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  1. Jon

    Hello Ethan, Nothing in the logs I've now setup sendinblue and this has resolved the issues so I assumes its 365 like you suggested. The limit would be odd though as its not sending out that many emails Cheers Jon
  2. Jon

    Hello, Ive but using the module for a few month now (its great thanks!) Over the last couple of weeks I have been experiencing problems. Iam using a office 365 exchange account, which just randomly stops sending. If I run the test is setting it fails. After that if I deselect TLS save a then retick TLS save and test it works again. Any ideas what may be causing this?
  3. Jon

    Hello, just wondering if the following is possible ive setting up a uikit menu. I have adjusted the inter_tpl to wrap the some additional DIVs around the UL. Which works fine I also need to have the inner inner UL with a different DIV around them or at the very least just default back to a UL without the additional tags. Ive tried the following code but this seems to close the the first UL of the menu after the first dropdown occurrence $menu->addHookAfter('getInnerStringOpen', null, 'customInnerString'); function customInnerString(HookEvent $event){ $item = $event->arguments('page'); if($item->numChildren(true) && count($item->parents) > 1){ $event->return = '<ul class="testtest">'; } } Iam trying to achieve this <ul> <li>Level 1 Nav</li> <li class="has-sub">Level 2 <div class="submenu"> <ul class="has-sub"> <li>Item 2.1</li> <li class="has-sub">Level 3 <div class="anothersub"> <ul> <li>Item 3.1</li> </ul> </div> </li> </ul></div> </li> </ul>
  4. Jon

    Hello Bernhard, Thanks that was the issue! Didn't think of clearing the cache for that issue!!! Many Thanks Jon
  5. Hello All, Probably something simple but I cant for the life of my figure out what ive done! I have a live site set to default to HTTPS:// via .htaccess. I have taken a copy of the site defaulted the .htaccess file however the site is still adding HTTPS in front of the local path any ideas what ive missed? Iam using WAMP. I have installed a blank PW site to confirm that it related to the site rather than wamp setup Cheers Jon
  6. Oh DOH!! Been pulling my hair out for the last 20minutes! Thanks for your help
  7. Hello All, I have installed a simple test timestamp plugin ( which shows up in the Extra Plugin section of the field but its not showing up in the toolbar and isnt in the list of Availabe core toolbars items. Any ideas how I add this to the tool bar? Cheers Jon
  8. Jon

    Installed Tracy and can see the following error being thrown. Must be something to do with the amount of images added by the client Error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 23040 bytes) (line 330 of /home/glenetive/public_html/wire/core/ImageSizer.php)
  9. Hello, I've had a client create a page using a template which has been used a number of times before. I can view the page front end but when I try and edit via admin the page just constantly trys to load any idea? I've duplicated the page and get the same effect. I've created a new page using the same template which works fine also. Jon
  10. Jon

    Thanks Macrura that worked only had the one copy Cheers Jon
  11. Jon

    Hello Dragan, Ive tired the redirect in both .htaccess and jumplinks but get the same result. Cheers jon
  12. Jon

    Hello All, Ive just went to install HannaCode's but during the install I got a interernal server error. Ive enabled debuge and get the following error Any ideas? Compile Error: Cannot redeclare class FormBuilder (line 33 of /home/sites/4b/8/8697d44457/public_html/site/modules/FormBuilder/FormBuilder.module)
  13. Jon

    Hello All, Ive setup a redirect however on the following is added to the end of the redirect ?it=nameofoldpage any ideas how to stop this? This only happens when I view the redirect without a / at the end Cheers Jon
  14. Jon

    Hello Mike, I dont believed its jumplinks related as disabled it and tried a .htaccess redirect and received the same result. Site is root and using latest dev version 3.0.92 Any ideas it that case? Jon
  15. Jon

    Hello All, Ive setup a redirect using jump links but my redirect url is adding ?it=redirectpagename any ideas how to stop this? This only happens when i view the redirect without a / at the end Cheers Jon