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  1. Great! I would like to finish it so I can give it to you.
  2. Hey guys, Thought I would share a quick preview of Designme. A module we (Eduardo @elabx and I) are building for visually laying out your templates/edit screens. ? This is a really quick, zero polish screen grab. FYI. Video #2 - UPDATE This new video shows the following features in Designme: Re-arranging fields via Drag & Drop Re-sizing fields via Dragging. Adjusting field settings - with live refresh. Working on "hidden" fields while Designme is active. Creating New fields. Deleting fields. Creating/Deleting Tabs. Dragging fields between tabs. Creating fieldsets. Tagging/Un-tagging fields. Fields without headers expand when hovered (like checkboxes). Live filtering of fields in the sidebar. Ability to adjust (all) Template settings without leaving Designme. Template File Tree Editing Template files source code with ACE Editor. Editing Multiple files with ACE Editor. (New Tabs) Saving files. Techie stuff Fields load their own js/css dependancies. *ready to use on creation (*most fields) Everything happens via Ajax to ProcessPageEdit (via module + hooks). Designme has a JS api that you can use. All actions trigger events. We would love any detailed feedback on what you see so far. If you are interested in testing Designme. Let me know below. ? Video #1.
  3. This is a conversation that comes up quite a bit in our shop. It's a valid point you make especially from the perspective of first-timers. I have ran into this a lot of times with people new to PW or even just in general web design dev conversations where PW comes up. I preach PW to all my fellows (of course) and I am often met with the same reaction... something along the lines of "we would have chosen PW because it seems perfect, but we needed to get something done [fast, easy, simple, etc.]..." I am fully in the camp of the reason I love PW is that it doesn't force me into some frontend hell like other platforms (not mentioning any names). Of course, this is ideal for me as I am a frontend design/developer. So I see how there is this big gap in perception. I think there could be a strong market for prebuilt PW site profiles that are robust and full-featured. Especially if they focus on a specific demographic or genera (for lack of a better term) like real estate or business sites or hotels. With tools like the Repeater Matrix, we almost always build a WYSIWYG experience for all of our customers. So they can choose, drag and drop, and combine site elements however they want. They love it. Buuuutttt.... this is where the whole conversation gets tricky. The beauty of Processwire is that it's "an un-opinionated CMS/CMF". that literally is the magic sauce. So every time we break out this discussion and go down the idea phase of how we could actually create the type of experience you are suggesting... we end up at the same conclusion. That by making those content/layout/structure/design/ decisions in advance, we end up sacrificing the very thing that draws us to PW in the first place. I agree that PW is missed in a lot of cases. In my experience it goes like this: Developers: it's too simple - can't handle what I want to do. And they go a more "complicated" route. Designers: it's too hard, I can't seem to get something to appear instantly... it's too hard/slow/complicated. I feel like I have been in that conversation 100 times. I find that the people that take to PW are almost always people who have crafted their frontend chops and care enough about that part of the experience that they value PW's way of staying completely out of your way. At the same time giving you full control over the design of your admin/backend experience as well. I think making an out of the box solution to websites with PW ends up missing the reason it works so well in the first place. But, this is probably not the last time I jump into this conversation or start to think of how I can make some killer templates/site profiles for sale. hahaha. I hope this discussion continues because I think there is a piece of magic here... just haven't cracked the nut on it yet.
  4. Does anyone know of a way that I can hook into the processPageEdit module or Inputfield Module or something... so that I can force empty Inputfieldset and empty fieldsetTabOpen to render? I have been through the files ProcessPageEdit.module, InputfieldWrapper.module, etc. etc. I have really been searching. I even saw that inside repeaters there is a comment about adding an empty line break inside an otherwise empty inputfieldWrapper to force it to render. But I have been unable to reproduce this. I then tried just creating a module that would loop through the input fields in a field group, render them out, then I am using javascript to insert them into the correct location on the edit screen, but it's getting to be too much to handle this way. I literally, want to make a module that says, show empty fieldsets, tabs, and hidden fields in the edit screen. Hope this makes sense. I don't want to create custom markup or render them a different way. I want to know if it's possible to make a module to have these things actually render in the admin screen in the actual markup. Suggestions? Thanks in advance for the help.
