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  1. There is a module called Custom Page Roles Ryan made that works up to PW 2.4. This module gives you page level permission control for view access. Is there any reference out there for achieving the same control in 2.6? Alex
  2. Hi, I'm having problems getting a series of images in the same standard images field to sort by date modifed/created. How would I add the ->modified property here to get the images to display in order of date modified/created? if ($page->images) { foreach($page->images as $image) { $thumbnail = $image->size(868,0); echo "<img class='r' src='{$thumbnail->url}'/>"; } } Have tried a few variation with no luck yet : ( thanks Alex
  3. I’ve been playing with the Shop module a little bit, its really impressive. Wondering if anyone has integrated it with Stripe Checkout so you get that lovely mobile friendly overlay which feels like you’re still on the same website, rather than the Paypal-leave-the-page experience. You can’t customise the Paypal payment page right? Foxycart is also on the radar but the Processwire shop module is just so nice to use and easy to set up, it would be great to have a payment option with a better customer experience than the Paypal one. Alex
  4. Alex

    FontShop WebFonter

    I know its really impressive... not sure about your choice of fonts there though!
  5. I'm looking for a cart to work alongside PW too, foxycart looks good, not overly complex to get working I think. The only thing it doesn't seem to support a responsive cart layout which I would like, from what I have read you need to create 2 accounts to run 2 templates. Pwired's Jcart looks interesting, but can you style the end paypal page to make it feel like you're still on the shop website?
  6. Thanks for the info on ICONV, the web host has enabled it so its working now. cheers
  7. Its Liquid Web (US) but via a local web developer company, so its just a stripped back c-panel. I do have access to phpMyAdmin – if it makes any difference. Hoping someone can shed some light on it before I speak to them so I know what it means.
  8. Hi, Having installation problems with a new host. I used the site profile exporter to pull my site from another host, and installed on a new hosting space. I got this message at the Compatibility Check stage: fail: ICONV Support I pushed on regardless and it seemed to install OK. I can get into the admin but when I go to edit a page I get this error: Error: Call to undefined function iconv() (line 149 of /home/fagerhu/public_html/pw/wire/core/Sanitizer.php) This error message was shown because you are logged in as a Superuser. Error has been logged. Anyone seen this before? Alex
  9. finally had a chance to look around, really like your site, impressed/inspired by what you can get out of an iphone! lots of favourites... http://martywalker.com.au/blue-mountains/katoomba/trees-at-katoomba-falls/
  10. Thanks Slkwrm & Doolak $matches = $pages->find('myrepeater.myrepeaterfield*=$q'); Works for me too. Cheers
  11. Hi, I am using the basic search template from the processwire install. I havn't been able to return any search results from text contained in repeater fields. I have added the repeater field name and all fields contained inside it to my search template. On processwire.com i have found this post in the comments area by someone: Is there any way around this, or are repeaters left out of search results? thanks Alex
  12. Hi onjegolders, Was this ever solved?, I am also getting 'invalid file' error when i try and crop an image in a repeater before I save the page. The page is published and i'm using the thumbnails module, processwire 2.3 Do we need to save page after each upload in a repeater?
  13. of course... not sure what i was thinking there! I was going to work out how to move the <style> into a separate style sheet but its not necessary. cheers
  14. I have a repeater which will contain an image and text, I want to apply a custom colour to an element in each repeater using the color picker. I'm not sure the best way to specify an individual css name for each repeater, can it be automated in some way? In my code below i'm using the colour picker and some inline css, but in this example each repeater item would have the same colour. I want to make each one different. <?php foreach($page->repeater as $p) { echo "<style>.repeatColor {background-color: #{$p->colour_picker};}</style>"; echo "<div class='repeatColor'></div>"; } ?>
  15. Nice site, super quick. which responsive framework did you go with? Alex
  16. Lovely site looks great. Where i'm working has poor internet access and this site loads very fast indeed ProCache is impressive. Alex
  17. thanks for adding to this thread Jeff, lots to think about!
  18. The sites I was thinking of using this multisite module has mainly product pages that need to be shared. So if someone updates a product PDF file it is reflected on both sites. These product pages will have body text, couple of tables of data text, images to download and PDF files. There are also other downloadable files in other areas of the site, employee contact lists and resources that would ideally be shared too. What options do i have to share content like this if multisite is not suitable?
  19. I had some more contact with this IT company, seems they are ending sales of some products including web hosting. So thats why they have such an old set up and its not being supported at all. Yes time to move!
  20. It would be good if there was a 'how to' or tutorial on getting processwire working on a Zeus server (if its possible!) This is the second time I have encountered a Zeus server and I don't build many websites.
  21. thanks for the quick replys, much like I thought. I dealt with a different host who was using Zeus, and they shifted the client's site over to Litespeed with no problem after a couple of emails. I'll give this host another chance to help me out... cheers
  22. Hi, I have had a problem installing processwire, I had some compatibility problems during install (see screen grab) but tried to push through as I know sometimes they are not critical. After entering an admin username and password I got the admin page but with no page tree, when I navigate to my folder where I installed processwire the page is completely blank. The web host is running PHP 5.1.6, I asked them to upgrade to at least 5.2.4 and they have said: "We have an update from our service engineer, they advised that this is shared web hosting and they do not do any upgrade for one user. The web server platform is using zeus not apache." In addition I had to ask them to create a database, they do not give open access to create your owbases. Can anyone confirm for me its likely the version of PHP holding me back here, also is the zeus server a problem also? Should I expect better from the web host? Regards, Alex
  23. Can I use and test out this module locally ie. using MAMP? Some basic instructions would be great! Also if I use it on a live host can I install processwire with the multisite module in a subfolder before I move it into the root?
  24. Thanks Pete & Wanze, PW 2.3 secured pagefiles might be enough - really good to know. An SSL cert. could be another layer if necessary, i'll have to discuss it with them. cheers, Alex
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