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  1. So the admin interface is then for overrides only?
  2. If this can already be done, then shoot me. I often find myself specifying the header/footer (prepend/append) for each template on every site I make. I think this could be automated, if asked to be by the developer/designer. This could be done by means of a check box for each. "Prepend this file to all templates" and "Append this file..." Feasible?
  3. I'm busy with four at the moment, as part of building up my portfolio. The first is a simple site for a children's home here in SA - they urgently needed a site to bolster their online marketing. Will be live this weekend. The second is for a text-book producer and distributor in Cameroon. Their previous site was in WordPress, and was not build to perfection. The third, for which development starts today, is for a medium-sized auditing firm in Johannesburg. It's a migration from Joomla [no idea what version, but it's, dare I say, revolting - I don't know how people used the old Joomla], but there isn't a terribly large amount of content, so I'm porting it over manually, after editors have changed it up a bit. And, lastly, the fourth (brand new site) is for a diversified marine and oil gas supply and service company Nigeria. So yeah, quite a bit on my plate. Must say that I'm glad PW swooped in - it's literally taken over my business.
  4. Okay, so after all those fixes, my testing seems to show that everything is stable. Everyone agree? I'd like to set this to stable in GH and in the directory.
  5. Once again, I don't know how I missed the first reply... Sorry about that. @mrjasongorgman - Yeah, I just don't see it often anywhere. There has to be a really good reason for it... @jordanlev - The paths would be routed to PW with both methods. Only trying to figure out why it goes through a GET param... Anyways, it works - so I couldn't complain. That said, I'd love to know the reason.
  6. Welcome, Mukarram. Version 2.4 can be retrieved from here: github.com/ryancramerdesign/ProcessWire/releases/tag/2.4.0 (@kongondo, I think you misread that one... )
  7. Indeed, Jumplinks is perfect for this scenario. Source Path: products/{product:all} Destination URL: http://products.example.com/{product}
  8. @Pete - I think some pagination is going to be in order soon...
  9. A few weeks back, I had a little inspiration to design a new admin theme. The idea was to take several different themes, and merge them into one. Specifically, this little unfinished concept is a mix between the default admin theme (only in terms of layout), Reno, and a little bit of the theme that OroCRM/OroPlatform uses (called OroUi), where one would have a pin-bar at the top for frequently accessed pages. It's only an idea - no plans to create the theme at this point, considering I have no idea where to even begin (I'm sure it's not that difficult, though). What do you think?
  10. Just fixed up a little issue regarding the first TIMESTAMP column being auto-updated. Basically swapped the created_at and updated_at columns around, and removed the updated_at = CURRENT_TIMESTAMP bit from the SQL template used for updating mapping collections. I could have just defaulted to NULL for both of these timestamps, but I think this is better. Who cares about column order, anyway?
  11. Ah, my bad. I didn't re-install the module when I removed auto updating. Actually, I see that I did... SQL defaulted the first timestamp column for auto-update.
  12. Update: Solved -- Picked up a bug with Jumplinks regarding the update of mapping collections. When the method commitMappingCollection has determined that the collection is being updated, the following SQL template is used: UPDATE {$this->tableName}_mc SET collection_name = '%s', collection_mappings = '%s', user_updated = %s, updated_at = CURRENT_TIMESTAMP WHERE id = %s As you can see, I'm not updating the column created_at, only updated_at. But, for some reason, created_at is also being updated to CURRENT_TIMESTAMP. (At one point I thought I was simply displaying the incorrect data in the info box, but, after having checked the DB and my code, it seems I'm doing everything correctly...) Interestingly enough, this only happens with mapping collections, not with jumplinks. What am I missing?
  13. Update: No, something's gone wrong there. Don't update just yet. Fixed.
  14. The mapping collection API has been modified: Method has changed from addCollection() to collection() due to: the fact that it now picks up if a collection already exists so that it can add data to it. Docs updated. (Thanks Dave.)
  15. I guess it should support it by default - but, then again, I don't know many people who specifically need IIS. That's really for Microsoft products... Howcome installing IIS wasn't as easy as you thought?
  16. You were probably going to have countless issues if you'd played with it before yesterday as I didn't test across multiple PHP/MySQL versions. (I'm lazy like that.) But all seems to be good now - lemme know if you bump into any issues. Was going to host the docs myself... but the tools are there, so use them - hehe!
  17. Feature added: the ability to add mapping collections via an API call. Docs here.
  18. Looks fantastic, Felix! And I really dig the main menu, that is just too cool. Well done
  19. Ah, it seems that empty() is the culprit here, requiring write access to its argument. Have pushed the fix to the repo. Works on 5.4 now. (As for 5.3, I don't know yet, but it could well just be fine.)
  20. I'll need to look into this... not sure what's making it require PHP 5.5... (Going to quickly test on an 5.4, and 5,3 to see what the problem could be.)
  21. Some issues have popped up (regarding timestamps, paths in Windows, execute hyphens, etc) and, thanks to Dave's help in finding them, they have been fixed. Also rolled back to Beta (bumped to 1.0.2 - leaving the version in v1 state) in case any more anomalies pop up.
  22. I'm going to +1 this. A few installation issues on a remote server shouldn't 'end your journey'. It would be worthwhile for you to make your site the way you want to make it on your local machine (and learn in the process) and then, when you're ready to send it off to the remote server, we'll help you to do so. (Side note: as an alternative, perhaps you'd like to setup a subdomain instead of using a subfolder? For example, pw.rinaldi.nl)
  23. Are you sure it's the only RewriteBase that's uncommented? It has to be an issue with your htaccess, because I can see the admin at www.rinaldi.nl/projects/pw/?it=processwire/
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