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  1. Nice work! Love the big typography.
  2. these look great. Looking forward to seeing this progress.
  3. Yeah, I am seeing that now. the slider is finicky. I need to work on this. thanks for all the great feedback guys.
  4. hmmm strange. I am also on chrome OSX. I will have to experiment more. I am noticing that in dev tools sometimes the hover events fire more than once on the same object and can eat memory. Totally need to change how I am applying the event listeners - and maybe destroy them every time also. Thanks for the feedback guys.
  5. Thanks for the feedback and your kind words Martijn I have updated the title of the homepage - good catch. Thank you. I agree about the black fade... I have been adjusting that a bunch of times to try to find the right balance. Still a lot of work to do on the site. Little by little.
  6. Just launched a new Processwire site, http://luxcommunications.ca Comments? Feedback? As always, if you find any bugs or problems please let me know.
  7. I swear I was using a PW 1.9 I guess that I might have dreamt it!
  8. Thanks, I see it now. Good to know for the future. Looks like someone already fixed the title for me
  9. I don't see the ability to edit the title when I edit the first post in this thread. Otherwise I would change it.
  10. Thanks a million teppo. Yeah, for clarification, the title of this thread should be changed! I will be more careful in the future. @ admins - can the title be modified? // @adamkiss, 25.06.2013 – done. because I needed to restore the websites index.php files before doing an export and upgrade to the newest PW
  11. ok, or version 2.0 will also help. The earliest version of PW I can get on Github is 2.2.4
  12. Hi Everyone. Is there a place that I can download PW 1.9 somewhere? I have a few sites that were running that version and they got hacked. I need to replace some files before I can upgrade. Just a note, it wasn't processwire that got hacked, it was a single copy of wordpress on my server that allowed a hacker to erase all my index.php files from all of my domains. Thanks in advance,
  13. New HTML KickStart Updates. Joss take a look. Slimmer. Using Font awesome now. I want to change out the light box. Working on finding a great modal replacement that I can use for more than just light box. Getting close. Experimenting. Anyhow, take a look at the update.
  14. Awesome idea... something I have been thinking about for a while now too. I'm in. I would love to hear your ideas. I don't think this would take that long. I do it every time I build a website. @siulynot - Keep up the good work! I am excited to see your projects evolve.
  15. I wish that I had seen this earlier to respond. Awesome explanation and example Ryan! @siulynot - thanks for using HTML KickStart. Hope it saves you some time.
  16. Hmmm, these sites gave me some ideas! haha.
  17. This is really nice. Great Work. I am gonna test this out ASAP. All these great themes are inspiring me to stop sitting on my hands and do one of my own
  18. I would love a choice between demo and blank profile at the start of an install.
  19. + 1 for the iMac. You can't beat the apple display on that thing. I have had a couple minis and am on my 5th MBP, but my next one will be the new iMac for sure.
  20. Like the new upgrade Nice work.
  21. Yeah, I run into this every so often and then remember this solution. Thanks for writing it down here. haha.
  22. liked on alternativeto. I also used to really love EE and CI. But PW pretty much stole the show.
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