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  1. +1 from me. I always end up with different cropping scenarios. What I have been doing when I don't use Antti's thumbnails module is wrap my images in an HTML container with overflow:hidden, then resize the image and position it inside my container to look like it's cropped from the direction I wanted it cropped by. Kinda fake, not ideal, but good in a pinch
  2. Fantastic work, I love big and bold.
  3. @arjen - that was an awesome article. Thanks for the share.
  4. Yes!! This is the best ever! I am a little ashamed that I didn't know that I could do that Thanks!
  5. Does anyone know if it is possible to have templates & pages without a title field. I seem to run into a lot of cases where I don't need a title in my data structure and I end up making some excuse about how I can accomodate the title field in my data. As an example, lately, I am just dynamically populating the title field with a unix timestamp... just to fill something in to the title when I am creating pages with the APi. I don't need to view the titles of the pages I am creating in the page tree. and I don't need this field for anything in my data, output, selectors, anything really. Thanks in advance for any tips.
  6. I would do this iny template with preg_replace or str_replace. That way you don't have to worry about the extra markup getting cleaned out by tinymce.
  7. I have been drinking.. lol
  8. Thanks a lot Apeisa, some great points there! I will be using all these great points in my proposals and pitches! This PW community is awesome!
  9. hey Pete, just noticed your response now!!! Strange. Reading. Read. Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions. I agree, people are really responsive to demos. That PW shop site profile(?) looks like it's gonna be amazing!
  10. I love this "we want a panther, not a pig" haha. Thanks for the response Ryan. Good point about the low-risk proposition. Building steam in my presentation... I appreciate the feedback guys.
  11. Thanks for the feedback adamkiss.
  12. Hey are there any drupal convert/devs in here? I have been having an ongoing discussion with a number of firms about Processwire. I am always pushing Processwire pretty hard. I feel like I can do anything with PW! Faster and more elegant than with any other CMS. What I notice is that most good size firms that I talk to are heavily invested in Drupal. Every discussion I have had with developers and stakeholders is the same. They say that Drupal is pretty much the only option for large websites and that it allows them to produce anything extremely fast with all the modules etc. that people have produced... that they never have to reinvent the wheel. My experience with Drupal is that it is extremely cumbersome, produces pretty much the worst output I have ever seen. Has a very poor user experience for managing/organizing and editing content. And makes you work 5 times harder. Granted, you can click a lot of buttons and produce views and get content on the screen... but it seems like so much extra work.. almost like you spend all your time trying to clean up the mess Drupal makes with endless overrides and pounds and pounds of HTML & CSS... gah.... It seems a lot like the way Wordpress works... "there is probably a plugin for that...." But I feel so frustrated with CMSs that have your functionality, workflow, and user experience predefined. I am so tired of fighting a CMS. That is exactly why I love PW... It's never in the way. Let's me work the way I do. Almost all of the larger business/organization websites that I come across are Drupal... So I don't want to be biased and hate on it, that's not my intention. So I guess I am looking for feedback from people who know... Is there really anything in Drupal you cannot do with PW? Is PW a capable platform for large scale websites? (I believe it is, but I am having trouble demonstrating it to people) Is it really less work and more efficient to implement advanced functionality with Drupal vs PW? Thanks in advance for any feedback and contributions to this discussion.
  13. Step 1. create a PW template like this: <?php if($input->get->offset){ $results = $pages->find('template=articles,start='.$offset.',limit=20'); } foreach($results as $item){?> <li><?=$item->body?></li> .... your html here .... <?php }?> Step 2. In the page that you want infinite scroll, do something like this in JS .... when the user scrolls to the bottom... $('body').append('<div id="section"></div>'); $('#section').load('/path-to-my-page-with-template/?offset=40'); ... Figure out how many items you want to load, calculate your offset ... None of this is production code. Just trying to show the concept.
  14. joshuag


    A very loud secret!
  15. wow, some great stuff! Nice work.
  16. I'll sport a PW tee for sure!
  17. joshuag


    Just found processwire.net! whoa. When did this come online?
  18. Voted! Impossible to do on your phone I guess.
  19. @Ryan - This is awesome! I will update my PW and do some tests. Man you are fast Ryan... I am starting to think you have clones. hahaha
  20. here is what I did. I removed the output formatting on my field in the admin under fields > date Output Format > none. Then in my template I just formatted the date with the PHP date() method like so: <?=date('F j, Y',$post->publish_date)?> (note: $post->publish_date is a custom field I added.) Hope this helps someone.
  21. I am having this exact problem. I am sorting by a datetime field that I created that has output formatting... And yes my field is auto joined. It sorts fine normally, only sorts wrong after I have imported more posts to the page array.
  22. yeah, just checked this out - thanks!
  23. nice @madeMyDay - really looking forward to trying this out
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