side as prices can be changed before checkout.
 many jquery shopping carts have this known security flaw. Please do some research before you are
 going to use a jquery based shopping cart. You have to verify that each item in the cart exists
 and that the price is correct. Snipcart should be safe to use.


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