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  1. Thanks for your constructive input, Benjamin - much appreciated. I think the scrollable-list-box is the main thing behind why it seems like the form asks for two much information - it's really just a mindset thing. So, I will be changing the two of those to standard select-boxes. With regards to the placeholder texts, I can see where you're going with that, and you are quite right. For me, it isn't an issue, but I'm sure it can be for others. I'll either add placeholder texts to the name and email fields, or make the other placeholder texts pop up in little tooltips when the respective field is entered. Which ever looks simpler is the one I'll push to the server. I have found, through a bit of research, that many people actually don't focus on the meaning of the asterisk. Perhaps if I remove the 'optional' labels, and leave the 'required' ones on the form? And yes, I agree with the logo-link - I think it is necessary to have. Force of habit for most users, anyway.
  2. Thanks,glad you like it I think I'd be the person to know that the arrows are not links simply because I am a UI designer, and am not 100% aware of what people expect links to be. I think I'm going to change them to diamonds, or many even circles. As for the phone number, it should be white on grey... Could you perhaps show me a screenshot?
  3. Oh, and I'd also like to know what people think of the contact form, in terms of its layout. It has been pointed out to me that, at first glance, the form asks for too much, even though many of the fields are optional. Do you think I should make those 'optional' fields collapsed by default, ProcessWire-style?
  4. Thanks! I would think that's old-school - I've only seen them to be links on really old sites (you know, with tables). From my perspective, a link should be highlighted in colour, perhaps with an underline, or should be in the form of a button. Simply, anything that looks clickable. Would love to know what others think of this. I could change it to a square-diamond, which would match the logo. What do you think of that?
  5. Indeed - I'm one of those people that checks things out thoroughly.
  6. Great site - I love your work Just noticed that the links to the websites you have made are incorrect - little bit of human-error in there somewhere: <div class='meta'><p><a href='Array' target='_blank'>www.reims.fi</a> ...
  7. Thanks, Gayan - much appreciated.
  8. Greetings Recently uploaded my first site made within the amazing walls of ProcessWire. It's a very simple, yet professional, site for an accounting, tax, and business consultancy in Limbe, Cameroon. The site uses well-built templates (especially on the backend - I really love the way everything works with the editing pages on a per-template basis), and a custom module for the contact form, which runs a clear and concise validation service, powered by the respective Illuminate components (yes, I had to mingle Composer into the scene). Looking forward to many more sites in PW - as it is, I have three more to upload by the end of July. Hope you like it - feedback is always welcome. www.aegpartners-cm.com
  9. Just curious as to why all requests that are sent to index.php are routed through the it GET param... RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?it=$1 [L,QSA] Any particular reason why it isn't simply this: RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php [L,QSA] Or even this: RewriteRule ^ index.php [L,QSA] ?
  10. @owzim (better? ): I agree with the provision of content - though it would really be specific to each site. But, 99% of the time, you'd land up displaying the most important content in a very static way (your one column idea), and just display a friendly message that talks of dragons and the dark ages. And evolution.
  11. @Martijn: Agreed. As with most things in life, everything is specific when it comes to determining which browsers to support. Over time, and looking into the future, most developers will be moving to Owzim's 'rule' (as you put it). People are moving into an era of auto-updates, which helps us developers - especially those just starting out. I remember when I started, and it was such a nightmare to make IE6 behave. Everything is clearer now, knowing that nobody cares for it. Personally, I don't believe in patches. If something doesn't work in IE8: tough. If a site needs a feature, and a browser doesn't support it, then we drop the browser. Unless, of course, the feature is really specific, and doesn't make a big difference to the end-user. So glad I will never see ie-fix.css in any of my code ever again.
  12. Just an opinion here, but I don't think that's the best route to take. Think of Chrome and Firefox. Yes, whilst they do auto-update, there are many PCs around where the feature has been turned off. A colleague of mine is still running Firefox 16. I always do an analysis about the client's needs before I disclaim which browsers will be supported. From a general point of view, only browsers with full, native HTML5 support, and a good throw-in of CSS3, will make the list. That gives me IE9+ (sorry 8, but your days are over), Firefox 4 (though, I usually up that to 10, as it is not as old), and Chrome 25 (same reason).
