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Found 19 results

  1. Hey folks, I have a question regarding rendering of template files that are in a subfolder of the template folder. How would I for example render these PageTable items, when their template files are inside templates/blocks/: <div class="grid"> <?php foreach($page->grid_ext as $item): ?> <div id="pteg_<?= $item->id ?>"> <?php echo $item->render(); ?> </div> <?php endforeach; ?> </div> I tried this, but get an error: <?php echo $item->render(wire('config')->paths->templates . '/blocks/'); ?>
  2. Hi everyone, I'm working on a CLI script that renders paginated pages. Therefore I iterate trough paginated pages and set the page number and render the result. My problem is, after calling the render function for the first time, the output doesn't change even if I change the page number. DEMO: I'm using a template that renders a pagination of its children: <?php echo $page->children("limit=3")->render(); ?> I can view the paginated results in the Browser: /page-rendering-pagination/ /page-rendering-pagination/page2 /page-rendering-pagination/page3 ... When trying to render the different pages using the API I always get the first result, even if I change the page Number. <?php namespace ProcessWire; include('./index.php'); wire('input')->setPageNum(1); $p = wire('pages')->get('/page-rendering-pagination'); var_dump($p->render()); // renders first three items wire('input')->setPageNum(2); var_dump($p->render()); // also renders the first three items Am I missing something? Is there some kind of caching mechanism that I'm not aware of? Thanks for your help.
  3. <?php namespace ProcessWire; $form = $modules->get('FormTemplateProcessor');$form->template = $templates->get('book-now'); // required $form->requiredFields = array('title', 'email', 'number','body'); //$form->email = 'your@email.com'; // optional, sends form as email $form->parent = $page('template=book-now'); // optional, saves form as page //$form->render(); // draw form or process submitted form ?> <?php echo $form->render(); ?> using this to for a contact on new processwire version 3 and I am receiving this error Error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method stdClass::render() in C:\wamp64\www\mbs\site\templates\book-now.php:9 tried following but none of them works render(array('name','email','body',)) wireRender() Render() wire() anyone ?
  4. I've built a site that uses parent pages as the "container" for child pages: Parent page [page.php] -- Child page [unit-child-a.php] -- Child page [unit-child-b.php] ---- Grandchild page [subunit-grandchild-a.php] ---- Grandchild page [subunit-grandchild-b.php] -- Child page [unit-child-c.php] The child pages are displayed as content on the corresponding parent page using the render method. Some child pages also include their own child pages. (Internally the child page template names start with "unit-" and the grandchild page template names start with "subunit-".) Example: foreach ($page->children("template=template-name,sort=sort") as $child) echo $child->render(); This approach allows content administrators to add and reorder child pages as necessary, but I've come across an issue that I'm not sure how to address. The site includes search functionality, but when a visitor searches for content and it is found in a child or grandchild page, the Parent page should be the one that is displayed in the search results, since the child and grandchild pages are not directly viewable. Since some searches could include more than one child or grandchild page of a parent page, this sometimes means that a parent page could be included more than once. How do I easily redirect the child and grandchild pages to the parent page, and only include the parent page once in the search results?
  5. Hello everyone! I am new to Processwire and really like it, but now I have a problem that I can't solve by myself. I have created following templates: data_people (no template-file) person_listing (person_listing.php) person_detail (person_detail.php) I have added the following Pages: Actor, Director, Stuff using template person_listing.php [visible in frontend] "People" using template data_people [not visible, only for data] -> "Georg Klonee" using template person_detail [is visible, but should not be shown using path /en/person/georg-klonee] Example Person: Georg Klonee The Problem: He is a Actor and a Director, so I want him to be shown in the Listing of /en/actors and /en/directors. No problem until here - it works. But now, when I click him, the URL for the Detail-Page is unfortunately /en/person/georg-klonee. But I want it to be /en/actors/georg-klonee, if i open the details from Actors-Page (and of course /en/directors/georg-klonee when on Directors-Page). How can I get this to work? I am also using TemplateEngine-Module with TemplateTwigEngine-Module, hopefully this won't be a problem? I tried it with URL-Segments for person_listing.php. But how can I abort the rendering of people_listing and start rendering person_detail.php? Thanks for your help in advance.
