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  1. Hi Berhard, Does this work with the CroppableImage fieldtype?
  2. Hi Adrian, Did your search/replace module ever see the light of day?
  3. Hi Antti, I've noticed something odd with Redirects in one of my installs. The row that says 'projects' has gone a little screwy. That happened after I edited it.
  4. You might be better off using something like Lightcase (http://cornel.bopp-art.com/lightcase/) or Photoswipe (http://photoswipe.com/). Both are easier to configure when it comes to captions.
  5. No. Well, not that I recall your honour. Thanks! Edit: An example of what I wanted to do:
  6. Hi, I'm looking for some pointers on how to style page list fields. Although it's great being able to have the fields displayed there's not enough of a visual distinction between the page title and the field names. I've been through all the ones in the modules directory but none of them have been kept up to date. I'm not against writing CSS to match the page list selectors. Is there a simple way for me to append a CSS file to the admin stylesheet perhaps?
  7. Thanks Marc, No go with either of those two too. Now wondering if it's a CroppableImage issue.
  8. Thanks Horst, I tried that but my search stops working altogether.
  9. Hi all, I'm using the standard search template and I want to have my search results pickup some image tags. I've added the tags option to my images field (portfolio_images). The tags output fine elsewhere but I'm wondering if I'm missing something or if it's even possible at all. <?php $matches = $pages->find("template=portfolio, title|first_name|last_name|body%=$q|portfolio_images.tags*=$q, limit=150");
  10. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. edit: http://mjw.photo/instagram/
  11. @tpr Thanks! Of course. I was overthinking it.
  12. Hi all, One of the sites I look after has a home page that displays some random artist artworks (exhibit a: http://www.illustratorsaustralia.com/). In the middle of all the thumbnails there's a large message box which is inserted there using jQuery. They want to change this layout to one that uses something like jquery masonry to flow the random thumbnails around an even larger message box. I have the code for the random images and the message box all worked out. My question is: is there a way to insert (for want of a better word) that message code into the random thumbnails loop after a certain amount of thumbnails before masonry gets hold of it all and rearranges everything? eg: thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail message thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail Thanks for any help/suggestions.
  13. I'm having a slight issue on the lastest PW build 2.6.13. I can create a crop but it won't display on the front end.
  14. Muse spits out the most horrendous code. On the site I worked on I ended up taking a screen grab and starting from scratch. Probably not want you want to hear but it made (for me at least) for a site that had code I knew back to front.
  15. I'm trying to use this simple hanna code in a CKEditor field (using PW 2.6.1): <?php echo "<ul>"; foreach ($pages->get('/contact-us/')->children as $offices) { echo "<li><h2>{$offices->title}</h2>{$offices->body}</li>"; } echo "</ul>"; The 'contact-us' page has 4 child pages with the office info. If I add the above code to my template it works fine but if I add the HC to my body field it strips most of the content from that body field out. The only textformatter I have on that body field is the HC one. The 'Save & Test' shows the results fine so I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. edit: for some reason if I remove the '$offices->body' from my echo it works. edit 2: just read the previous pages and realise now it's a bug.
  16. Can there be an option to disable fredi.css? I'm zero-ing this out with each update as I'm using my own CSS to style the edit button.
  17. Actually, one thing I am noticing on a site I have ProCache installed:
  18. Sorry Antti. It's all good. I'm going completely mad.
  19. If I use this I don't see the Delete tab either: <? echo $fredi->hideTabs("children|settings")->setText("Edit your page")->render("title|body"); This works fine though: <? echo $fredi->hideTabs("children|delete|settings")->setText("Edit your page")->render("title|body");
  20. Actually I am seeing this behaviour on another install where I have 'name format for children' set as title in the parent template.
  21. Thanks for the update Antti. In the settings if I have checked 'Always hide settings tab' & 'Always hide children tab' and NOT the 'Always hide delete tab' I lose the delete tab on the front-end.
  22. On the setup I use this on my date field (publish_date) is setup to output only dates (no times) as: April 8, 2012. I haven't used this with a multi-language setup either so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. My 'news-archive.php' template just lists the child pages of the year url I'm in.
  23. Yes, that's my understanding of how it works.
  24. I've got this working on a local (MAMP) 2.6 install without any problems. Could it be that your year and month archive templates are the same?
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