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  1. In your GA dashboard, does it say that it's receiving data? If so, then there is nothing wrong with the code implementation. GA has a built-in threshold. Not sure exactly how to lift that but basically, if your new website doesn't get sufficient data, GA will not show it.
  2. Thinking of mobile-first, a visitor will scroll anyway Changed the logotype, added some color, created a single-page test templ. which can be see by choosing it in the menu.
  3. Yeahhh I got rid of that topbar, using a fixed hamburger instead: http://www.rinaldi.nl/projects/nina I think this looks way better than earlier, and also the menu items looks nice with the Fjord type.
  4. I also tried slicknav, the problem with that one, it will not be told to play nicely within my column structure, it will take the full viewport width even-though placing it inside a container with 80% width. I also wasn't able to put anything else in the bar. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but to style that topbar, I might have to deal with sass sooner than I wanted lol.
  5. Haha yeah. Well, I have visited a gazillion websites in this beauty/fashion/model industry, and can't remember seeing anywhere a logo or navbar that is pretty big. Hence the reason for choosing to keep it small but readable. One of the references I took are them: http://www.clmuk.com/ small logo, small social icons, the images are most important. I can of course do it differently, just to be different, but styling that top-bar showed to be a hell. I started learning code only last month and still trying to find my way in all the related languages. To be fair, I just remembered, I forgot to mention that I might replace the mail icon. The other two link directly to her social pages, but the mail icon would link to a new page with info about her, bio, etc. So that would not be using the icons consistently. Still thinking how to solve that nicely.
  6. Ok, found out that styling the Foundation top-bar is a hell. Unfortunately, I am not skilled yet to change anything about it (haven't tried sass yet), I even can't get the font-size of the bar h1 to be bigger I removed the gradient. I know it's not a valid excuse, but I started learning code last month, and still trying to find my way and get into a good rhythm of doing a bit of coding every day.
  7. Should I use icons at all? Is that still considered up-to-date? I see them everywhere, is it wrong of me to think "I don't want to use them, because everyone else uses them."? Bigger header? But still avoid the "Can you make the logo bigger?" syndrome, correct? Yes, the default font of Foundation is Helvetica without any styling So no border at all? I did that before and it felt the images were floating in air, does that sounds weird, I dunno :S I will remove those small blocks, both out of aesthetics and the fact that on tablet and mobile, it shifted locations. It even goes to white I will play with that more, I understand what you mean with having it more subtle. By the way, the gradient doesn't work on tablet nor mobile, is this normal? Ehhh...is this related to adding extra lines in the CSS with something -moz etc? Thank you
  8. Thanks. I think it's better now http://www.rinaldi.nl/projects/nina/ (uploaded 14:15 CET) I chose two nice fonts, Oswald for the logo, and Fjord One for everything else. Those blocky spans is an experiment, native to foundation so I tried to see how it looks, still playing with that. I chose for a darker background to avoid having that clinical white that everyone else in her industry seems to have, what do you think about that?
  9. Oh really, sorry. I thought dev talk is for development only. Thanks.
  10. Hey guys, is there a section in the forum for webdesign works-in-progress, to ask for feedback/critique? If not, can you recommend me a forum with good constructive feedback from strong designers? I am working on a minimal site for a makeup artist and can really use some feedback. My weak-points are typography (definitely an art) and emotion. The latter probably stems from me being a typical Asian dude who is discrete/private by nature, so expressing emotion doesn't come naturally to me. http://www.rinaldi.nl/projects/nina/index.html How can I make this more...alive? The intention is to keep it clean and minimal, but this looks plain dead to me. Anything that comes to mind, let me know. Thanks.
  11. Looks great, easy on the eyes. I like the typeface (absolutely my Achilles). Sticky CTA, very clever
  12. Ah yes, of course, edited
  13. Ladies & Gents...it works now!!! Partehhhhhhhh Ok, literally one issue: installing in a subfolder. That's it! lol So as Mike (and later on SMO) suggested, I installed it on subdomain. I did had to # the symlinks thing, but of course, did that already in the earlier attempts. Turns out the htaccess.txt / .htaccess, wasn't a problem, good to have that confirmed. Maybe valuable to add this in the Troubleshoot Guide? That installing in a subfolder, instead of root (domain/subdomain), might actually be the problem-starter. Thanks Mike, Macrura, Pwired and Smo. I can smile again woohoo! @macrura: still planning to play with that bitnami stack
  14. Thanks. Yeah I already assumed that it's definitely not PW, just can't figured out who. The first thing that I checked was my host, and according to their service page they do allow mod_rewrite and actually explain what to do in htaccess. However, what I did notice, not sure if this is the dealbreaker, but the htaccess file that comes with the download says this "htaccess.txt". The moment I change that to ".htaccess", it disappears from the directory. So I kept it as txt. Let me guess, it's really required to have it as .htaccess isn't it?
  15. Thanks. Yeah I am a passionate (therefor also emotional) guy, so when something I am really excited about doesn't work for me, but for anybody else, I just feel down Hmmm...subdomain, never tried that for anything before, will do that today
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