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  1. Hello fellow Aussie, I'd probably trash the directory on the server and reinstall it: If you're running 2.4 install it through the Modules tab > New > enter InputfieldCKEditor where it says ModuleClassName If you're sub-2.4 get hold of the ModulesManager (which needs JqueryDataTables installed first) and install it that way.
  2. I don't mind a bit of disco actually
  3. I've been doing a bit with JSON recently and found something similar (although not as nice): http://jsonviewer.stack.hu/
  4. Hi totoff, I've been using http://www.bittorrent.com/sync for a little while as an alternative to dropbox and google drive. Currently I use to sync my Sites directory between machines. What I like about it is you don't have to have the exact same folder name on both machines. eg: Machine 1:Sites can sync to Machine2:Sites backup There's no intermediate storage either from what I can see so your machines would need to be on at the same time.
  5. Media queries are your best bet. If you need to rearrange elements based on device you could try using http://intentionjs.com/
  6. As they say on television "it's not you, it's me". My memory limit and max_execution_time on MAMP needed boosting. With this project I'm hoping to batch import perhaps 350 artists (nearly 4000 images) with Ryan's module so I think I need to work out a way of getting the images smaller beforehand. If I get this job I might need some paid help Thanks very much for your help Adrian.
  7. The only change I made was to target the specific page I was having trouble with - I can't load it in the admin. I'm running this site locally too so I don't know if that helps. <? $cp = $pages->get(1157); $cp->of(false); // required for a single image field foreach($cp->fields as $imagesfield){ if($imagesfield->type == "FieldtypeImage" || $imagesfield->type == "FieldtypeCropImage"){ foreach($cp->$imagesfield as $pagefile){ $filename = $pagefile->filename; $pagefile2 = null; if($imagesfield->maxWidth && $pagefile->width > $imagesfield->maxWidth) { $pagefile2 = $pagefile->width($imagesfield->maxWidth); unlink($pagefile->filename); rename($pagefile2->filename, $pagefile->filename); $pagefile->getImageInfo(true); // force it to reload it's dimensions } if($imagesfield->maxHeight && $pagefile->height > $imagesfield->maxHeight) { $pagefile2 = $pagefile->height($imagesfield->maxHeight); unlink($pagefile->filename); rename($pagefile2->filename, $pagefile->filename); $pagefile->getImageInfo(true); } } } } ?> Yes that definately the behaviour I'm looking for. Perhaps it's the CropImage field that the issue. I see you're using the standard image field.
  8. Thanks for your help with this. Just to be sure I've disabled Custom Upload Names for the moment. I'm trying this on a specific problem page but it's only doing the very first image, creating a new one with a suffix of '0x1600' and not changing the actual dimensions.
  9. Thank you both! Adrian would your code also work with the FieldtypeCropImage? I'm also using your Custom Upload Names on that CropImage field too.
  10. Far out! When I get a spare hour I'll give this a go.
  11. Hello, I'm using Ryan's super-useful Import Pages from CSV to create a number of pages with fields that includes a multiple cropimage field. In my field settings I've set some limitations on the image dimensions. When I do an import those image dimensions aren't respected (understandably) so I'm wondering, is there's a way to use the API to batch resize the images and save over what's there? (I'm retrieving each image from a URL so it's not practical to download each one and resize it - there's a few GB of them.) Thanks for any help.
  12. @Manol, If it was me I'd look at getting a custom module written. I've used something similar for ExpressionEngine which really takes the load off the site - especially when it comes to site backups. The only problem is that it doesn't delete files from S3. I'm not sure if that's a limitation with the plugin or S3, but I know there's a few GB of files up there that aren't being used.
  13. I've just got my head around ST2! I'll stick with ST for a bit unless there's a compelling reason to use Atom.
  14. I'm having a small problem with downloading the All In One Minify module. I suspect it's because there's a + sign at the end of the filename. I get a download error through the Modules Manager which replaced the + with a space: File could not be downloaded https://github.com/FlipZoomMedia/ProcessWire-AIOM-All-In-One-Minify/archive/AIOM .zip
  15. Got a feeling this is a server issue but I'm getting an error I can't seem to recover from after saving a simple HTML code: Method Sanitizer::entities does not exist or is not callable in this context I can't even load the Hanna Code config screen - even if I try to ununstall/install it again. It hasn't written any files to /site/assets/cache/HannaCode/ either. I'm running PW 2.2.9 on PHP version 5.2.17. Stuck!
  16. Hi everyone & Ryan, I have a selfish request to make. If you're not family with Antti's Fredi module (I'm sure you are) it's a neat front-end way for your site users to edit a page without sending them to pick through the admin. But there's a little gap in the functionality that makes it truly useful - for me at least. At the moment it's not possible to reorder images or repeaters through Fredi and have those position changes reflected on the page after a submit. So I would like to request, if possible, the core AjaxSave method get some attention to help get Fredi across the line.
  17. There aren't many tools I look forward to using every single day. PW has always been a joy to use and this release makes it even more so. Thanks Ryan and everyone who worked on this release!
  18. I've got a mid-2010 model and I think I might have been lucky. I have the odd glitch (almost like scrambling) in the display but nothing I can't live with.
  19. I have a 2010 Macbook Pro with 8GB ram hooked up to a Dell 24" screen. I can't stand Apple's mice so I use a Logitech M705. Hanging of the MBP is a 1TB drive just for time machine backups and a 1.5TB 'work' drive. Connected to the Mac Mini is a 1TB LaCie NAS (which has been a pain in the arse). Complicating things I have a synch program that copies directories between al the various drives I have lying about so I have at least three copies of everything.
  20. Hello all, I'm using ASMSelect in a Page fieldtype and I'm wondering if I can set a limit to the amount of pages selected?
  21. Hi Joss, Why not design it from scratch? I understand that BS and Foundation are fast starting points but don't they just complicate things by having to sift through all their code to work out what does what? Not to mentioning loading code you never use. BTW on your Stony site there's a typo in the footer: Site Design ©2012 Stony Webistes
  22. Hi Antti, Do you know if the core got the updates you needed for repeater reordering? Edit: Looks like it didn't. I still can't (but would really love to) use Fredi and reorder a repeater.
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