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  1. Fantastic! Really love this site. The imagery is fantastic. Just showed a client this site as an example of using larger images and they were blown away. I owe you a beer amigo!
  2. Featured in the PW weekly! Woot! Thanks guys
  3. Thanks for the great feedback and comments @ryan, yeah we need to do a bunch of performance work. Poco a poco (little by little) we are filling in some of the optimizations. We are very excited! This is v1 and we have a lot more in store for this site. If you guys ever need someone to show you around in the Yucatan, be sure to give me a call. Processwire made this site a pleasure to build and administrate. I can't imagine using anything else. Thank you!! Also, I will add it to the directory
  4. The latest 99Lime website, http://www.yucatanliving.com. Everything you ever wanted to know about living and experiencing life in the Yucatan. This was a huge project with a ton of different sections and templates. With Processwire we created a very large site with a lot of different content types and information without making the administration complex. We are very happy with how this project turned out and our clients love it! Processwire rocks the casbah! Shoutout to: Orlando world's most awesome processwire dev. Notable features Galleries Categories Search Advertising page /es Getting started 100% responsive Polls Event lists Custom Calendar of Events Module Custom Advertising Modules 404 Dynamic CSS colors Users and profiles. A few details. Over 1600 articles 20 templates A ton of Fields HTML KickStart jQuery Custom roles ProcessWire Modules used Custom CRON Module FieldTypeColorPicker FieldTypeConcat FieldTypeFontIconPicker Map Marker ProFields FieldTypePoll FieldTypeSelect Form Builder Migrator WordPress Migrator Batcher JumpLinks Comments Manager ListerPro New Comments System Video embed for YouTube/Vimeo Custom-built Advertising platform module. Custom-built Recurring Calendar module. Jquery Modules used Remodal ImageLightbox Sticky-kit BxSlider FitVids Jquery-Touch-Swipe-Drag
  5. I am interested in doing this? What is your budget. I would be using Greenstock Timeline JS library for the animations.
  6. Yay! got featured in the newsletter! Thanks a million guys!
  7. ok, upgraded, got the new image editing features.... some strange things happening. 1. images that are uploaded (taken with iPhone 5s) now automatically corrects image orientation (uses the image data to correct) in thumbnail show in image field 2. Click the crop icon in the image field.. image is show with original orientation (in this case rotated 90 degrees). 3. crop the image - now it did an incorrect crop on the image with the new (adjusted) orientation. :/ suggestions?
  8. I am trying to give my users a way to fix image orientation from the image field. I read that there are new image editing feature in the WYSIWYG image edit modal, as well as in the image field, but I cannot seem to find them. I am running PW v.2.5.3 and cannot find these features - browser Safari/Chrome Mac 10.10.3 Thanks in advance for the help. ok, I am going to upgrade to 2.6.3 and see if that helps, not sure why I don't have that version, just installed this copy of PW 2 days ago.
  9. Getting ready to launch. Needs some finishing touches but wanted to share it http://www.gabrielaestates.com
  10. joshuag

    Forum Software

    phpBB is too big and too hard to customize. I am also seeing a huge amount of resource usage on my server. I have a way larger forum with Vanilla and it doesn't use even half the resources. I also get a sense that phpBB is kind of left-for-dead-ware at this point. I know people still work on it but it sure doesn't feel like it has any momentum behind it anymore. Just my opinion.
  11. Just tried this module with PW 2.5.3 and can confirm that it's broken like described above.
  12. joshuag

    Forum Software

    After going through everything, looks like it's gonna be Vanilla. It looks to me like the only reasonable PHP option. I have tried every search term I could think of under the sun and even looked at some "Social Site" & "Community" software offerings. Nothing seemed to fit the bill. Vanilla is open source, responsive, & Fast and seems to cover the majority of my needs. Also has a phpBB importer and migration service that I think will save me a lot of time. Good conversation - like always on here
  13. joshuag

    Forum Software

    Thanks for the replies. I have looked over all these options a couple of times. Seems like there is a really huge hole in the forum software space. Any new options I find I will post here for anyone looking.
  14. joshuag

    Forum Software

    ok, just found http://www.discourse.org Looks pretty awesome. Anyone using it? Hmmm, just noticed that this is a rails application
  15. joshuag

    Forum Software

    I was wondering if you guys could recommend a solution for forums to integrate with a PW site that I am building. I have some legacy forums that are currently in PHPBB v3 - very old and slow, not responsive at all and I am looking for something to replace them. These are large forums with about 50,000 users and about 10 years worth of posts. I have done some searching on google, but everything that I find is either way to feature bloated, or not responsive or IMO not very well planned out. I know that here on PW.com we use Invision Powerboard. And they seem pretty good, but also seems like a lot more than I am looking for in terms of features. Any simple and fast forums out there that I am missing? Thanks in advance.
  16. That is incredible! Thanks WillyC. Is there anything PW can't do!!!
  17. Hi all, I am creating a template/site profile for processwire and I want to do something that is a bit outside of the normal processwire flow. I want to create a set of fields for the homepage template and use those fields multiple times in different locations on the page. Example Home Template: Slideshow (repeater) Heading (text) Body Gallery (image field) Heading Body Gallery Testimonials (repeater) etc. I want to make the fields that are available to edit on the page user configurable. So that they can have multiple field types, multiple times, in any order they want. I know that I cannot add a field to a template more than once - but I want too. I know that I can order the fields in the template settings, but I don't want the user messing with templates. I know that I can do this by making each "element" that I am creating a template and use child pages - then render the "elements" in the parent page template. They would be sortable and you would add as many as you like, however, I think that to the user, this would be complicated and not very intuitive. Also, then it kinda breaks using the page tree for creating the website structure. I hope this makes sense. Am I way out in left field here? Or is there some clever PW magic that I haven't thought about that could make this a reality. There has never been an idea or situation I was not able to do in PW. This is the first time I feel like I am asking for a little too much. Any ideas out there?
  18. Add this: <ul class="menu"> <li><a href="<?=$config->urls->root?>">Home</a></li> <?php ... or use this: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/markup-simple-navigation/
  19. joshuag


    I don't know why I am just seeing this now... but this is huge! I.can't.wait!!!
  20. Same problem on MT. This just saved my ass. Thanks a million!
  21. man that was a lot of scrolling!
  22. Super great! I really like this. Very detailed throughout. I love the form fields too.
  23. Thanks @kongondo! Fixed
  24. I LOVE processwire. No joke. This site would have been a shit show with anything but. Thanks so much for PW.
  25. New Processwire Website. Built with HTML KickStart. http://www.carscallen.com Feedback welcome.
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