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  1. Thanks Marc. I'd just get him to sketch some scrambled eggs
  2. http://www.illustratorsaustralia.com/ http://quidditas.com.au/ - built for http://www.nomadgraphics.com.au/ http://nineteen23.com.au/ - built for http://www.nomadgraphics.com.au/ http://www.eatdrinkroyal.com/ - built for http://jacinabox.com.au/ http://selkiemoon.com/ - built for http://www.nomadgraphics.com.au/ http://everypicture.com.au/ http://otoshimono.org/ - design by the artist http://lovida.com.au/ - design by http://monodesign.com.au/ Cheers Marty
  3. For anyone interested this was the only way I could get it working. <? $page->of(false); $desc = $page->images_single->description; $page->of(true); echo $modules->get('TextformatterMarkdownExtra')->format($desc);
  4. @adrian I'm cropping to a smaller size (200,200). Plus, the cropped image displayed at a larger size (2x) when viewed on the front-end too. On 2.5.17 it doesn't behave like this.
  5. Hi Horst, I'm having an issue when I upload an image (I'm running PW 2.5.18) which doesn't give me the initial crop. Instead I get a scaled down version of the full image. If I attempt to make a crop I get a larger version of the crop I just made. Edit: When I rolled my install back to 2.5.17 it functioned correctly again.
  6. Hmmm. I'm running 2.5.18 and I can't get this working the way I need it to. Bold, italic etc works but I'm trying to add a link. I've tried Markdown Extra as well as owzims Parsedown textformatters and no go. [link](http://www.smd.net.au)
  7. I'm sorry if I've missed how to do this in this thread but is there any way to get rid of this horrible 'Link' popup when I go to edit a link?
  8. Posting this here as I'm using 2.5.17. If I go to save (I'm not cloning it) a PageTable field I get this error: Unable to clone field because name "" is already in use or is a reserved name.
  9. Hi, I'm using @soma's code below fine. How would I do a check so that I can only output images under a certain width or height? My attempt in bold. <?php function renderItem($pa) { $out = "<li>"; $out .= "{$pa->title}<a href='{$pa->url}'><img src='".$pa->portfolio_images->first()->getCrop('thumbnail', "quality=65")->url . "' alt=''></a>\n"; $out .= "</li>"; return $out; } $limit = 32; $artist_images = new PageArray(); $artists = $pages->find("template=portfolio, portfolio_images.count>0, limit=$limit, sort=random"); $found = $artists->count(); foreach($artists as $artist_images){ if($artist_images->portfolio_images->width < '1200' XOR $artist_images->portfolio_images->height < '1200') { echo renderItem($artist_images); } } if($found < $limit){ while($found < $limit){ $rp = $artists->getRandom(); echo renderItem($rp); $found++; } }
  10. Thanks very much for this Adrian. This has saved me hours of work today.
  11. All of my sites are on a cPanel VPS so I use the backup to Amazon S3 feature. From there they get shuffled off to Glacier. Previously I used http://www.cpanelbackupscript.com/
  12. Hi, I'm not even sure how to ask this question technically so here goes. I'm working on a home page that'll have a grid of images like this: But every so often I need to remove two of those images and replace it with an image twice the width and in a certain place, like this: Any pointers? Many thanks. - Marty
  13. I was with coda for ages but never looked back once I got the hang of ST2. I haven't bothered to upgrade to ST3. I briefly tried brackets and atom but ST still seemed snappier. It's all about what you're used to I suppose.
  14. Nice one Joss. It's very snappy to load from here.
  15. Many thanks. It installs fine now. When I go to the settings page I get this notice: Notice: Undefined index: cycle in /home/sitename/public_html/beta/site/modules/CronjobDatabaseBackup/CronjobDatabaseBackup.module on line 165
  16. Not that I know of but that's pretty cool.
  17. AIOM (primarily because I'm a LESS man) Batcher Import Pages from CSV Page Lister Pro Database Backups (because you just never know...)
  18. I get that too even when I have the required LazyCron module installed.
  19. Bravo Maxwell! I remember how I felt getting my first PW site out the door. It was a combination of relief and achievement.
  20. I've been inlining media queries in my LESS files (I haven't gotten around to using SASS yet, and because of AIOM) for a while now. As you say the CSS is a mess but I'm OK with that. I usually have a variable at the top of my LESS file: @mobile: ~"handheld, only screen and (max-width: 767px)"; When I need to use it: foo { margin-bottom: 3rem; @media @mobile { margin-bottom: 20rem; } } If I find myself needing more breakpoints I just add a variable with a different max-width.
  21. Hi, I haven't touched the settings for my CKEditor field at all so why would I not be able to see the full menu bar? Running 2.5.7. Edit: worked it out. Looks like the settings were incomplete.
  22. Odd. If I remove that "artist_membership_level" from my template I can edit the page. Add it back in and I get the error again. Delete that field and recreate it again and all is well. Really odd. Perhaps it's something to do with the way Migrator is importing the fields - not that I would know about such things.
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