  6. I'm displaying a list of products which are found by their templates, but the pages are taking a very long time to load. At first, I blamed it on my image rendering (using PIM2), but even with all those images now stored in the file tree, the page is taking abysmally long to load. ProCache seems to help but I don't feel as though what I'm trying to do should be gnawing the bones of my resources quite so long. The variable for the selector is defined in my header include: $productCatList="prod_series|prod_series_ethernet|prod_series_access|prod_series_accessories|prod_series_fiber|prod_series_pwr_supplies|prod_series_pwr_systems|prod_series_wireless"; $getCurrentProdOptions="template=$productCatList, prod_status_pages!=1554|1559|1560|4242"; Then in the template for the page upon which the directory loads: $products = $pages->find("$getCurrentProdOptions"); include_once("./prod-list-row.inc"); echo $out; And the prod-list-row.inc foreach (which is on every page that's exhibiting the slowdown): <?php $sum = 0; $out =""; $out .= "<div class='span_12_of_12'>\n"; foreach($products as $p){ $sum += 1; if ($sum % 2 == 0) { $bgcolor = '#fff'; } else { $bgcolor = '#e4e4e4';} $par = $p->parent; $out .="<div class='section group' style='background: $bgcolor ; min-height: 110px'>\n"; $img = $p->prod_image; $thumb = $img->pim2Load('squarethumb100')->canvas(100,100,array(0,0,0,0),'north',0)->pimSave()->url; $out .="<div data-match-height='{$p->title}' class='col span_2_of_12 hide'>"; $out .="<a href='{$p->url}'><span class='product-image-box'><img src='{$thumb}' alt='{$p->title}' title='{$p->title}'></span></a>"; $out .= "</div>"; $out .= "<div data-match-height='{$p->title}' class='col span_6_of_12'>"; $out .= "<div class='prod-list-name-label'><a href='{$p->url}'>{$p->title}</a></div>"; if($page!=$par) { $out .= "<div class='prod-list-category-label' style='font-size: .7em;'>Category: <a href='{$par->url}'>{$par->title}</a></div>"; } $out .= "<div class='list-headline' style='font-size: .8em;'>{$p->headline}</div>"; $out .="<div class='learn-more-buttons-sm'>"; $out .="<a href='{$p->url}' title='Product Specs and Documentation'><span class='find-out-more-button' style='font-size: .8em;'><i style='font-size: .8em;' class='fa fa-lightbulb-o' ></i> &nbsp; Learn More</span></a>"; $out .="</div>"; $out .="</div> \n"; $out .= " <div data-match-height='{$p->title}' class='col span_4_of_12'>"; if(count($p->prod_feat_imgs) >0 ){ $out .= "<div class='featured-icons-list' margin: 2em .5em;'>"; foreach($p->prod_feat_imgs as $feat){ $icon = $pages->get("$feat->prod_featicon_pages"); if($icon->image) { if($feat->prod_feat_textlang) { $icontitle = $feat->prod_feat_textlang;} else {$icontitle = $icon->title;} $out .= "<img src='".$icon->image->size(35,35,$imgOptions)->url . "' alt='" . $icontitle . "' title='" . $icontitle . "' class='listing-feat-icon' style='margin-right: .5em;' />"; } } $out .= "</div>"; if($p->prod_product_line){ foreach($p->prod_product_line as $pline) if($pline->image) { $out .= "<div style='height: 35px;'>\n"; $out .= "<img src='{$pline->image->size(75,35,$imgOptions)->url}' alt='{$pline->title}' />"; $out .= "</div>"; } } } $out .= "</div>"; $out .="</div>"; } $out .= "</div>"; Is there a clear culprit here of what I'm doing that's so stressing the system? I turned off TracyDebugger because I saw another thread about that causing slowdown (even though I'm using the latest), but that had no effect. Every time I thought I found the culprit and commented it out, nothing changed. Would appreciate some more eyes on this. Thank you! ETA: prod_feat_imgs is a repeater field which contains a Page reference field (from which I pull the image and title) and a multilanguage textfield (to override the page reference title if it exists). Could that be the problem?
  7. I've written a hook which replaces the page::render method. Based on a few conditions, I might want to output something different from what page::render would return. So when my conditions aren't met, I want to use the return value of the original page::render method. How can I do this? At the moment I've got something like this: function pageRenderHookMethod (HookEvent $event) { if ('my condition' == true) { $event->replace = true; $event->return = 'my custom return value'; } else { $event->return = 'original return value of page::render'; } } But I don't know how to get the original return value of page::render because the would trigger my hooked method instead of the original method.
