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Fredi - friendly frontend editing


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I had a problem with Fredi on PW 3.0.69 in a template where I had one field on the default FieldsetTab and two fields on another FieldsetTab. Those two fields (musician_info,arrangement_info) did not save even though the field (preliminary_name) on the default Tab saved without problems.

$o .= $fredi->setText('Edit')->render("musician_info|arrangement_info|preliminary_name",$p);

Before PW3 these fields saved normally:


After moving those fields to the default FieldsetTab all the fields save normally. 


How could this be fixed? I would like to keep those fields on their own FieldsetTab.

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Sorry guys, haven't used (or developed) Fredi in years. I have no idea what it takes to fully support it in latest PW versions.

First thing to try is to add <?php namespace ProcessWire; as a first line to each php file in the module to prevent PW from compiling the files.

Probably the issue @lpa is describing is something to do with new PW features and requires proper debugging though. 

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