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  1. Hi LostKobrakai, Thank you for your reply. I guess my confusion lies around the fact that the install is fresh up until the point of issue 3. Or is the act of importing fields and modules changing that? Should I just be replacing the /wire/ folder as per upgrade instructions?
  2. Hi all! I set up a site on one hosting service, no problem. However, using exactly the same setup on a different hosting (specifically Fasthosts) and I've run in to a few issues (both subdomains) along the way. Although I've fixed the first few, more issues turn up, and feel I'm ultimately missing something. Here's the order of the issues: 1) One issue at install: 'Unable to determine if Apache mod_rewrite is installed...'. Based on other threads, I commented out 'Options +FollowSymLinks' (1.) to get past the 500 error and ultimately the install stage. Also commented out the 3 php_flags (6.). 2) All the fields were the same as the first site, so I used the Export/Import functionality to create the same fields on the second site. This seemed to go fine. 3) Issues again when adding images (repeater fields in this case). Got the 'Unable to move file to...' error message. Followed what prestoav did in this thread to resolve the issue: - by setting a new temporary uploads folder. 4) Images now upload, but the previously failed uploads show (despite the previous error) but cannot be deleted. 5) Next up, the image sizing functionality doesn't work - Error: Call to a member function size() on null. Also had issues with finding variables I'm using, despite the exact same setup working on the first site. Ultimately I feel like I'm missing something here - clearly something is wrong and I can't figure out what to do. From reading other threads I get the feeling I perhaps should be reinstalling a fresh copy of processwire again, but I started with a fresh copy so don't understand why this would help. What should I be checking? As these are subdomains I added the path to the RewriteBase (11.) in .htaccess - not sure if this is actually doing anything. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks. Tim
  3. Nevermind, I'm trashing the whole install and starting fresh. Had numerous issues along the way that I've never had before so think it's best
  4. Hi, I have a page under Home called Our Services, and beneath that another page that I'm unsure when or how it was created (perhaps during the flurry of creating pages I did something stupid). The URL for it is /our-services/for-page-1/ and it is marked as 'system' in the Status under Settings for that page. It's Template is a basic-page. The Move or Trash options don't appear for it (although if it's System somehow I guess I don't want to trash it?), but I certainly don't want it there and I don't know how to get rid of it. Any ideas? Thanks.
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