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Found 2 results

  1. Hello guys, I have a Page field for my own global media gallery. When I select one page, I get following PageArray via the API: object(ProcessWire\PageArray)#287 (7) { ["hooks"]=> array(2) { ["PageArray::render"]=> string(60) "MarkupPageArray->renderPageArray() in MarkupPageArray.module" ["PageArray::renderPager"]=> string(56) "MarkupPageArray->renderPager() in MarkupPageArray.module" } ["count"]=> int(3) ["items"]=> array(3) { [0]=> string(29) "/files/unpublished/" [1]=> string(25) "/files/animals/" [2]=> string(23) "/files/sloth/" } ["total"]=> int(3) ["start"]=> int(0) ["limit"]=> int(0) ["selectors"]=> string(0) "" } So I select 1 Page and get 3 Pages in return? How can this happen? From the interface here, everything looked fine: Here is the stuff that created the field (if needed): $data['getFileField'] = new Field(); $data['getFileField']->type = $this->modules->get('FieldtypePage'); $data['getFileField']->name = 'fooBar'; $data['getFileField']->label = $this->_('File select'); $data['getFileField']->parent_id = $files['page']->id; $data['getFileField']->inputfield = 'InputfieldPageListSelect'; $data['getFileField']->labelFieldName = 'title'; $data['getFileField']->allowUnpub = 1; $data['getFileField']->description = $this->_('Select one file or folder. If folder is selected, the first file inside of it is used.'); $data['getFileField']->icon = 'file-o'; $data['getFileField']->save(); Is this a bug? EDIT: Now I am pretty sure it is a bug in PW (3.0.10): If I select a page via the Page field, the PageArray is only with this page. If I change the page via the Page field (and save), I get the old one plus the new one. So somehow it does not get reseted on new selection.
  2. Hey Guys, I've ran into some really weird behavior with session variables. What I've been trying to do is this: I have 10 separate pages that share the same template, named cursus.php. These are pages with course info and have different title's. these page all do the following: $session->remove($cursus); $session->set($cursus, $page->title); They all have a link to one page where you can subscribe for the course on that page I call out the session variable and want to recall there from what page they entered the subscription page by doing the following: <div>Subscribe for the course: <?PHP echo $session->get($cursus); ?></div> and that, on it's turn, gets mailed to my client. Now Firefox and Safari seem to be displaying the variable perfectly fine but Chrome is not. I've tried it on my mobile and and desktop and even in incognito mode, which should clear any cache problems, but it still doesn't work. Am i going about this completely the wrong way or does anyone have a suggestion of what the problem could be? As you can image it's very important to my client and thus to me, that I get this working as soon as possible! Any help will be greatly appreciated. Bram Wolf
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