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  1. Had some time and 50 x #SK6812 #RGBW #LEDs laying around. #Unicorn #IKEA #mirrors https://t.co/aLRjNIGwPR

  2. Just favorited "IBIZA 2011 COMP" Cloudcast by suatunlu on Mixcloud http://t.co/nCTRLZ9k4w

  3. Kender jeg nogen der ved noget om pxe boot servere?

  4. Scraperz noise - Dance macabre (original mix) [boogie records] by @scraperznoise via #soundcloud https://t.co/XF9eToL#FEEEEEEEEEEEEEST!!

  5. Len Faki & Chris Liebing - Live Time Warp 2011 by MassiveTechno via #soundcloud https://t.co/kFnjGLy

  6. I have looked into it, and I cant get it to work.. Maybe Im going blind, og just loosing my mind and brains.. In this case there is not a lot of trafic, Its a info screen with, times, locations and classes. But its the proof-of-concept, that a digital signage system can be made, and run from processwire.. And in the future, the "player" client must be known by the master server.. have a peek: http://sign.chrisb.dk/ this is powered by: google calender loader, Color picker, Repeater, LazyCron (in the future) and Page Render IP restriction. And the player is a Raspberry Pi, running Raspbian and booting Chromium into kios mode, and it runs very smooth.. Except the Cron stuff.. But, maybe I chould have a look into the regular cron ping solution.. Hmm.. Ill be back... PS.. Im allways getting a smile on my face, and a lot happyer, when I see your big smile in your profile pic Ryan.. And thanks for that.. // Cheers...
  7. HI guys.. I want to update the "player" every 5 mins for what event that are finish, and at midtnight for the next days events. and maybe a "focus" thing that can be shown every XX mins.. I have looked a bit into lazy-cron, but Im not getting it.. maybe im just blinded by myself??
  8. Hi guys.. Long time no see... Well, Im back to some web programming again, I have been on tour with a Odense symphony orchestra.. Ok, I havent played with cron or lazycron before, so I was wondering, can it be used to auto refresh a website? I startet a digital signage project, where Im planning to use processwire as the core, and then I need it to refresh or update the player browser every day at midnight, and maybe doing the day, when some of the items are done.. Hope you can give me an answer... // Biorn
  9. PHP form magic for quickly and easily creating your HTML forms. http://t.co/CKkYd9L #PHPFormBaby via @ClintonSkakun

  10. Finaly got the time to make all the forms in the builder..

  11. Finaly got the time to make all the forms in the builder..

  12. Yes, that issue, and I just dobbelt checked, still there...
  13. Hay Ryan.. I can confirm that it is a issue with PHP 5.3/4 and 5.2 Keep it up.. Im still in love...
  14. Er det et stort komplot?

  15. wilderness girls......

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