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1 hour ago, matjazp said:

I'm testing in Chrome. It's looking good in uikit and reno theme.

Right, I see the problem now looking at it with the default theme. 

I can take a look tomorrow to see if I can get it working there as well.

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@matjazp - I decided to take a look now and I have pushed a fix which seems to have things working well in the default theme as well as Uikit.

Please let me know if it looks ok at your end now also.

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Hi @matjazp - I just tested the default theme on Safari, FF, and Chrome and it looks fine here.

The css I added to fix the position of the links (and also the space between the text above the tabs) is:

html.AdminThemeDefault li#AdminActionsList ul.WireTabs {
    margin-top: 3em;


Would you mind taking a look to see if that is being applied please. Maybe it needs an !important added to it.

I'll sort out that undefined index notice

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Also curious why you aren't seeing the icons I recently added to all of the actions - does saving the settings page take care of that?

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6 hours ago, adrian said:

Would you mind taking a look to see if that is being applied please.

It's not applied because AdminThemeDefault class is set on body, not on html. This is what I have now and it's working here:

.Inputfields .InputfieldMarkup .InputfieldContent {
    margin-top: 0;

div#links {
    margin-left: calc(100% - 250px);
    text-align: right;
    position: relative;
    top: 35px;
    z-index: 103;
.AdminThemeDefault div#links {
      top: .5em;

#AdminActionsList {
    background: none;
.AdminThemeDefault #AdminActionsList {
    margin-top: 1em;

Mind z-index on div#links.

6 hours ago, adrian said:

Also curious why you aren't seeing the icons I recently added to all of the actions

Because there is no $info['icon'], see the php notice in my second screenshot:

array (6)
title => "Copy Content to Other Field" (27) description => "This action copies the content from one field to another field on all pages that use the selected template." (107) notes => "This can be useful if you decide you need to split one field into two to allow different settings on different templates. It also makes it easy to move content from one field type to another one that is incompatible." (216) author => "Adrian Jones" (12) authorLinks => array (3) roles => array (1)

in ...\ProcessAdminActions\ProcessAdminActions.module:388

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1 hour ago, matjazp said:

It's not applied because AdminThemeDefault class is set on body, not on html.

Interesting - turns out that AOS actually adds AdminThemeDefault to html which is why it was working for me here. @tpr - is this something that can or should be changed?

Anyway, thanks for helping to debug this - I have updated the CSS with part of what you provided above, but it had a problem with UiKit, so it's a combined version that seems to work with both themes and with AOS on and off. Please let me know if it looks ok at your end.

I think if you save the module settings page it should fix the icons. Can you please confirm.


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Just now, matjazp said:

Looks ok, icons are there too. Thanks.

Awesome - thanks for your help getting this sorted out!

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Unfortunately the default admin theme doesn't have this class on the html while others do so aos adds that to normalize things (for styling and toglle features).

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Just now, tpr said:

Unfortunately the default admin theme doesn't have this class on the html while others do so aos adds that to normalize things (for styling and toglle features).

No problem at all - it was an easy fix at my end for AdminActions - just a bit of initial confusion 🙂

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This is a very useful set of tools.

But I have a problem and I am looking for which tool will help to solve it.

Is there such a function as copying one field of a repeater to another field of a repeater on the same page?

For example, the situation is as follows:
-I have a repeater field for which I want to change the template without losing the values.
-I make a new repeater field with a different name, but with the same fields and add it to the page template.
-I need to copy all the values from the first field of the repeater to the second.

It’s like the "Page Table to Repeater/Repeater Matrix" function or "Copy Repeater Items To Other Page" function.

Sorry if I'm off topic.

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Tip: How to "rename" an image field when the name you want to rename it to already exists

I ran into a situation when I had two single-file image fields.  Let's call them A and B.

I didn't like the field name of 'A' and I wanted to give it a new name of 'B', but that field name was already being used in OTHER templates and had content populated.

Therefore we need a clever way to rename A into B.

With non-image fields this isn't a problem, but with an image field, there's files involved, so it gets a little more complicated.

Admin Actions can handle this using the "Copy Content to Other Field" action.

Set Source to 'A' and Destination to 'B'.

The way it seems to be programmed is that it won't actually make a copy of the file (which is good because I don't want to duplicate the image), but instead it seems to copy the name of the file to the destination image field.

Once the action has been run, if you view the a page using the template you applied to the action to, you will see that the image exists in both fields.  DO NOT TOUCH THEM because whether you delete from A or B, it will delete in both fields.

So now to complete this renaming, edit your template file and remove field "A".  It will remove the field, but it will NOT remove the image, which is good.

The end result is you now have image field 'B' with the contents from 'A', without having had to duplicate the image (meaning any references to that image will still be intact and not 404) and without ProcessWire having deleted the image when you removed "A" from your template.


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      Kind Regards
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      I'm not sure yet if this will be a "Pro" module or if it will be made available for free.
      I would be grateful for suggestions and hints!
      (please have a look at the screenshots to get an idea what I'm talking about)

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