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  1. There is no timeStart in the data since I am saving the date+timeStart as a Unix timestamp.
  2. @adrian yes, I could change the rrule. Good idea. Thank you for testing this and the detailed feedback. I’m trying to track down why it’s not saving your start time or this would be happening. I’ll post a fix as soon as I can reproduce it and figure it out As for multi-day events, you are correct, they can repeat on those days, or be separate events. Currently I have no means to span days with events.
  3. Hmmm. That is very strange that you can’t save. Do you have any js errors? also, have you set your timezone in the config? Looking to see if I can Reproduce this. Thanks a lot!
  4. Hi Guys, Here is an updated version of Recurme. I would appreciate any testing/feedback. ## [1.0.2] - 2018-02-21 ### changed - Fixed Skipping Month Issue for months with more days (ie. Jan 31) - Fixed Broken $options[RenderEvent] options (see this post) - Fixed Non-repeating event data - Non-repeating events display without setting repeat to x1. - Added timeStart field. - Added timeEnd field. $event->timeEnd - Added “All Day” toggle - Fixed Install notice $template->id - UIKIT theme compatibility Fixes InputfieldRecur.1.0.2.zip
  5. Hi Netcarver, Currently, I am still unable to break that limit or 2800 repeats of an event. Even so, that is a long time: Example Recurring Time: Daily = approx. 7.5 years Weekly = approx. 53.5 years Monthly = approx. 233 years Yearly = approx. 2800 years I am working on a copy of recurme with a revised interface but it is nowhere near complete. The current exclusion works ok for 99% of the use cases. Although I do agree that it could be GREATLY improved. I would like to focus on fixing the more pressing bugs before releasing any huge changes to the interface.
  6. Hi guys, sorry for the delay in replying. I am going over the following details from this thread and will post an update ASAP: Install issues - blank file path, notices. UIKIT theme CSS conflicts. returning data on non-recurring events all day toggle render methods and output overrides. As soon as I have an update, I will post it here to the forum.
  7. $event = $recurme->event($page); is 100% correct way to get the event. However, you must have a recurme field with an event for it to return anything. After that, you can access all your fields for that $page as $event->orignal->title (or whatever field you have) Hope this helps, - Joshua
  8. $event = $recurme->event($page); then use $event->orig_date Page/$event ->template ->orig_date ->original ->getDates() ->start_date ->dates_count ->end_date ->rrule ->title ->timestamp ->time ->date ->day ->month ->year ->hour ->minute ->second ->ampm
  9. Hi guys, I am trying to solve this problem. I cannot reproduce the error. Making it a bit hard to debug. I tried removing the circular reference to what modules each file installs. Made no difference to me. @Robin S any other ideas?
  10. I have just sent out a general update via email that resolves the problems mentioned. Thanks everyone
  11. The find method needs to have a startDate and endDate to find results, then a selector. The results will always be sorted by date. Any other sort option will be ignored. If you use ->find() with out those dates, it will only return the recurme events for today $recurme->find($dateFrom, $dateTo, $selector)
  12. Hi Robin thanks for checking in. Yes, I have fixed the problem and it will be part of the updated release in the next couple days. Thanks,
  13. Hi creativeJay, Sorry about the slow response. I was away from email yesterday. You are correct, It was returning NOTHING if you didn't toggle active. I have fixed it in the attached file. Thank you for bringing this to my attention! Please download the fixed file here: MarkupRecurme.module
  14. Awesome work. I love this!
  15. I have been working on regular repeater support, but it's not quite there. The current problem is that the event object is taking its data from the parent page, in the case of a repeater, it's the repeater page (not what we want). So I have to do a bit more work detecting if it's in a repeater and use getForPage() to populate the event object. A couple other little details. Getting close, but still not there. It's coming though!
  16. @Robin S Ok, I will do some test and see if I can reproduce this error and fix it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  17. @totoff Great question. You could actually use Recurme with full calendar if you like. Example event object from full calendar: https://fullcalendar.io $('#calendar').fullCalendar({ events: [ { title : 'event1', start : '2010-01-01' }, { title : 'event2', start : '2010-01-05', end : '2010-01-07' }, { title : 'event3', start : '2010-01-09T12:30:00', allDay : false // will make the time show } ] }); This would be easy to output with recurme using the API: $FCEvents = array(); $events = $recurme->day(); foreach($events as $event){ $FCEvents[] = array( 'title' => $event->title, 'start' => $event->start_date, ); } Print your array as javascript. And use the built in views in full calendar.
  18. Hi @gebeer like @Juergen said, you should have no problem doing what you need with Recurme. Perfect use case for this module i am experimenting with an adjustment to the Recurme interface to account for all day events and time-end field. Hoping to release an update that addresses that need this week.
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