  8. Hi there I want to render a page in a particular language, somehow like $page->render('de'). How can I achieve that? Some background information to my problem: I wrote a module that generates HTML newsletter emails. From the PW backend I use that module to send emails, which are represented by pages that are rendered and sent off. Now I want to control the email language. The email shouldn't be just rendered in the language of my backend user account, of course. Any help is much appreciated. Best, Daniel
  9. How can I change the output of `Page::render`? I've created a hook before page::render, but when I set the $event->return to something else, my whole page is replaced with that value. For example: public function beforePageRender(HookEvent $event) { $event->return = 'blaat'; } This will cause my whole page to be nothing more than just 'blaat'. What I want, is that my menu, footer etc. are still visible but only the content of that page is replaced.
  10. Hello, I need to add some markup to checkbox inputs of page fields in the admin forms for which I created an autoload module with $this->addHookBefore('InputfieldCheckboxes::render', $this, 'renderCheckboxes'); The renderCheckboxes method aims to replicate, extend and then replace the original render method of InputfieldCheckboxes. I'm having trouble finding the right class context from within my renderCheckboxes method. In the original render method there is code like $this->checkDefaultValue() where $this represents the context of ProcessWire\InputfieldCheckboxes and checkDefaultValue() is a method defined in the parent class InputfieldSelect. In my renderCheckboxes method, I need to be able to access the same class context in order to replicate the original render method. public function renderCheckboxes($event) { $inputfield = $event->object; if($inputfield->name != 'certifications') return; var_dump($inputfield); $inputfield->checkDefaultValue(); } The var_dump tells me that $inputfield is an object instance of ProcessWire\InputfieldCheckboxes, just like $this in the original render method. But when I try to do $inputfield->checkDefaultValue(), I get an error: Method InputfieldCheckboxes::checkDefaultValue does not exist or is not callable in this context This tells me that the context for the $event->object is not the same as for $this in the original render method. Obviously I don't know enough about OOP and PW module development to understand what is going on. But I would like to be able to replace that render method with my own. Any pointers on how to achieve this would be very much appreciated.
  11. Hi guys.. I was wondering.. How do I render or output simpel <input> markup?? The list output that InputfieldForm makes is tomutch.. Im loading a template (without file) and I want to output the same fields as a form in the frontend.. Thanks for all your work...
  12. For some reason when I unpublish an already-published page, even of a template other than the specified 'importer', all its fields are cleared on page render. How do I understand and remedy this? Peace & thanks public function init() { $this->addHookAfter('Page::render', $this, 'renderEditor'); } protected function renderEditor(HookEvent $event) { $here = $event->object; $page = $this->pages->get($this->input->get->id); //$this->log->message($page->template.$here->process); return; if ($here->process != 'ProcessPageEdit' && $page->template != 'importer') return; $css = $this->config->urls->ProcessImportAll . 'ass/ProcessPageEdit_importer.css'; $event->return = str_replace("</head>", "<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='{$css}'/>\n</head>", $event->return); $field = wire('fields')->get('name=pi_template'); if (count($field->templateTypes)>0) { $templates = $field->templateTypes; } else { $templates = []; foreach (wire('templates') as $tpl) $templates[] = $tpl->id; } sort($templates); //$tplTypes = json_encode($templates); $templatesFields = $this->getTemplatesFields($templates); $templatesFields = json_encode($templatesFields); $js = <<<EOT <script> $(document).ready(function(){ if (!document.getElementById('Inputfield_status_2048').checked) { $('#ProcessPageEditContent *').prop('disabled',true); } else { var all = $templatesFields; var sel = '#Inputfield_pi_template option[selected="selected"]'; var tpl = getTpl(); var arr = all[tpl]; var def = '<option value=""></option>'; $('#Inputfield_pi_match').prepend(def); filterFields(tpl); $('#wrap_Inputfield_pi_template .asmListItem .asmListItemRemove').click(clearFieldOptions); $('#Inputfield_pi_template').change(function() { var on = $(this).find('option[selected="selected"]')[0]; if (on !