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Profile Export module (also upgrade PW 2.0 to 2.1)


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is there any reason shows this error as below. I have exported the file from the live server and trying to install my local server. The file permissions are correct and files in the exported folder also correct. Any idea? I have successfully done using site profile exporter module several times, but this kind of error happened first time 


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 I evaluated the updated ProfileExport Module v4.0.1

 I get the same error as JeevanisM:   Profile not found

 I checked for any special characters in my profile name, files that should be there and permissions on the server

I am using Processwire 3.0.184 

Anyone have an idea ?

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I noticed that $config->defaultAdminTheme is overwritten in the config file after I install a profile that I exportet.
It will allways append $config->defaultAdminTheme = 'AdminThemeUikit'; to the end of the config file overwriting any settings that it imported before that.

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Another thing with this module is, that it's not triggering a module resfreh automatically after installation. Depending on the module this can crash the installer at the last step. When I put this code in my template file it works (not a good fix):

if ( !$modules->isInstalled('InputfieldPageGrid')  )  {

I also tried to put this code in the finish.php file inside the exportet site->install folder, but this seems to be called to late.
@ryan can you please look into this, as I would like to share my site profile for my new module Iam working on. Would be awesome if this can be fixed, as others also seem to struggle with this.

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Does anyone know if it's possible to modify the installation process without overriding a core file (e.g. install.php) ?

I'm trying to create a starting point for my colleagues and I'd like to limit what the admin can be called, and what the CMS URL can be, etc.

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