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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi @adrian, I'm getting a curious error that wasn't there before. Some images on a site using $config->pagefileSecure = true; aren't being loaded anymore (worked fine before, not sure what changed). The images are being served by ProcessWire. When I open the image URL directly, I get this exception (see attachment). The image field is inside a Repeater Matrix. When I turn off Tracy Debugger, the error goes away. Not sure if it's a bug with Tracy or if it's just surfacing a deeper problem. Any idea what might be causing this?


ProcessWire: 3.0.155
PHP: 7.4.7
Webserver: Apache
MySQL Server: 5.5.5-10.1.44-MariaDB-0ubuntu0.18.04.1
MySQL Client: mysqlnd 7.4.7




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Hi @MoritzLost - what version of Tracy are you running? Trying to figure out what is on line 409 as highlighted in the call stack. It doesn't seem to me like it's the latest version, but I could be wrong.

What changed that started the error? Did you update something?


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@adrian I'll have to get back to you on monday ^^ Though when I got the error, I tried updating to the latest version and the error remained. Not 100% sure that the screenshot was taken with the current version though, sorry 😅 I haven't really changed much ... came back to the site after a week and the error was there, not sure when it started 😕 I'll try to find out more when I'm in the office ...

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my RequestInfoPanel shows this error on all of my projects:


I have ProcessWire 3.0.161 dev and Tracy Debugger 4.21.17. I am on macOS with MAMP PRO 5.7.

Has anybody an idea what causes this error?

Thank you @adrian again for your great work with this module. 😀👍

Regards, Andreas

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So I am at a total loss. I was in the middle of working on a draft site and had recently updated Tracy to the latest version on one of them 4.21.19 from 4.21.17.

I was in the process of revamping the site from delayed output to markup regions and then when I went to preview (which I hadn't done) the screen was blank with the exception of Tracy. No source, no nothing. No errors. Tracy reported the page object loaded, all the children, etc.

I reverted to the old version of the templates. No difference. I compared it with another copy of the same site on a different domain that still had 4.21.17 installed. Front-end looked fine.

I updated the second site to 4.21.19 - blank screen on the front end, no errors being shown, nothing.

All else being equal, I have to assume there's something in the change from 4.21.17 to 19 - but I purged 19 from the site/modules, cleansed the copies from the FileCompiler cache directory - got rid of everything I could to remove it.

Both site are still showing blank with nothing in the PHP logs and no displayed errors. Backend still works perfectly fine.

I don't really know what to do next, but I'm pretty frustrated about the situation. If I had error codes to work with that would at least be something. If there are errors (which I could create) Tracy was reporting and displaying them. But I can't get the site templates to output anything. Not even replacing with generic echo.

I'm running 3.0.161.

Is there something in the page rendering hooks that got installed that I might need to manually remove? Any ideas on how I can get my sites back? At the moment I am probably going to pull down another site made with the same template and try doing a diff across the site/wire directories.

I don't really know how to troubleshoot a situation where no errors appear, but no markup either.

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Hi @gornycreative - sorry you're have a rough time with this. Did you properly uninstall 4.21.19, or did you just remove the files?

I know you said you aren't getting any errors, but are you talking about PHP errors only? Does the browser dev console show any JS errors? What about errors in the apache logs?

Have you done a modules refresh and clear session & cookies from the Processwire Info panel in Tracy?

Do the sites work in a different browser / incognito window?

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It's really weird. And I'm afraid to experiment too much more on other working sites as I don't want to break anything further.

I uninstalled 4.21.19 from the modules area, cleared all cache and then double checked the asset cache FileCompiler area. Turned off opcache in PHP. turned off as much caching as I could find in modules. Removed all traces of files. Purged CloudFlare cache and made sure dev mode was on.

I've turned off prepend and append and even substituted a very basic HTML file as the output template with no look-ups.

There are no PHP or LiteSpeed errors logged. There's nothing in the console.

