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  1. If anyone is interested in a (now) free font conversion tool for OS X: http://fontprep.com It works a treat for converting any free TTF or OTF libraries you have.
  2. With PW that's almost always the case
  3. You just need to add 'mp3' to the Valid Files Extensions (under Details) when you setup your field.
  4. I have a suggestion because I tend to re-use templates for other purposes (eg: a news-list template can be used for a blog-list too). Is there a way to exclude a template from the module workings based on a certain page name or page parent?
  5. Ah right. I'd love to be able to change that limitation. Any ideas how I might do that?
  6. Hi all, I've had this site running for a while now but the client has just noticed that when they perform a site search on certain terms they're getting no results. Eg: http://theinfantshome.org.au/search/?q=family+day+care ... which should return results to a number of pages including this one: http://theinfantshome.org.au/our-services/early-education-care/family-day-care/ I'm using the stock standard search template code from the default PW installation (see below), none of the pages I'm searching for are hidden and there's no Access management enabled on the templates. What's even more odd is if I search for 'family day care' in the PW admin I get no results either yet that page title exists. But if I search for 'family' that page gets returned in the results. I'm running the latest (non-dev) build too: 2.3.1 Any help really appreciated. Regards Marty <?php /** * Search template * */ $out = ''; if($q = $sanitizer->selectorValue($input->get->q)) { // Send our sanitized query 'q' variable to the whitelist where it will be // picked up and echoed in the search box by the head.inc file. $input->whitelist('q', $q); // Search the title, body and sidebar fields for our query text. // Limit the results to 50 pages. // Exclude results that use the 'admin' template. $matches = $pages->find("title|body|sidebar~=$q, limit=50"); $count = count($matches); if($count) { $out .= "<h2>There are $count pages matching your query:</h2>" . "<ul>"; foreach($matches as $m) { $out .= "<li><a href='{$m->url}'>{$m->title}</a><br />{$m->summary}</li>"; } $out .= "</ul>"; } else { $out .= "<h2>Sorry, no results were found.</h2>"; } } else { $out .= "<p>Please enter a search term in the search box (upper right corner).</p>"; } // Note that we stored our output in $out before printing it because we wanted to execute // the search before including the header template. This is because the header template // displays the current search query in the search box (via the $input->whitelist) and // we wanted to make sure we had that setup before including the header template. ?> <?php include('header.inc'); ?> <body> <div class="header clearfix"> <?php include('logo.inc'); ?> <?php include('nav.inc'); ?> <h2 class="section"><? echo $page->rootParent->get("section_title_custom|title"); ?></h2> <div class="content-top"><img src="<? echo $config->urls->templates?>images/content-bg.gif" alt="content-bg" width="976" height="11" /></div> <div class="content clearfix"> <? include('breadcrumbs.inc'); ?> <div class="article"> <h1>Search results:</h1> <? echo $out; ?> </div> </div> <? include('footer.inc'); ?>
  7. http://thestationhotel.com.au/ ... for the wonderfully talented designer: http://www.jacinabox.com.au/ (ProcessWire site #32) Cheers Marty
  8. Hi, Does anyone know if Google have changed anything with their XML feeds. I can't get this to work at all. My code is from the simple example: <?php // get the calendar module $cal = $modules->get("MarkupLoadGCal"); // set the feed URL: may be any google calendar XML feed URL $cal->load('https://www.google.com/calendar/feeds/3q20e8nef1robstuplq5knc394%40group.calendar.google.com/public/basic'); // find all items for December, 2013 $items = $cal->find('from=2013-12-1, to=2013-12-31'); // render items using built-in rendering echo $items->render(); The only error I get is:
  9. Nice work Pete! My only niggle is the thumbnails for the gallery are probably bigger in filesize than they need to be.
  10. Hi Jonathan, Mary started a similar discussion a while back: http://processwire.com/talk/topic/4349-thousands-of-pages-one-site-with-multiple-pages-or-one-install-with-multiple-sites/ I don't think it touches on user roles but as Craig said some custom code might do the trick.
  11. Simplegrid is great. I've used it on a few websites now and wouldn't use anything else.
  12. I think Wanze showed me this a while back. <? if ($page->allowedusers->has($user)) { //your stuff } ?>
  13. Great work Peter! It's nice to see another Australian ProcessWire bod here.
  14. If you guys are after a nice help docs tool that uses markdown and runs without a db: http://daux.io/ You could also setup some docs in PW and use Adrians PageTreeMigrator to copy that tree between sites.
  15. Hey NooseLadder, I used this on a site (non-PW) a while back. I think what it does is catch the click on a submit button and display a message. https://github.com/aurels/jquery.alerts <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready( function() { $("#alert_button").click( function() { jAlert('Your details are being changed.<br/><br/>(If you are uploading new images this may take some time.)', 'Updating...'); }); }); </script>
  16. I can submit now but I still can't get images to reorder. http://smdstuff.s3.amazonaws.com/fredi-PW253.mov
  17. I'm really liking the ability to use font awesome icons in the page list and on a recent site I utilised the display of fields in the Page List. It got me thinking that the information itself, although useful, could be styled/displayed better. Would it be possible to allow the field title (and a small amount of custom styling) to be included in the Page List too? Sure, there's the potential to go overboard with something like this but if used with restraint it could be quite helpful. Example:
  18. Yeah I did a hard refresh, clear cache, cleared any other modules out and still no go with being able to get past Submit on the modal box. In Safari (6.0.5) I just get a blank modal box.
  19. I'm using OS X Chrome 29.0.1547.65. After that update the modal window doesn't close on Submit
  20. It does feel faster. Thanks for the update. The only thing I can see that doesn't work is image field re-ordering.
  21. Hey Antti, Does the current version support the "=50" field percentages that you mentioned? I'm using Fredi on the 2.3.5. PW build and I lose the 'edit' link whenever I try to use them.
  22. I could see something like this being used on image-heavy sites. Someone here flagged the idea of creating an Amazon S3 uploader for files and images. I've got something like this working on an EE site I look after. It keeps the PW install light so if you need to move it to another host it's not such a major undertaking. Backups are simpler too.
  23. I love the work done on the themes Ryan. Will it be possible to set a preference for image fields as to whether we get a list or grid view?
  24. IF this module ends up being is a goer (security implications sorted n'all) would it be possible to have some way in the admin of letting the user copy the short url to that page. I can see where this would come in handy for a site or two.
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