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  1. I rarely indent my html anymore, mostly out of preference because I find it easier to read and find what I am looking for. And like Ryan said, the web inspector in chrome or safari make walking my html easy as pie. As a general rule, I like to keep all my HTML as HTML and by that I mean that I never echo out HTML. Instead I work exactly like Thomas. Little bits of PHP in my HTML.
  2. @ryan - I did exactly that.. a redirect template, but instead of a field for a url, I used a page input field. Works wonders. Totally happy with this solution, even the redirect is ok IMO. Although easy (like you said) to modify the navigation output to give preference to the page field url instead. I agree wholeheartedly that the navigation in almost all cases should reflect that page tree, and normally that is what happens. This is exactly why I love PW. No joke. I feel like anything is possible and I always end up with an awesome solution that doesn't complicate things.
  3. ok another idea... I just though of creating a template... and the only field that the template would have would be a page field. So that we could add "pages" to the website and all they do is link or redirect (best option) to the REAL page that is selected in the page field, then the "fake page" would output in my menu... although again, this seems like a complicated solution to a simple problem... and I would like to abstract as much of this away from the users as possible... hmmmm.
  4. Hi all, Thinking about how I could create a menu manager to use in my processwire websites. I use the module Markup Simple Navigation all the time and that is fantastic, or generate custom menus with the API. However, continually I am faced with the challenge of including multiple navigation items in my menus to pages that exist somewhere else in the page tree... A couple of times in life I have created page selector fields or trees in the pagetree that represent menus, but this never seems like the best solution and I always design it in a way that doesn't seem 100% intuitive. I am all for reducing the amount of choices the users have to make about managing the content and structure of their websites, but this keeps happening to me. Even if there was a way that I could do this for myself so that I could organize menus myself somehow. So looking for feedback. How do other people deal with this problem? I hope my description was clear. Thanks in advance for any input. - joshua
  5. Hi, I have a small framework called HTML Kickstart. http://www.99lime.com
  6. This is great! Thanks for asking this before me Clinton!
  7. ok fixed this. It was permission problem... (smacks head.) had to make sure /site/config.php was readable. Clear case of the mondays.
  8. Hi, I just moved PW to a new server and now I can't login because I am getting the error: "this request was aborted because it appears to be forged" when submitting the login form. I tried changing the password and username with the API... thinking this is session related? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance,
  9. ahh, great, thanks Ryan... strange that I didn't know about that one.
  10. Awesome! Yeah, looks like my index was out of shape. Moving the blog and putting it back fixed it. I am really glad that this works. I was thinking that I had been mistaken about how processwire selects from the DB. This is fantastic news
  11. Awesome. Ok, I didn't know that. I thought PW got everything when I asked for it. This is great news. Thanks.
  12. Hi, I am wondering, is there a way to count items in the DB without returning the results? I have a site that is going to have 10,00 pages and I want to count them all. Using $pages->find(selector)->count; returns the results and I guess this is the same as count($pages->find()) just counting how many items are in the returned wire array. Not what I want. I want to count items without the overhead of getting all the data. Thanks,
  13. hi all, I have been creating a blog in PW, normal. I have done this a few times. However, this time I decided that I would like to organize my posts in parent categories to make it easier to see in the admin what posts are in what main category... so I made a page structure like so: /blog/ (template=blog) - /design/ (template=category) (33) - /general/ (template=category) (33) - /music/ (template=category) (34) - /Example-post/ (template=blog-post) Inside those "category" pages I imported my old blog posts and sorted them into each category. So let's pretend that I have 100 posts and I have 33, 33, 34 posts in each category. So when I created my template for blog, I wanted to get the most recent posts. I have a date/time field called "published_date" - all the blog-posts have a publish_date value (dates spanning a couple years) and I have autojoined the field to my template. Anyhow, I did a selector like so: $posts = $pages->get('/blog/')->find('template=blog-post,sort=-publish_date, limit=10'); But this doesn't return the most recent posts across all categories, it returns me the most recent posts in the first category... well, the first 10 blog-posts in "design" category and they are sorted by publish_date. Is it possible to find by date first? So that I can find all the blog-post items, then sort them by date... also, I know that I could find them all, but I need to limit my results and paginate. I am afraid that I made a big oversite when doing this way and just might have to put all my posts into one parent page and select categories with a page field instead. Thanks in advance for any help...
  14. Of course I recommend Processwire. Best CMS/framework I have ever used. Ever. Thanks Ryan and everyone for Proccesswire. Processwire literally changed the way I do everything. So awesome!
  15. Thanks for looking into this. Interested in hearing what direction you end up taking. I have just advise people to use Safari/FF/Chrome for now. Better for everyone anyhow. Thanks for the reply.
  16. Hi all, I am having trouble with IE8 and the insert link dialog. Seems that whenever I selected a word, click insert link and fill in the information in the modal window and click insert, TinyMCE doesn't recognize my text selection. the <a href> that it creates gets inserted at the beginning of my content in the text editor instead of being wrapped around the word that I had selected. this only happens in IE 8. I tested the demo of TinyMCE on their website and link insertion works fine... Has anyone else run into this? Any advice about how I could fix this would be awesome. thanks in advance,
  17. I am excited to learn more about this. I am very familiar with CodeIgniter - pretty much my fall back framework. I am going to play with this and see what type of admin pages I can create. Any specific classes I can dig into to get an understanding of how a process works?
  18. One site was using CodeIgniter and the other was pretty static. I am going to post links, just waiting for these sites to get out of Q&A.
  19. I've wanted to try Processwire on a site for about a month and finally had the opportunity. I took the plunge and built a school website with it. The entire experience was fantastic! I have tried (and built) so many different pieces of CMS software. Every time it's the same story, I get excited about a CMS - decide to use it on a project. Read all the documentation and start building a site - only to find that half way through the project I am usually wishing I had just done everything myself. I was totally ready to experience that with PW, but it never happened. Instead, I continually found myself amazed at how simple it was for me to create exactly what I needed with PW - and super fast! Just made a website with about 50 pages of content, automatic photo galleries, a News section, the ability to manage documents and downloads, calendar and events, custom sidebars, internal staff only pages and content, dynamic homepage content... menus, search (thank you so much for this), custom frontend forms, ... etc. did it all. I even wrote my very first module! yay! I can't tell you how much fun this really was for me. I can't wait to learn more. What I really want to learn is forms... I wan't to think about how I can streamline creation of forms in PW without having to create a new template for every form on a site. The other thing I am really interested in is learning how I can build admin screens. seems like this will be pretty straight forward. Going to give that shot here next. I have some ideas for modules and themes that I would like to create too... can't wait. Other than that, I just converted 2 other websites that I had over to processwire - took me about 1.5 hours each. Not bad. I don't think I could have done it that fast with anything I have used before. The other thing that I love... I showed this to my different clients and they instantly knew how it worked and how to manage their content. It's that simple. Pages -> Edit/New -> Repeat. Amazing. So, I guess this isn't a support post, but I didn't see a different section of the forum to post in. Glad to be here. Nice to meet you all. Thanks Ryan (and anyone else) for this amazing piece of software. I can't wait to see where it's going and how I can be a part of this community. It's like the CMS I have always been looking for.
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