== undefined) { tpl = on.value; //console.log('clicked ' + tpl); filterFields(tpl); } else { tpl = null; clearFieldOptions(); } }); function filterFields(t) { if (t != null) { $('#Inputfield_pi_match').prop('disabled',false); arr = all[t]; //console.log(arr); $('#Inputfield_pi_match option').each(templateFieldOptions); $('#wrap_Inputfield_pi_fieldmap select option').each(templateFieldOptions); $('#_Inputfield_pi_maptab').click(function() { //$('#wrap_Inputfield_iu_fieldmap select option').each(templateFieldOptions); }); } else { clearFieldOptions(); } } function getTpl() { if ($(sel).length>0 && $(sel)[0].value) { var tpl = $(sel)[0].value; } else { var tpl = null; } return tpl; } function templateFieldOptions() { var val = parseInt(this.value); if (!arr.includes(val) && val>0) { //console.log(val + ' ' + arr); $(this).prop('selected',false); $(this).prop('disabled',true); } else { if (arr.includes(val) && val>0) { //console.log(tpl); $(this).prop('disabled',false); } } } function clearFieldOptions() { $('#Inputfield_pi_match').find('option[value=""]').first().prop('selected',true); $('#Inputfield_pi_match').find('option[value!=""]').each(function() { $(this).prop('disabled',true); }); $('#Inputfield_pi_match').prop('disabled',true); $('#wrap_Inputfield_pi_fieldmap select').find('option[value=""]').first().prop('selected',true); $('#wrap_Inputfield_pi_fieldmap select').find('option[value!=""]').each(function() { $(this).prop('disabled',true); }); $('#wrap_Inputfield_pi_fieldmap select').prop('disabled',true); } } }); </script> EOT; $event->return = str_replace("</body>", "$js</body>", $event->return); //$this->filterFieldFields($event); }
  13. Hello, I want to know, is there any chance to render only visible fields based on their Dependencies? For example, I have many fields in template with conditional logic. But all their values stored in DB, and render in loop with $page->$fields. I could duplicate logic in PHP, but It's seems very inefficient. I couldn't find any API command for such task. Something like flag "isShown". More over, there isn't such flags when I printed array. I just can't find it, or this data keeps somewhere outside? Or is there some other ability to achieve this? Thanks for any advise in advance.
  14. I have the problem that i cant render a fredi link to a page which i choosed from a pagefield from a user. i have a user called "test-user". This "test-user" template has a pagefield called select_organiser which contains all the organiserpages. My approach: $organiser = $user->select_organiser; <li>'.$fredi->setText("<i class='fa fa-pencil'></i> Veranstalter bearbeiten")->renderAll($organiser).'</li> What I am doing wrong?
  15. Hi, I'm working on a homepage template where I loop over some pages, check if they have children, and print their children; if not, print the page itself where I employ page->render function. Inside template files of these parent pages, I use $config->scripts->[foot|head]->add() to enqueue scripts and and when creating markup I print the contents of these FilenameArrays using simple foreach loops. With parents that have children, which don't require rendering a part of page (as opposed to rendering whole html document), there's no problem using $config->scripts, using PHPStorm's debugger I can track the scripts up until where the execution comes to parents with no children. When used with $parentPage->render(array('renderPartial' => true)) these pages get rendered from beginning using their own context, completely ignoring the previous one, and resulting in flushing $config->scripts->[foot|head].After many hours of fiddling with here and there, I'm lost and I don't know how else I can tackle with this problem. The question I have is if there's a way to manually render a page without losing the context? Or, in which variable I can store FilenameArrays? // The code I have can be paraphrased as // Homepage sections foreach $section as $parent if $parent->hasChildren foreach $children as $child renderChild() else $parent->render(partial=true) // In each parent's template $config->scripts->head->add("head.js") $config->scripts->foot->add("foot.js") // both foot and head initialized at _init.php // After using $parent->render(partial=true) // $config->scripts gets flushed loop_over_and_write_scripts('foot') // returns nothing, $config->scripts->foot is empty Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi, I'm working on a custom contact form and I want to create an HTML markup for email body. After tedious and long searches I've found wireRenderFile function that does exactly what I need. Pass in template file and variables to use, it returns the output. Except that it doesn't. It simply returns an empty string. I tested the same template using wireIncludeFile, it echoes the output perfectly. (I'm using the latest 2.6.16 DEV version of ProcessWire) Here's what I did: Got and processed user inputs Created a simple partial template file at templates/partials/_email.php with contents <?php if (isset($vars)): ?> <div class="meta"> From: <b><?= $vars["name"] ?></b><br> Email: <?= $vars["email"] ?><br> sent this at <?