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  1. Great stuff, Joss I think that your expressions could be a little more specific to the type being checked for. For example, usernames are only allowed numbers, letters, and underscores. So that expression can be changed to: /[a-z0-9_]/i (note that I've removed the caps and added the case-insensitive flag on the end there). As for hashtags, those are a lot more complex. I don't think I'd be able to explain what on earth this is (I'm no regex junkie). Guess /(#\w+)/ would also suffice.
  2. It does look very interesting indeed. Redmond is getting quite ambitious - not like ever before. That said, I believe that this is going to take a long while to perfect. I hear it's quite laggy, and that the videos are really representations of what they would like it to be. Let's see what happens once all the reviews start pouring in...
  3. Per Ivan's comment below, this will not work because PW won't throw a 404 for the root of the site - this was an oversight on my part, and I do apologise for that. As stated, I'll try and implement this when I rewrite the module. As an alternative, see my post below. Hi Dave Regarding Jumplinks, it would definitely come in handy - though I haven't release a final 1.0 yet. (Next few days, hopefully.) (Also, not compatible with 2.5.3.) You'd basically create a new redirect like so: Source: ?p={id} Destination: rewrite/{id} There's also the alternative, where you can map IDs to URIs (names) using mapping collections. You'd need to export your URIs from WordPress in the format below (one on each line) into to a mapping collection called, say, "wordpress". id=path Example: 1892=this-is-an-awesome-post Your redirect would then look like this: Source: ?p={id} Destination: posts/{id|wordpress} If a source pattern is hit, then it'll check the collection according to the ID provided, and replace it with the new name (posts/this-is-an-awesome-post, in this case).
  4. Hi Pete - I will do so shortly. Thanks. Edit - though, the module isn't compatible with 2.5, so I can't add it... Could we perhaps add a 2.6-dev to that list?
  5. Okay, so I've actually decided to rename the module to ProcessJumplinks. I prefer it. https://github.com/mike-anthony/ProcessJumplinks Hit counter is done. Still need to work on importing from Redirects module - I'll do that tomorrow as I'm super-tired now. I don't think I'm going to make this compatible with the current stable (2.5.3). If you really want me to, please let me know. Will also work on docs soon - though my intro post covers a lot. Nice to have docs, however.
  6. Awesome site! I really like the way it's laid out. Really fast here in South Africa too And there's definitely that light-box problem on 1366x768. Can I suggest you move it down and over the image (semi-transparent black/white)?
  7. Hi Peter, I'm not 100% sure if it's possible. Any particular reason you want to do it? Do you know that you can change the admin route (well, page) at any time?
  8. Very interesting indeed. Quite an interesting take on a client-centric admin theme. The choice of font is also quite interesting... I like it. // thumbsUp
  9. Just pushed 0.9.1 to the repo. Sorry, haven't had time to finish up faster. Importing from CSV is done (seemingly). Will also support importing from Redirects module, if you don't want to run both.
  10. Nearly done with the importing side of things. Hit counter will be quick and easy. Last thing I need to ask: Currently, a 302 redirect will occur if it has a start/end time assigned. Otherwise, it will do a 301. Should we include functionality to let the end-user choose if it should be 301/302? Or should we stick with the previous idea of a probation period?
  11. Very glad to hear you've made the switch - its really awesome to hear great feedback! Site looks very impressive (kongondo, you've started something here...) indeed. One thing to point out: under the "Stop trying to build your own website." block, there's a closing HTML comment tag. This is being shown because of the following: <!-- One --> <!--<section id="one" class="wrapper style1"> <div class="container"> <header class="major"> <h2>We design and develop websites that drive results.</h2> <p>Increase your customer base, build your business and remain competitive with our website design and development expertise.</p> </header> <!--<div class="slider"> <span class="nav-previous"></span> <div class="viewer"> <div class="reel"> </div> </div> <span class="nav-next"></span> </div> </div>--> </section>--> That last comment closer... Thanks for sharing your work
  12. Have just done a big cleanup. Main things still to do: (also see the task list on GH) - History/hit counter (I think the latter would be adequate) - Import/export (doing that today) I'm also going to reverse a few things to make this compatible with 2.5.3.
  13. Hi I think it would depend on the reason you're doing it... I keep a base site profile handy for my sites. It's also handy in terms of base assets that are common throughout these sites. Doing it in a module wouldn't be as easy... I'm not sure about the hooks - someone else may be able to help you there.
  14. Okay - I understand where you're coming from. Do you think it would be useful to have a redirect log? Or just a simple hit counter like you had? And have you encountered any problems as yet?
  15. <development post> Right, in terms of features: I need feedback. As mentioned, the module is feature-rich in its current state. Normal and wildcard redirects, along with mapping collections, makes this module ready for almost anything. But there are two features which I haven't implemented yet. They are: Variables This is probably something that may never get used. I needed it once upon a time for social accounts and user names, but it really doesn't seem practical. The idea is this: You create a redirect, and use {@something} somewhere in the destination path. Based on your variables table, it would then be replaced accordingly. Like I said, doesn't seem to be something that anyone would really make use of. However, I would like some feedback on it. Just in Time Replacements These would probably be used much more - they are quite handy. Say, for example, you had the following page structure in your old site: About Us.html Services.html Contact Us.html Then you have the following redirect set up: Source Path: {page:any}.html Destination Path: {page}/ Naturally, those pages would redirect to: about-us/ services/ contact-us/ But now, you've decided to use different page names in your new PW site - for example: who-we-are, solutions, and connect. Considering we're using a wildcard redirect here (saves time for a lot of pages), we don't want define more redirects to go the new pages. This is where JIT Replacements comes in. It's like a simple find and replace: Find Replace about-us who-we-are services solutions contact-us connect And, therefore: Request Destination About Us.html who-we-are/ Services.html solutions/ Contact Us.html connect/ In a nutshell, this saves a redirect. One might argue that they may as well create redirects for each and every page, but you have to consider that not every page name will change. And what happens if you move all the pages down a level? You'd only need to change one redirect. So, I'd like some feedback on this too. Will you find it useful? Until I've got some decent feedback, I'm not going to add these features. With that said, and because I know some people are eager to use the module now, I'm going to release a beta. I haven't found any bugs as yet, and so I think its ready for beta status. (Oh, and I'll add the history feature before beta release - nearly forgot about that!)
  16. I've just done an ->addClass(), which seems better to me, and it does work...
  17. Ah, right (was definitely not looking in the right places)... Would be nice if it was built in: $button->addClass('ui-button-float-right').
  18. Unless I render each one out to a string, and then send the complete string back? But then how would I get them to float to the right?
  19. How do I accomplish the following in a form? Buttons as shown in the Fields listing I need the buttons on the left and right. After having a look at the code for InputfieldButton, I don't think it's possible. But there has to be a decent way of doing it...
  20. Interestingly enough, the same happened to me whilst I was developing Advanced Redirects the other day. Upgraded to 2.5.14, and my module wouldn't save. Holding back onto 13 for dear life (for now, hehe).
  21. Under your template's Advanced tab, you can add your field names under "List of fields to display in the admin Page List" Update: There also this (not sure on 2.5 compatibility, if that's what you're using)
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