  5. Hey Adrian, thanks for all the good feedback in the last few posts. I am working on some fixes. I have confirmed that non-recurring dates are not showing up in find() in my latest version. I will fix this tomorrow and post an update here. I appreciate your feedback.
  6. You are correct. Currently your example is the only way to do it, but this is a good idea. I will look at how I can add just passing a $page or $pages to the calendar to render a calendar. Shouldn't be that hard and it would be a nice shortcut.
  7. // filter the caalendar results to just this page $options = array( 'selector' = 'title%=course1' ); // get the calendar $recurme->renderCalendar($options); The calendar grabs the current URL the appends the get variables. The calendar should page through months via ajax. Hope this helps,
  8. you can use the http://php.net/manual/en/function.strftime.php formats as well for languages other than english.
  9. @GhostRider @adrian Attaching new files for timeEndUnix. Please let me know if you find anything strange. Ps. Also added a fix for missing dates/events if they were set to not repeat. This will all be rolled into the next update as well. thanks for your help. rrule-gui.js MarkupRecurme.module
  10. OK, thanks for testing this. I will give it a look and upload a new file. :)
  11. Adrian, I have added an extra variable to recurme to give you the timeEnd as a unix timestamp so you can format it however you want. $event->timeEndUnix; Here is an example that outputs the exact information you want: <?php $p = $pages->get(1120); $event = $recurme->event($p); echo date('M d - ', $event->start_date); echo date('M d', $event->end_date)."<br />"; echo date('g:i a - ', $event->start_date); echo date('g:i a', $event->timeEndUnix); // outputs // Mar 14 - Feb 16 // 9:03 am - 9:02 am ?> IMPORTANT: We need to re-save an event to add the value of timeEndUnix to the json data. I know this is not ideal, however it was the best compromise until I make date saving & conversions better all around. I have also adjusted the 'timeEnd' value to be effected by the 'timeFormat' option if you prefer to use that instead, however, this will only work if your saved data for the event has timeEndUnix Value. You had mentioned that you have a lot of events, in order to take advantage of the new timeEndUnix variable, you will have to save your events again. Send me a PM and we can work out a way to do it with the API and add the timeEndUnix value to your JSON data for your existing events. Please try these (attached) files and let me know if you find any problems. Hope this helps, rrule-gui.js MarkupRecurme.module
  12. change the timeFormat option instead, or change the xBefore template to use {date} instead of {time}. 'xBefore' => '<li class="rm-list-event {original.name}"><span class="rm-event-date">{time}</span> ', yeah, this looks like a timezone issue. I am digging into it. thanks for bringing it up. Subtracting one day won't work or be consistent.
  13. Try this updated file: I will add this to my next release. Thank you! MarkupRecurme.module
  14. endDate will always be startDate -> till END OF THE CURRENT DAY from the interface if you have a timeEnd (11:59 from your example). endDate always represents the UNIX TIMESTAMP of the day/hour/min in seconds of the END TIME of the event. If you want a date for the events to stop if it is repeating, then it refers the the UNTIL value part of the RRULE UNTIL value. The until value tells recurme to expand the repeating dates up to the UNTIL date. I can see how this is confusing. I might rename these variables now that you have brought it to my attention.
  15. I am not sure that multiple recurme fields in a single page would work as expected. Parsing the Json would work well.
  16. I don’t have a method to add dates via the api, but that is a good idea. If you do add dates by populating the json manually, I could see some complications arising depending on how you have chosen the repeat pattern in the Recurme Field. Because the dates are generated based on the rrule via JavaScript. I will give this some thought and see how we could make this a no-brainer. Thanks for the great idea.
  17. I would love to know what happened. Let me know, if I need to, I will issue an update right away. Thank you!
  18. $event->allDay should be giving you the value of $allDay in the event object true/false. This is also implemented in the json stored in the field.
  19. I did not modify it. I didn't even think of it, but it's a good idea. I'll do a quick update on that. Thanks!
  20. Just wanted to let everyone know that I sent out an email to everyone who purchased Recurme with the updated Recurme Module Package. Thanks again to everyone who tested the changes and feedback. Especially @adrian
  21. I think I have finally fixed this! woot woot. Thanks @adrian for all your help. I have attached a new .js file. Let me know if that works for you. rrule-gui.js
  22. looks like anything before 6am is counting as the day before. :/ hmmmm.
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