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  1. If you go with a template for the major CMS you are pretty well stuck with slight modifications to your template. (if you start making major modifications you start to deal with update issues) If you want a website designed the way you want it you use Processwire as the design is separated from your CMS. We want a design first and then put in the CMS after we like the design. Opencart is my go to choice for eCommerce as I'm a PHP programmer and I can do anything I like with it given enough time and money. But it's an eCommerce package not heavy on the design and I find it a hassle to get
  2. Hi All I'm an IT consultant and website programmer who has a customer whose is looking to improve their website. At present it runs on Opencart but that's hard to work with as far as design and templates. The site at present is www.eprint.ie. We want to keep the bookstore part of the website unchanged (category pages, products pages) but want to redesign the front end of the website. At present it only has a few pages (Self publishing, Design and Printing) on the menu in a generic template from Opencart. We'd like a new flashier homepage (along the lines of www.printnow.ie) and then
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