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  1. This feature is amazing. Just installed it and our clients were amazed! I didn't even expect anyone to notice. Thanks a million.
  2. @Robin S thanks for letting us know. I will experiment And see if I can reproduce this behavior. Glad it's working correctly
  3. @Robin S setting your $config->timezone should resolve this problem as mentioned. If not, let me know and I can take a look at your specific setup with you, just send me a pm. @Juergen that is a very cool trick! Thanks for sharing
  4. Yes, currently it is the only way. I dislike how it is currently refreshing the whole recurme field when a date is excluded. Something that I have on my list to improve. Even so, we have had really good success with our users (clients) excluding dates this way. Have you tried the live example of the Recurme field on the website? http://www.99lime.com/modules/recurme/iframe-demo/ Now, you have given me a new idea for handling exclusions that I think could be more elegant. Thanks!
  5. This job has been filled guys. Thanks for all the replies.
  6. @Juergen Currently, you can set the event start date and hour, but there is no end time field for a specific event. You can add an end_time field to your event (or whatever it's called) template if you wanted to output that it starts at 6pm and ends at 9pm, for example. There are no facilities for spanning multiple days with a single event. In most cases such as a 3 day event, we just repeat the event for those 3 days in a row so that it displays on the calendar for the 3 consecutive days. Then In our event template we create a description field to describe the exact details of the event. You can add any fields you want to your template. With a little custom CSS for your event, you could make it very clear that it's a unified event that spans more than one day I am very interested in coming up with a way to include spanning multiple days with the recurme interface in an easy to use format, but for now, repeating the event has covered our use cases pretty well. Maybe that would work for you.
  7. For anyone following this thread or searching... https://processwire.com/talk/topic/16363-recurme-–-processwire-recurring-dates-field-custom-calendar-module/
  8. Definitely:) First thing in the morning CST time zone. Thanks for the reply.
  9. Hey guys, I have a fast 2 jobs I need to complete by next Friday the 26th. I have 2 separate sites in pw that need to have their CSS revamped to match 2 designs (psd) files. Not overly complicated. Some one fast and good at CSS. Not a framework job. I will fill in the details via pm because I don't want to post about my client's work here. fast work, fast pay. Thanks in advance for any interest, Joshua
  10. I am using snipcart.com on a few projects. Works great with pw.
  11. Hi bernhard, Super easy to style via CSS or override any CSS you want. All interactions are CSS animations or transitions as well. Or use custom HTML. Also, no need to use the built in calendar. You could easily use recurring events with fullcalendar using the event API. No drag and drop support on the recurme calendar. The calendar is more for displaying your events than managing them... although it has modal window event editing. We have a solution in the works for beating the 2800 limit we set. Hope to get that out in the next couple updates. Happy coding!
  12. Hi Robin, Thanks for your kind words. To answer your question, no there is no "edit this occurance" button... although we have gone back and forth on that one for a while. However, you can still get the desired effect by duplicating your event for just that special instance and removing the occurance from the original. You basically are just doing the job of the "edit this occurance" button manually. The next release of Recurme will include selecting multiple additional dates to add to a recurrence. That will also solve your needs nicely. Hope that makes sense. Happy coding.
  13. Introducing our newest [commercial] module: Recurme Processwire Recurring Dates Field & Custom Calendar Module. http://www.99lime.com/modules/recurme/ One Field to Recur them ALL… A Recurring Dates InputField for your Processwire templates. The InputField you’ve been waiting for. Complex RRule date repeating in a simple and fast user interface. Use the super simple, & powerful API to output them into your templates. example: <? // easy to get recurring events $events = $recurme->find(); // events for this day $events = $recurme->day(); // events for this week $events = $recurme->week(); // events for this month $events = $recurme->month(); ?> <? // Loop through your events foreach($events as $event){ echo $event->title; echo $event->start_date; echo $event->rrule; echo $event->original->url; ... } ?> Unlimited Custom Calendars. Imagine you could create any calendar you wanted on your website. Use recurring events with the Recurme field, or use your own Processwire pages and date fields to render calendars… it’s up to you. Fully customizable. Make as many calendars as you like. Get events from anywhere. Recurme does all the hard date work for you. Unlimited Custom Admin Calendars too. Hope you like it , Joshua & Eduardo from 99Lime. ## [1.0.1] - 2017-05-29 ### changed - Fixed $options[weekStartDay] offset in Calendar - Fixed ->renderCalendar() Blank Days - Fixed missing ->renderList() [renderMonth][xAfter] - Removed ->renderCalendar() <table> attributes border, border-spacing - Fixed ->renderCalendar() excluded dates - Fixed rrule-giu.js exclude dates - Fixed ->renderList missing space in attr ID (shout out to @Juergen for multiple suggestions & feedback).
  14. Anyone looking for some contract work? I have a few projects that I need help with. I have 8 upcoming projects (PW dev only) that need to be implemented. I would do all design and HTML/CSS. most of these are small to mid size sites with 5-10 templates. I would love to work with someone that wants to do a bunch of on-going contract work. I always have work . I am looking for someone that can write PW modules, is familiar with the PW way of doing things – and is completely happy with that. I have an existing project - PW site that I need some expert help on with the following features: tracking users actions & information on the site - saving to user profile. some FormBuilder integrations User favorites and recently viewed. adding some google charts to the admin backend - like a dashboard for some of the information we are collecting. making the admin/data easier to use for the clients. (organizational. I don't want to change PW at all) If you PM me, I can show you the site. I just don't want this forum post to get indexed by google if I put the URL or name.
  15. Hey, this is something you can do, but unfortunately the only way to do it is to write your own Sql for the Magento DB and some quick PHP in Processwire to loop through and save the products.
  16. That is exactly what I did.
  17. New fun little site: http://wineatsandsweets.com. Responsive. Even though this is a little site on the front-end, in the admin, we have done a lot of work to handle and process entries. ProcessWire made making the custom functionality and organizing the admin for a great user experience a breeze. Every time I make a site and do a bit of work in the admin, I am amazed that I am able to produce results that look, feel, and act as if the whole CMS was custom rolled for my clients. PW FTW! Using a few modules, Field type Star Rating Process Page Field Select Lister Pro Pro Fields Field type Range Slider I wanted to add that every-single piece of content on this site was added and produced by my client. That always amazes me. Processwire is so easy to use for my clients that I just give them the keys and they go to town working on their website(s).
  18. Launched phase 1 of a new site. Still working out a bunch of details, poco a poco. http://vacuumwholesalers.com Modules include MarkupSimpleNav Form Builder Lister Pro Pro Fields
  19. Thank you very much for the replies. I must have some problems with my current install(s) of PW or something causing a conflict. I cannot get $session, $input, or the PHP $_SESSSION, $COOKIE etc. variables to work at all if I have the file compiler turned on as is. I am going to start a new PW3 install and do some testing, to see if I get different results. I am relieved to hear that it's suppose to work like normal. I have 2 websites that I had upgraded and that is how I ran into this. Will report back with anything I find.
  20. How can I use $session and $input or regular $_POST, $_COOKIE, $_SESSION, etc. in templates now that the template files are compiled? Or a better question would be: How are people managing needs like this for sites that use the file complier? I have tried turning off file compiling but one of the down sides is there is a cascading effect of errors because I have to go back and replace everything to use the ProcessWire namespace, including custom modules we have built. I know that I can add the name space to the start of files, but this doesn't always seem to work as expected. Banged my head against the wall for a good while until I figured out what had happened I am concerned that a huge majority of websites might not be able to be upgraded. Any suggestions would really help. Thanks in advance, - Joshua
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