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  1. If you go with a template for the major CMS you are pretty well stuck with slight modifications to your template. (if you start making major modifications you start to deal with update issues) If you want a website designed the way you want it you use Processwire as the design is separated from your CMS. We want a design first and then put in the CMS after we like the design. Opencart is my go to choice for eCommerce as I'm a PHP programmer and I can do anything I like with it given enough time and money. But it's an eCommerce package not heavy on the design and I find it a hassle to get it to give that flashy design - that costs time and that costs money. Plus a lot of template designers I have bought from don't update their designs regularily and Opencart has changed a lot between 1.6 and 2 and again between 2.0 and 2.2 so I'm a bit tired of changing templates with every major upgrade. For the price I'd rather keep Opencart for the eCommerce and get a designer to build me a nice flashy front end that I can then fill in with Processwire templates. I've yet to hit any major upgrade changes in Processwire that breaks the site I've had designed for it - not the case with most of my client's websites that have been designed to run on Wordpress, Joomla and Opencart. My clients seem to like personalised websites that stray from templates! I specifically don't want to reinvent the wheel of Opencart - I just want a flashier designed wheel for the front end of my client's site.
  2. Hi All I'm an IT consultant and website programmer who has a customer whose is looking to improve their website. At present it runs on Opencart but that's hard to work with as far as design and templates. The site at present is www.eprint.ie. We want to keep the bookstore part of the website unchanged (category pages, products pages) but want to redesign the front end of the website. At present it only has a few pages (Self publishing, Design and Printing) on the menu in a generic template from Opencart. We'd like a new flashier homepage (along the lines of www.printnow.ie) and then internal (non sales/non opencart) product pages for new products they are starting to sell (Mugs, posters, business cards) which would be each of the small items on the homepage, then internal information pages (about us, FAQ) and then we'd keep the existing opencart Bookstore only in a subfolder in the website. Specifically we're looking for a designer who can set up 3 pages/templates: 1. homepage 2. product page 3. information page What I had in mind is that the product pages would be Processwire pages which would include fields for the titles, text and images for that product but also fields for the homepage image, homepage title and homepage blurb for that product as well. The homepage would then be dynamically created so that the rows and columns of products on the homepage would be each of the products that we have made pages for. Other notes: The site would have to be responsive - very important. colour scheme to match logo SEO available for everypage Homepage: we like the overall look of printnow.ie (but they are our competitors so we can't copy it too closely) especially the colourfulness of it (less grays please! [ie background colour]) - we need the phone number "front and centre" and a quote button [leading to a simple form] with the Eprint logo - then a menu that would have drop downs to navigate the site, Home / Products^ / Bookstore^ / Information^ - we like the banner up top, - don't need the Choose template/Personalize template/Order now part, - we need need to have text with each product (google likes text) - maybe image that takes up the whole table cell (the image would include the product title[we'll do the images] and then when you hover over the image it changes to title, text and a smaller image (it can change normally [ hide one div show the second - don't need the rotating image effect] - don't want that CustomerLogin/ product category/contact us bit at the bottom just a small menu on the bottom - the bookstore will be just a product page just like all the other products so don't worry about this Product pages: - we'll need a rotating image - room for text, title We are in Dublin so GMT timezone. If you could please supply some examples of work done. Thanks for your interest and please ask any question (but I'm often out on the road so pleasegive a couple of hours to respond) Robert Dill
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