  13. Not to worry - looks like I got it. Simply added this to my module: $this->session->tokenName = $this->session->CSRF->getTokenName(); $this->session->tokenValue = $this->session->CSRF->getTokenValue(); Then in my view, called it like so: <form data-form-ident="contact-form" data-form-token-name="{{ session.get('tokenName') }}" data-form-token-value="{{ session.get('tokenValue') }}" autocomplete="off"> EDIT: Well, that screws it up I'm calling it from within a module: Fatal error: Call to a member function path() on a non-object in [omitted]\wire\core\SessionCSRF.php on line 51 So, I'll just make my own CSRF token within the module that does not depend on the page name and path.
  14. Anyone? I still can't get this working...
  15. Hi all I have built my own module for processing forms on my site. The module does check to see of the request was forged or not, but I am unable to inset the token name and value into my template. I use Twig for my templates, and this is what I'm calling: <form data-form-ident="contact-form" data-form-token-name="{{ this.session.CSRF.getTokenName() }}" data-form-token-value="{{ this.session.CSRF.getTokenValue() }}"> The output for that is an empty string. Could it perhaps be because I am using Twig? Side note: disabling Twig is not an option as the templates I'm using are very complex - it would be a darn mission to revert to native PHP. (PW 2.4.0)
  16. Nice site indeed I see on http://mbci.mb.ca/who-we-are/administration/, the mailto link for the assistant principal is broken - it's missing the mailto:...
  17. Very nice, and very clean - I like them One thing though - and I see that there are a handful of showcase sites that do this: On http://ciaraphelan.com/, your menu seems to be hardcoded, because the trailing slashes are not in the URIs. So, for every single page request from the navigation menu, there will be a redirect, which adds unnecessary page-load time. It would be best to either add the trailing slashes in that menu, or use a $page loop so that the links are correct. Otherwise, very nice.
  18. The client pushed me to put the site live, which I have now done. Funny thing: it works on production, but not on staging... Weird. Have you seen this happening before? My staging server is a simple XAMPP setup with PHP 5.5. The production server is running 5.4.
  19. Right, so I don't use multi-language, and I have followed the instructions for the module by Pete - but, the module is not working for me, and I need to figure out why. As I use Twig, I cannot use the template, and must use the module. I have to assume that something's broken with the module, because it just doesn't initiate.
  20. Hi kixe, and thank you It's not a multi-language site. So, I'm a tad confused: His post says that I must either use the module, OR his template and page; but you're suggesting that I do both? I simply assumed that the module would be plug-and-play (I don't see any specific instructions for the module itself). EDIT: Just so you know, I am using Twig for my templates, and I don't think PW can be set to check if a given template is running PHP or Twig, as it's hard-coded into the config file. Woild be nice if I could set it like so: $config->templateExtension = 'twig|php'; As such, I don't think I can use the page/template-based approach as Twig is designed for that. EDIT: Although, I could use Hanna Code... Yes?
  21. This looks like a great plugin, but it doesn't seem to work for me... A request to /sitemap.xml just throws a 404. I have enabled Cache, but I don't see any XML cache file.
  22. Greets Right, so I'm nearly done with my first PW site, and now need to move it to a testing server, which uses a different domain. (Sure, this question could apply to moving a site from dev to production too...) The move was successful, but the "View" tab/button (dependant on the admin theme - hehe) links to the old domain... Didn't realise that the domain would be hard coded into each DB entry... The rest of PW uses a relative approach. How could I change this? (Or have I done something really silly, which I doubt?)
  23. Hi No, I don't have any selectors like that. I thought that since I'm searching for suggestions based on the request (which is the name), that I should also be searching for others by name as well. Nonetheless, if I remove name from the query, I still get the repeaters. Though, I've just noticed that they only appear when I am logged in. Each repeater contains a link to itself in the backend. But when you click on it, it says that there's no Process for this. This is an example URI: /administration/repeaters/for-field-136/ Anyways, if I'm logged out, it's cool. Perhaps there's a bug, or was it like that intentionally?
  24. Greetings I'm new to PW, and think it's fantastic! Never, ever, have I seen such an amazing CMF! Anyways, to my question: I had set some Hanna Code to render a list of page suggestions on the http404 page, which works perfectly. The problem, however, comes in when I use repeaters, which are page instances. The page suggestion renderer has the following: $suggestions = $pages->find('name|title|summary|body%='.$request); I have a page that is named services-industries, and repeaters with the word services in the name. As such, repeaters appear in the suggestion results-list if applicable to the search. How can I exclude/remove those?
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