= $vars["date"] ?> </div> <hr> <div class="message"> <?= $vars["body"] ?> </div> <?php endif; ?> Prepare mail data and send it $mail = wireMail(); ... ... $bodyHTML = wireRenderFile("partials/_email.php", array( "name" => $name, "body" => $body, "email" => $email, "date" => date("r"), )); ... ... ... if ($mail->testConnection()) { $mail->sendSingle(true) ... ->bodyHTML($bodyHTML) ->send(); } The $bodyHTML variable gets an empty string from wireRenderFile function. When I replace it with wireIncludeFile $bodyHTML = wireIncludeFile("partials/_email.php", array(<data>)); The template is rendered correctly, but echoed instead of returned (it returns boolean anyway). I think I can collect the output using ob_start() and ob_get_contents(), but the code above should work correctly and I dont want to use a hack for it, yet. Thanks in advance for any help. --- EDIT: I solved it. wireRenderFile function imports given data in $vars variable as separate entities as in // Second argument is $vars $bodyHTML = wireRenderFile("partials/_email.php", array( "name" => $name, "body" => $body, "email" => $email, "date" => date("r"), )); // $vars variable is included in template file as in $name = $vars["name"] ... // etc. There's no need (can't) to access to $vars variable. I was able to output the data with this modified template file. Notice the if (isset($vars)) is removed since $vars variable doesnt exist in that context. <div class="meta"> From: <b><?= $name ?></b><br> Email: <?= $email ?><br> sent this at <?= $date ?> </div> <hr> <div class="message"> <?= $body ?> </div>
  17. In my home.php (a template, as you'd expect for the homepage) then I take a look at the URL segments. I want to provide some shortlinks, e.g. example.com/php redirects to example.com/languages/php/. That all works. But if I want to display a 404, by using "throw new PageNotFoundException();" then things go pearshaped: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare renderNav() (previously declared in /var/www/pw/public_html/site/templates/_init.php:20) in /var/www/pw/public_html/site/templates/_init.php on line 20 I'm not sure how to get around this? (or exactly why it's coming up) This is the case if I try to declare a 404 at the top of any template.
  18. Hello everyone. I've found PW recently and I've been exploring/testing it... The everything is a Page is slowly sinking in. I'm currently trying to render a page in another (like a partial) like below: $shop = $pages->get('/shops/mr-big'); $mainContent = $shop->render('partials/shop-intro.php'); I also have set an $config->appendTemplateFile. How can I prevent the appendFile to be included for this partial rendering. I've search the forums and docs but could not find an answer... Thank you
  19. I am creating a module that sends pages as en email. I use ->render() to get the content of a PW page and send it as the body of the mail. But something is wrong and I am running out of memory (currently set to 100 MB). This function checks, if there is a page flagged for sending. $mailtempplate is the corpus delicti … public function checkSchedule($event) { // Memory usage $memory = 'Memory Start: ' . memory_get_usage(); wire('session')->message($memory); // Find pages, that are scheduled and have a schedule date that is older than current time plus 60 seconds $scheduled_pages = wire('pages')->find('template=newsletter-mailing, schedule=1, schedule_date<=' . time() + 60); // Check if there are scheduled pages, and stop, if nothing is scheduled if (!count($scheduled_pages)) { return; } // Iterate scheduled pages foreach ($scheduled_pages as $scheduled_page) { // Get the mail-template, i.e. the rendered page (this becomes the mail-body later) // If I just use $mailtemplate = 'Test'; everything works fine $mailtemplate = $scheduled_page->render(); // Convert local/relative paths to absolute URL for links (href) and images (src) if (!strpos($mailtemplate,'href="/') === false) { $mailtemplate = str_replace('href="/', 'href="' . wire('config')->httpUrl, $mailtemplate); } if (!strpos($mailtemplate,'src="/') === false) { $mailtemplate = str_replace('src="/', 'src="' . wire('config')->httpUrl, $mailtemplate); } // Dispatch this scheduled page ("Newsletter") for email $dispatched = $this->dispatchMailing($scheduled_page->title, $scheduled_page->newsletter_recipients, $mailtemplate); if ($dispatched) { $memory .= ' und Memory Ende: ' . memory_get_usage(); // Send reporting mail mail(…); } else { // Something went wrong while sending mail(…); } // Uncheck schedule checkbox, even if there was an error whiele sending! $p = $scheduled_page; $p->schedule = 0; $p->save(); // Clear the mailtemplate for the next scheduled page/mailing unset($mailtemplate); } } I moved $mailtemplate = $scheduled_page->render() out of the foreach() but it doesn't work either. Appreciate any help and tips
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