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  1. I don't see where you set: $field->derefAsPage == FieldtypePage::derefAsPageOrNullPage; When you don't set it it will store as a PageArray.
  2. Batches take up memory to build, saving over 200.000 pages will build up so many batches that it will fail. Thats my experience i had half a year ago.
  3. That's the way I love it ... Thanks Horst & Ryan !
  4. The Module is in the scope of the class, so you need the wire scope. All ProcessWire variables have those functions so things are reachable. That's for the wrapper. The bodyHTML method can be used in a template, so it's up to you what you do there.
  5. You don't have to start over again, when you're are not developing PW3 only modules as I'm doing these days.
  6. I'm happy, I just bought ProDrafts (Dev) !
  7. There are no changes on database level, so you could downgrade as long you don't rely on pw3.0 only modules.
  8. Right now we are busy with 2 big data projects and both we do in PW3. It's quite stable, but all software has bugs. For us the reason to choose PW3 is to be ready for the future. ImportPagesCSV for example doesn't work but next to that I do not see many issues. On the other hand, both projects have no front-end, so no testing over there . I think when the time allows potential slowdowns due to bugs, it's good to live cutting edge and support ProcessWire with bug reports.
  9. https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/ProcessWire/blob/master/wire/core/Inputfield.php#L184 Are you sure Inputfield::render is called at all? Maybe InputfieldSomethingElse::render is called.
  10. In the past I have struggled a lot with right clicking in MODX. I really didn't know you could right click. Most documentation didn't even tell you could right click, so I really didn't understand where to find the settings they mention. About the left nav. These days most of our projects do not need a front-end at all. Most of those sites are about managing data. We really need the horizontal space. 20+ fields on a row in ListerPro is not something unusual here.
  11. I Don't see any issue here. It's IMO a good way of doing things, doing it 'all the time'.
  12. I got an email from a knowledgeable ProcessWire member about a possible issue with this Fieldtype. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS FIELDTYPE RIGHT NOW. Thanks for that mail! --- I have a Fieldtype and Inputfield that does what you ask: https://github.com/Da-Fecto/FieldtypeMyCrypt. Passwords are salted again with the ProcessWire salt in /site/config.php, so encrypted passwords only work in 1 install. When using this Fieldtype, be sure that you use https else your passwords will still be plain text when submitting
  13. Right now there's "quite a lot stress" around my work and don't have much spare time to figure new things out next to all the new things I have to learn right now. My mind is full with new info these days and I need the time to arrange that first . However, I do think IDE is the way to go in the for seeable future. (I did bought PHP Storm)
  14. I have tried all kind of editors and IDE's, but all those IDE's 'are' running on JAVA. There are a few things I really don't like about those IDE's is that your working space is full with all kind of buttons spoiling your work space. Next what I really hate is that those are slow, very slow. In the past they had even latency on typing in bigger documents. My experience with Eclipse isn't very good and I guess it's running from the same base as PHPStorm does. There are a some parts in BBEdit that I've never seen in any editor. I can drop i a 150MB CSV and do regular regex find and replaces and it does do that quick. BBEdit is very precise with white space and you know your documents are clean. Sublime tend to make a mesh (I own a licence for that and have worked with Sublime for 3 months fulltime, (love the color coding)) With BBedit I can do (regex) find/replace directly on the server in thousands of files. Haven't seen those functionalities in other editors. And I don't know how to make PHPStorm aware of your project. Where you can get an overview of all your used methods properties and constand etc etc. So a part of the story is that I don't know how to configure it.
  15. BBEdit is no IDE and not for windows... But ones in a while I have to spam about this editor. It's a real solid editor and the developer is just awesome. He deserves it!
  16. Any sugesstions for the long term ? BBEdit, served me well from 1998 or so till now
  17. Same here before PW had not a real understanding of OOP. It was more like: If I do this, i might expect this. Let's trial and error that one out.
  18. My opinion: "it doesn't spoil your carma. You just show you're not afraid to be 'ignorant' in the open. That is a state where you show the others: 'I want to learn' and that is quite a strong one. --- The reason it just works is just that User is extending Page, so User is a page with a few extra methods and stuff.
  19. $thumb = $image->size(380); should take next to the width also the height. // 240 is needed $image->size(380, 240)
  20. $image->tags is just a string. // Probably this will do it. <div data-uk-filter="<?php echo str_replace($image->tags, ' ', ', '); ?>">
  21. I usually put 'variables' in an javascript object and put it in the site as one of the first scripts. There I define the variable I need, such as page locations etc. In http://www.copal-development.com for example, the first script tag in de bottom of the page contains an config object. Every script after this script can read that object and thus read the variables.
  22. You could let the users log-in with their email address. You need to google around the forum to find all the things people said about it.
  23. $max = wire('pages')->get("template=booking, sort=id"); $lastNumber = $max->your_number_field + 1;
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