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  1. Thanks for the input. I am now working on changing the system as per @Jan Romero I am reserving the spaces as soon as possible now by making a pending reservation and calculating that against existing bookings to work out availability. I am running a check before creating the pending reservation to make sure the spaces are still available. I can see the benefit of generating the space in advanced then removing them once booked but for this project is probably easier using the existing booking and calculating it that way. @BitPoet Ive had a look at $database transitions and tried the example. I created the page foo but not bar then ran the example which generated foo-1. I was expecting this to roll back rather add the pages. Ill need to have a read up a bit more. With my pending payment what would be the best way to expire this after a set amount of time? I have timed the Worldpay payment page timeout and its over 20mins so I will need to hold the reservation for a least that.
  2. Thanks for your comments, The problem we have is we are using legacy WorldPay gateway 😞 so customers are taken away from the website for the payment. The payment is processed before returning to the site at which point the spaces are updated. Its during the payment window when double booking are occurring.
  3. Hello All, Looking for a bit advice I have a site setup which sells spaces, all the spaces are stored in a page as a number field when booking is made the x number of spaces are removed. However on the odd occasion we have ended up with double booking when 2 people book at the exact same time. Wondering what approach anyone would take to deal with this? Iam thinking something along the lines of locking the page until the booking has been complete with a time stamp the deal with abandoned payment.
  4. Manged to resolve this by deleting the tag field within the database, May have been something to do with a "Image Extra" field.
  5. Thanks Elabx, I tried this but still having the same issue. " SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1364 Field 'tag' doesn't have a default value"
  6. Hello All, I have started getting the following error when trying to add a image to a image field. This seems to just be effecting the field on 1 template any ideas and works on others? Error Wrong parameters for ProcessWire\WireDatabaseQueryException([string $message [, long $code [, Throwable $previous = NULL]]]) File: .../public_html/wire/core/FieldtypeMulti.php:345 335: 336: if($exception) break; 337: 338: $sort++; 339: } 340: 341: if($exception) { 342: /** @var \PDOException $exception */ 343: if($useTransaction) $database->rollBack(); 344: if($config->allowExceptions) throw $exception; // throw original 345: throw new WireDatabaseQueryException($exception->getMessage(), $exception->getCode(), $exception); 346: } else { 347: if($useTransaction) $database->commit(); 348: } Also had SQLSTATE[HY000}: General error: 1364 Field 'tag' doesn't have a default value
  7. Brilliant thank you that's perfect saves a lot of effort 🙂
  8. Hello, I have a live and staging site using the same database is there a way of using the live asset folder instead of uploading images to the staging and vice versa. Iam only really updating theme files so would like to keep any images rather than keep having to sync both assets folders. Cheers Jon
  9. Yes just double checked and that's enabled /news pagination work just if the year is used. Tried whitelisting the variable but getting the same results
  10. I tried this and get the same results domain.com/news/2018/page2 Just reading up on whitelist now.
  11. Hello All, Iam having a slight problem with pagination, Ive setup a news page with pagination which works fine. I have also setup a segment that list all the posts for a set year using the same template. for example news/2018 when I try and display page2 I get a 404 any idea? The code Ive used. <?php if ($input->urlSegment1) { $start = strtotime(date("{$input->urlSegment1}-01-01")); $end = strtotime(date("{$input->urlSegment1}-12-31")); $results = $pages->find("template=news-item|news-item-right-gallery|news-item-left-gallery, news_date>=$start, news_date<=$end, limit=15, sort=-news_date"); }else{ $results = $pages->find("template=news-item|news-item-right-gallery|news-item-left-gallery, limit=15, sort=-news_date"); } foreach($results as $result) {?> News template <?php } $pagination = $results->renderPager(); echo $pagination; ?> Cheers Jon
  12. Hey, Great module just wondering if you table to rename the submit button value? or do I need to do this within the module files?
  13. Jon


    Nope Iam no longer sure, turned out to be 5.6 set in cpanel and 7.2 in whm. 🤐 Thanks for your help 🙂
  14. Jon


    Hello, Iam just trying to install the module but getting the following error any ideas? :- "Parse Error: syntax error, unexpected '?' (line 50 of /home/skyewalkerhostel/public_html/site/modules/SeoMaestro/InputfieldSeoMaestro.module.php) " Using PHP7.2 & PW 3.0.128
  15. Hello Adrian, Sure does! ended up going with $page->numReferences; after updating to the latest version of PW Thanks
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