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ICS Generator


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The module can generate basic ICS calendar strings and files.

Usage Example:

$icsgen = wire()->modules->IcsGenerator;

// set properties
  'date' => new \DateTime('2033-12-24 12:00'),
  'dateEnd' => new \DateTime('2033-12-24 13:00'),
  'summary' => 'Event title',
  'description' => 'Event description',

// get path to a temporary .ics file
// (using wire()->files->tempDir)
$icspath = $icsgen->getFile();

// send email with ics file
$mail = wireMail();
$mail->attachment($icspath, 'calendar.ics');
$mail->subject('ICS Demo');
$mail->body('This is a ICS demo.');
$numSent = $mail->send();

For more infos see GitHub Readme or Modules Page. If you experience reproducable issues please open a GitHub issue.

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