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  1. Thanks teppo. I'll have a read. I can see it's probably a job for a bigger-brained bod than me. Regards Marty
  2. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has attempted a WordPress to PW migration? Where might one go to seek guidance on such a venture? We're talking about 6 years worth of posts containing many images. Regards Marty
  3. Another vote for submitting this to the modules directory
  4. OK. Thanks for that. So get is being more 'direct' than find?
  5. @diogo. Yes I had a thought to do that. Here it is for anyone else who might need something similar. <?php if($input->urlSegment1) { $name = $sanitizer->pageName($input->urlSegment1); $urlcat = $pages->get("/categories/")->find("name=$name"); echo "<h3>Category: <i>" . $urlcat->first()->title . "</i></h3>"; } ?>
  6. Thanks chaps. It was indeed a page array. Silly me.
  7. Hi, I'm working on a simple products site and I'm using url segments to filter the products by category. There's no problems getting the products that way. What I'm trying to do is get the category title for the url I'm on. eg: /products/19th-century <- urlSegment <?php if($input->urlSegment1) { $urlcat = $pages->get("/categories/")->find("name=$input->urlSegment1"); echo "<h3>Category: <i>" . $urlcat . "</i></h3>"; } ?> So $urlcat gets me the category ID. How would I go about getting the title of the category? I've tried $urlcat->title to no avail. Cheers Marty
  8. Quick question: is there a way to select the children of a particular page?
  9. Thanks for that Adrian. I initially thought that sessions might be a way to go but I'd be most happy and grateful for any code snippets based on cookies. Cheers Marty
  10. Hi all, I might be working on a property website where the client would like their site visitors to be able to save one or more properties to a favourites list. They won't be a logged in user of the site, just a casual visitor. I'm wondering if any of you have done anything along these lines and where one would go to start going about it? Cheers Martyi
  11. It's getting attention because the developer has a loyal following based on their EE add-ons. One read of their license agreement (ie Plugins and Consent to Use of Data) put me off straight away.
  12. Impressive photos Mikael, and a terrific site!
  13. There's a fair percentage of the population up here who are climbers. While I don't count myself as one of them I'm happy to photograph the mad bastards : http://martywalker.com.au/blue-mountains/blackheath/climber/
  14. Hi Adrian, With your latest version I just get blank pages on my PW 2.3.0 install when I try to export anything. My server PHP version is 5.3.25. Perhaps I need a recent dev version? There's something up with my install there I think. Tried it locally and it works perfectly. This will be a huge time saver Mr Jones. Thank you.
  15. I imported the US States json file perfectly. I just can't seem to export. Perhaps it's my server setup. I'll give it a go locally at some point.
  16. Happy to test this out. I'll let you know how I get on.
  17. Yeah I followed the steps. I chose a top level page with a few children then Structure only and Save. I tried all options actually and I only got an empty file. Exciting is an understatement...
  18. Perhaps it's my PW version (2.3) but all I get in the json.json file is [ ]. What's does Save &/or Copy do?
  19. Adrian I don't really have any more thoughts to add. A structure-only option sounds great. I can see this module being used in conjunction with the ImportPagesCSV and Wanze's Batcher a fair bit. Cheers Marty
  20. My mind works in mysterious ways Not every site I build is the same, there are always subtle differences. For things like blogs and galleries being able to export a basic page heirarchy (& fieldset) and recreate it on a new site build would be a huge, huge time saver.
  21. So theoretically I could have one parent and one child page with all my fields setup, export it, and and then use this to import a field setup?
  22. Hi Peter, Indeed. Something like that could be a good option too. Even some of the smallest of modules would save me more than $2.50 in time over the span of a month. - Marty
  23. There were a few textpattern plugins released via 'ransom' - a custom fields one too if I remember correctly (hilarious!) - which went along the lines of 'I need this much money and I'll release it'. Personally if I was putting money towards module development I'd have no problem letting everyone get the benefit of it. I'm still blown away by not only the generosity of Ryan releasing ProcessWire but the dozens of module devs here that have made my life as site builder that much easier. Perhaps another approach would be to have a PayPal donate button (or similar) in the existing modules section where folk can send their cash to.
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