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  1. This worked perfect for me. I build responsive websites, and basically I just took out the height parameter out of the tinyMCE. I left the width, as my clients can still use it to determine the maximum size they want the image to be, then with the CSS rules for fluid images it shrinks and automatically adjust the height on its own.
  2. So I am using TinyMCE for the body editor, and if I add an image, I need to be able to choose the width of the image, but not choose the height. My website uses fluid image re-sizing. Currently I am removing the height attributes that get inserted when I add the picture manually using the HTML button. I would however like to just have the option to hit like 0 for height and it just stops automatically adding the height into the html code. Is there a place in Processwire or in TinyMCE where I can change this setting?
  3. Just checked on this forum, as I like to see if anyone needed help with things I struggled with. This would be epic to have a cropping direction. I ended up using the modules and the crop tools, which worked great for my client. Thanks for all the hard work you & the others put into processwire. I hope one day to know enough about php and processwire to help the community as much as you guys help me.
  4. So I have a simple question. I am doing something very wrong I guess, I have two issues. Issue 1. When I go to hover over the thumbnail in the images field, it breaks. Not really sure what is going on here, but I can live with this issue. (found solution to this one.) Issue 2. I can't figure out how to pull the thumbnails, if they exist into my template. I am currently using this: <ul class='gallery'> <?php foreach($page->images as $image) { $thumb = $image->size(500, 400); echo "<li class='gallery-item'>"; echo "<a href='{$image->url}' class='albumImageLinks fancybox-button' rel='fancybox-button'>"; echo "<img class='gallery-image' src='{$thumb->url}' alt='{$thumb->description}' /></a>"; echo "</li>"; } ?> </ul> However, I want to pull a thumbnail if it exist for certain images which I need to crop using your module. I have tried everything in the directions, but I keep getting errors involving eq. Sorry I am not the best at php. ------------------------------------------------ Solved my problem: for people in the future here is the code that worked for me: <ul class='gallery'> <?php foreach($page->port_images as $image) { $thumb = $image->getThumb('thumbnail'); echo "<li class='gallery-item'>"; echo "<a href='{$image->url}' class='albumImageLinks fancybox-button' rel='fancybox-button'>"; echo "<img class='gallery-image' src='{$thumb}' /></a>"; echo "</li>"; } ?> </ul> Also you need to create a thumbnail settings that matches what you were going to use for the size parameters. For me I was using 500/400, if you describe these settings, they are defaulted, then you can crop to the size you need for specific pictures, the rest are center cropped, which is exactly what I needed! Thanks for this fantastic solution for cropping images!
  5. I am trying to use Antti's thumbnails module but im having a hard time understanding how to pull the thumbnails into my template. I guess I will make a post on that thread, then reply with the answer here for future users.
  6. Thanks for your answer. Checking those things out now!
  7. Looking at what I am wanting to do, I can definitely use PW to check the height of the image($image->height;), then write something to then take a thumbnail using upward cropping instead of center crop, I just need to know how to get PW to upward crop.
  8. Okay, so I completely missed this the first time I was looking over $image configurations. $image->size($width, $height, $options)Return a new $image with the given dimensions. By default it will get upscaled and center cropped with a quality of 90%. To resize and keep proportions you can 0 for height or width value. As third argument you can pass an array to overwrite the default settings: $defaultOptions = array( 'upscaling' => true, 'cropping' => true, 'quality' => 90 ); If there was a 3rd option for cropping not to be center focused, and instead upward focused? or can I write one to be somewhere? So it would be nice if I could do a check for height, then if over a certain height I could do 'cropping' => upward or something.
  9. So in general I really love how PW does its sizing and centers the focus on the picture so if you size it different that its true aspect ratio it focuses on the center of the picture, which in general is perfect for what we need. However, I was wondering if it was possible to change the parameters of where it focuses on. I am doing a photography website and I have some really awesome vertical images that are getting clipped at the top where the top is the most important part of the models picture. I am wondering if anyone has any good advice on how to best approach this issue inside of Process Wire Where does the magic happen and can I adjust it? You can see the issue here: http://peterson-medi...io/people/ Third row down, 3rd right picture(unless he moves it, or your browser is narrow in width, basically just any of the pictures with the heads cut off .) I would just make the layout different, but since this layout is fully responsive and changes sizes drastically I need to figure out how to do this. I was hoping to maybe write some php that would check to see if the height parameters of the picture were bigger than the width, then if so, focus on the top of the picture instead of the middle. Thanks a lot, and I hope someone can help me figure this one out.
  10. UPDATE: The jQuery .post() request broke in IE. IE is picky and has to have a value for the post, it doesn't use the current pages information like all the other browsers did. Thus my solution for a 1 page template did not work. Instead I did as you all recommended, made two templates, the form template for the public with the javascript included on that page, and some processwire php to get the url of the mailer page. Placed that php echo code inside the post request, then made a new template with the mailer php code. Added that template to processwire and created a page. IE now works as expected along with all the other browsers. I just wanted to let others know in case they come upon this same problem. HIGH FIVE TO PROCESSWIRE & FORUM MEMBERS!
  11. OK! So I solved everything, and its all working perfectly. I ended up building one hell of a template page. All the javascript and php is contained in this one template page. The javascript ajax resubmits the information to itself, which clears the form, and spins out the email. The action goes to the payment processor's page. All of it works beautiful. Thanks for all the advice. I didn't think about just building it all into one template. I am so so at php, very beginner to advanced things. This is my first site with processwire and I love how smooth things are.
  12. UPDATE: I think you awesome people have nailed the donkey on the head. I am getting somewhere all of the sudden! Thanks people!
  13. diogo, what exactly do you mean a dedicated template then, I thought I understood what that meant, but maybe I dont. I have created a make-a-donation.php template, and the content area is static with my form. I think I am getting more confused . heh. just takes time ill figure it out eventually with you all's wonderful help.
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