I decided after cleaning out the system I'd reinstall Tracy fresh. What I don't understand is that it is as if the PHP is working, but the HTML is just not getting output. With devtools open there not alot going on, but Tracy has an HTML DOM that it is sitting in, which is even stranger.

I know you've pushed priority up on loading - perhaps it is possible there is a module that is failing to load immediately after? Maybe I can look at the modules table in adminer and sort by priority?

It's absolutely nuts - when I look at source for the loaded page all I get is <!--tracy debugger bar --> and then the script tags. That's in an incognito window.

Chrome puts it into a makeshift DOM but firefox has no idea what to do with it. There it is just a blank page.


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What I can't fathom is that you uninstalled Tracy and it's still a problem. It suggests to me that it's not Tracy related.

I am running the latest version on several different sites and different servers without any problems.

2 hours ago, gornycreative said:

I was in the process of revamping the site from delayed output to markup regions

This sounds like the likely issue - I know you said you put the old versions of the templates back and they are still broken, but with Tracy uninstalled and its folder removed, it can't be impacting things anymore.

Any chance you accidentally messed with the htaccess file?

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The thing is, I had another site built using the exact same basic template setup as the original. All that I did to that site was upgrade it from 4.21.17 to 4.21.19. Nothing else on that site was touched - it went from loading the templates fine to a blank screen with . I'd rather not sacrifice another development site to prove the point without really understanding what changed between versions.

Are you running this on 161 or 148?

The strange thing is - I set the request logger on for the site - the HTML is getting passed in the response. I have no idea why the browser is not rendering the code. Chrome is up to date (which I know can be a problem sometimes).

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Just now, gornycreative said:

Are you running this on 161 or 148?

Local dev is 161 (actually just updated to today's commits). At the moment, the live sites vary between 156 and 160.

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Regarding the switch, there was no need to touch the htaccess at all.

I had a single file that included a bunch of variable sets that were global (settings factory stuff) and a few variables set from the home page (gotten through pages() ) - none of the things I pulled required access to page() and those got moved to _init.php

Everything else got moved to _main.php - which at the time was just a bunch of components in a layout that I was going to pick and choose and render in the main template file into regions - this was not supposed to be anything super crazy or elaborate.

Then, when I turned off the prepend/append and switched to a plain jane HTML hello world scenario and still got a blank page, I got even more frustrated. I split a text file into three text files - pretty routine stuff. And boom.

I do agree with you that it doesn't make sense for the HTML to still not render after uninstalling Tracy and putting the original templates back if Tracy was the problem.

I will move on from this I guess. If somehow you come across a situation where you run into the same thing, please let me know.

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So I found another site built off the same template that had not had Tracy installed prior. After clearing the module cache and letting it rebuild, the site broke - so it must be another module that needs some rewarming from 161.

39 minutes ago, adrian said:

How can you move on at the moment - I thought your sites were still broken?

Moving on meaning I need to start dropping other modules until the site works, since Tracy doesn't logically seem to be the issue.

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I found the culprit. It wasn't Tracy. It was another module I probably should have suspected since it has never really worked out that well for me - despite being a good idea.

Thanks for your effort in trying to help me debug this - coincidences and panic are a lousy combination.

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Oh sorry - yes and I raised the issue on their module support thread.

Template Engine Factory - I'm thinking it might be related to the auto compilation switch function - I haven't dug into it because I am no longer really interested in using Smarty or Twig.

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Hi @adrian could you please add a $session->redirect after the email-sent-flag has been reset? I've had it several times the last days that I had a tab oben and got an error "file could not be removed" on reload which was caused by a ?tracy-clear-email-sent-flag-whatsoever=1 that was still left in the url.

Thx 🙂 

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi Adrian
I was updating my site a few minutes ago and it started displaying a 500 error. When I turned on notifications, I saw the following error.

Fatal error: Cannot declare class TracyDebugger, because the name is already in use in /home/p752009485/public_html/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/TracyDebugger/TracyDebugger.module.php on line 19


Is it ok to manually remove the Module somehow?

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