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Found 4 results

  1. I've written a hook which replaces the page::render method. Based on a few conditions, I might want to output something different from what page::render would return. So when my conditions aren't met, I want to use the return value of the original page::render method. How can I do this? At the moment I've got something like this: function pageRenderHookMethod (HookEvent $event) { if ('my condition' == true) { $event->replace = true; $event->return = 'my custom return value'; } else { $event->return = 'original return value of page::render'; } } But I don't know how to get the original return value of page::render because the would trigger my hooked method instead of the original method.
  2. I'm trying to modify the property 'path' for a specific Page (User, actually) using the following code: $this->addHookAfter("Page::path",$this,"modifyUserPagePath"); AND public function modifyUserPagePath(HookEvent $event){ $p = $event->object; if($p->template == "user" && $p->hasRole("ambassador")){ die("MODIFY THE PATH HERE WITH PREFIX FOR THE CURRENT VIEWING PAGE"); } } But i'm not able to retrieve the page that is currently running (as in, the page in the browser url). Please note I'm also using the render() method to render subpages content. I don't need the subpages url but only the original $page requested. Is there a pretty way to do this (besides looking it up via $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] )?
  3. Hello, I want to add a custom method to the user object and need to pass some data ( an array called $params) to the method when I call it. I will call the method like this $user->saveprofile($params); The method takes that data and saves it to a user profile page. Only I don't know how to pass that data to my custom method. This might be a silly question. Please forgive me, but I am fairly new to OOP and PW modules/hooks development. This is what I have so far (taken off examples from here): public function init() { // init() is called when the module is loaded. $this->addHook('User::saveprofile', $this, 'UserSaveProfile'); } public function UserSaveProfile($event) { //how to pass my $params array to this method // Get the user object $user = $event->object; // get user data - this is where I am stuck $userData = // condition and actions if($user->hasRole("frontend")) { //create and save user profile page $this->message("Userprofile page for user " . $user->name . "has been created"); } } I tried to find examples of how to do that but could not find anything related in the forum. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. current situation is as follows: With my MP3-DB I create extended page-objects that have some additional Properties and tweaked Children. Now I've thought if it would be better to use the 'real' $page variable for that. Extending it with some Properties could be done like explained in the Hooks-API-Doc: http://processwire.com/api/hooks/#add_new_property But, I need to tweak the $page->children and $page->childNum. Is there any chance to do that? ------------ why do i want this to have: if one is, for example on a album-page, the album-page has no children, because the DB-Structure has sibling branches for albums and songs. But human logic says an album must have children (the songs)
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