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  1. Although, the manual drag 'n drop sorting is not working for this page. I need to display the pages in a particular order in the menu, but the sort is not reflecting in my template. I'm using the following call: $items = $wire->pages->find("main_menu_group={$menuGroup}"); Edit: I have made sure that the template's sorting option is set accordingly. Even swapped it around so that the sorting option would be defined on a per-page basis. Doesn't work... Edit (again): I see that it works in my sidebar, which calls children(). But if I call $wire->pages->get('/')->children("main_menu_group={$menuGroup}"), it still doesn't work... Ah!: Silly me, I assumed it was doing it recursively for some strange reason.
  2. Ah, never mind. I just remembered that I had set a list of allowed children for the home template. My bad!
  3. I'm trying to change one of my first-level pages' template to something else (it's currently using a 'skeleton' or basic template of sorts, as I was working on the child pages first). However, it only shows three templates, when I have way more than that. Is there something I'm missing as to why this is the case?
  4. This looks excellent! I've been manually creating my SEO tabs. So this is a huge relief! And I really dig the preview. (Better than what it looks like with WordPress SEO, for sure.) Kudos!
  5. Personally, I would not recommend it, unless you intend to serve different content to mobile visitors. If the content is to remain the same, I would recommend using a responsive design.
  6. So the point of my post was to indicate that it's still in use by the website...
  7. If you're in Germany, I recommend Hetzner for normal shared hosting (if that's what you're using). They also operate here in South Africa, and they do an outstanding job.
  8. So, I stumbled into this when my Opera updated a few minutes ago: http://processwire.com/site/templates/styles/img/apple-touch-icon-114x114.png Surely that's, like, old?
  9. I quite like it - saw it the other day on the laravel-news.com site. I guess my only issue at this point is that it's customisable to a point, out of the box. Heavy customisation would require a lot of work. But then again, because they're 're-imagining' forum software, I don't think it's intended to look like the rest of the website (which is the kind of customisation I'm referring to). Nonetheless, it looks like a really great platform, and I can't wait to get my hands on it.
  10. You're probably missing one of the conditions from the list: "The selected parent template must have defined this template as one allowed for children." So the parent-template you selected must also have defined that this template is allowed as a child.
  11. Happy, happy birthday Ryan! Indeed, you have spoiled us all - ProcessWire has made both myself and my clients very happy. So, thank you! (And drink lots of Beer! Haha!)
  12. Felix, what a great site. So very creative, it's bliss to browse through. The couch idea is just, awesome! +100000 (Even noticed that it randomised the order of the people, which is so cool!) Thinking of releasing an English version?
  13. Hi guys I may as well spill the beans now... I'm actually working on an extended version of the Redirects module. It's intention is to be more feature rich. That said, I could look into including a 404 looker-upper. Only problem is, I'm not quite sure how to implement it the way @ceberlin described. However, I shall give it a try. First, let me get the basis of the module up and running. All I've done so far is the front-end page, the page to create a new redirect, and saving. Still a lot to do, in terms of editing, processing, importing, exporting, etc. (Edit: Oh, and @apeisa, don't worry - you shall be credited in the module )
  14. @nikola - great, can't wait! Loving the theme so much, that I made a custom admin bar for the front-end of a site that I'm building at the moment. Gives it an 'embedded' feel, which I think is quite cool. Also made a patch on my installation that changes the buttons for the page tree. It's really irritating that the height of each item grows when you open it... It's not thorough though, as it makes the item count lower when the item is open - I'll find a way though...
  15. Okay, I really like this admin theme - but it doesn't seem to be fully compatible with the latest stable (2.5.2, as of this writing - more interested in the 2.5.1 changes, though). Process Modules can now have custom navigation, which doesn't work in Modesta. Any news as to when we'll get an update?
  16. Hmm, I think that's out of scope here - @statestreet wants to manually specify the page name, and not base it on the page ID. I think it might be a better idea to create a new module that hooks onto the page save event. That callback would then check to see if the user/editor has entered a page name (in a separate field on the page's editor), and if he/she has, then change the page name to that field's content. Yes?
  17. Exactly Just a note, because many people tend to forget: the closing WHATEVER; for your heredoc must be on its own line, right at the beginning.
  18. Just my two cents: When using HTML in (that is, within a function), I tend to use heredocs, which makes code visualisation easier - especially when you're using an editor like Sublime Text, or something along those lines. In your case, you could do the following: print <<<HTML <div id="button2" class="button_style" onclick="location.href='page2.html';" style="cursor: pointer;">product</div> HTML; You'll noticed I used print instead of echo, as print is a better option, in my opinion, for heredocs and nowdocs, as you only ever need to print one at a time.
  19. Ah, right! Completely didn't even realise this whole setup is built on jQuery UI. (Still new to the PW game, so haven't explored everything as yet.) Module should be coming out in a week or so (beta). Can't confirm that, though, because I honestly don't know which way is up these days.
  20. Thanks Adrian, works just the way I wanted. Though, it seems to resize the row once it's been picked up - makes it thinner. When you put it back, it goes back to normal... Edit: Also, what event do I listen for in order to show a button (say, "Save New Order") when it is changed? (That is, not when the row is picked up, but when it's put down in a different place.) Update (row width): I've managed to get it mostly right with this: table tbody tr>td:first-child { width: 1%; } table tbody tr>td:nth-child(2) { width: 26%; } table tbody tr>td:nth-child(3) { width: 35%; } table tbody tr>td:nth-child(4) { width: 35%; } table tbody tr>td:last-child { width: 3%; }
  21. Greetings I'm busy working on my first module (finally). Part of the module entails rendering the usual MarkupAdminDataTable on the module's admin page. Because of the nature of the module, I'd like to be able to re-order items in the table, by means of drag 'n drop, and perhaps save that order as an order field in the DB table for each item. Can't seem to find anyone who's done this before... Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  22. It is correct to use template appending and prepending for your purposes. I use it to display my header and footer - it makes the code a little 'cleaner', as you do not need to manually import the files into a rendered template. What version of PW are you using? I am using 2.5.0, and everything works as expected.
  23. Yeah, I can never decide on a decent, fully-featured online invoicing system. Also, many of the free ones just don't cut it for me. So I use QuickBooks. Does the job pretty darn well. (It's slow, but I'll let that slide... )
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